How to advertise my business?

As a small business, chances are you don’t have any big budget to advertise your products or services to the customers, or maybe you are still searching about how to advertise my business? If yes! Then you are in the right place.


If you don’t have a very big budget that does not mean that you can’t advertise your products/services or a business. All you need is to find the most effective ways to market your services. The Digital era, have created numerous opportunities for businesses to promote services worldwide at a very effective price.

Here are some top ways to advertise your business online in very less or no additional cost –

1. List your Business on Google:

The major chunk of internet traffic comes from Google and there is no surprise that you can get quality traffic and leads for your business from Google. Google my business a “Free Service” of Google that facilitates your business found on the Internet.

Once you list your business on Google, it shows on Google local pack, whenever any keyword related to your business triggered by the user.

Additional Tip: Apart from Google you can also list your business on Bing, Yahoo places.

2. Start a blog or a Website –

In an online world website or blog is necessary to grow and promote business online. You can set up a website and show your products and services. By creating informative content you can directly connect with your customer

3. Start a YouTube Channel:

This is the decade of videos, the attention rate of individuals drops from 16 seconds to 8 second and visual content is the most effective one.

Starting a YouTube channel is absolutely free, you can set up a YouTube Chanel and start creating videos related to your business.

Publish some Testimonials, product videos, educational content, and benefits and do it o a regular basis,

Once your audience starts engaging with your video content, you can see the increase the traffic.

4. Do SEO of your website –

When it comes to relevant traffic for Free, no media can surpass the effectiveness of Search engine optimization.

SEO is the process of increasing the online visibility of business for Free. Instead of allocating a budget of offline advertising or any other marketing, you can invest in SEO that will ultimately lead you to relevant traffic, conversion and revenue.

“The traffic which comes from SEO coverts 400 percent better than email marketing”.

5. Set up Face book and Instagram profile –

Face book and Instagram are some of the most used social media channels. Leverage those Media by creating a profile and regularly posting the content related to your business.

Both media are Free, and as per the feasibility, you can run ads on those platforms too.

Additional Tips: Use the Power of email marketing –

Emails are effective in order to get traffic and retain the customer. If you have an email database of the potential customer then you can start doing email marketing. It will not only give you the traffic also helps the online visibility of a business.

Moreover, an email marketing campaign can retain your visitors. There are many email marketing tools which you can use to create your first email marketing campaign

To advertise your business online, you don’t need a marketing expert to make a marketing plan or something; you can stick with these 5 points and regularly work on those. In online marketing, you have to track and analyze the trends and be flexible to changes.

Sooner or later you will succeed!

I hope, now you get your answer on how to advertise my business if you have any other queries then please contact us at 8587 930 876.