Bubble Remover Machine – LCD Bubble Remover Machine Price in India

Air Bubble Remover Machine

When it comes to mobile screen repairing, the process of bubble removing has an important role in making the whole process efficient. You have seen numerous OCA Machines which are used to fix the mobile screen, but without the bubble remover, the machine is just a piece of shit.

If I talk about BABA OCA Machines, they use v3 technology LCD bubble remover machine. It is considered as the best technology machine for Removing Air Bubbles from LCD Glass. 

Some top Bubble Remover Machine –

(1) AKT PR3 Bubble Remover –

New Launch AKT PR3 bubble remover is compatible with all types of mobile phone screens. Get fine finishing with a single key start. you know what is the best part of this bubble Remover, it comes with 12 months Warranty.

(2) V3 Bubble Remover Machine-

A bubble remover which used V3 technology is ideal for any kind of oca lamination machine.

(2) mt-07 mini bubble remover machine –

A rare kind of air bubble removing machine which is easy to use, portable and yet one button start. It is one of the highest-selling machines for bubble removal.

mt-07 mini bubble remover machine price in India-? 

(3) m triangle mini bubble Remover –

A bubble remover, which comes with m triangle OCA, is also a wise choice to buy for your mobile glass repairing machine.

(4) mt-07 mini bubble remover –

mt-07 mini bubble remover machine price-?

(5) mt mini bubble removing Machine –

mt mini bubble removing machine price in India

(6) Forward bubble Remover for Mobile phone lamination –


7.9-inch high-quality bubble remover machine by Forwarding is ideal for iPhone Samsung LCD refurbishment.

There are many other Homemade OCA Bubble Remover which is also a substitute for those bubble removing machines. In case you are looking for a mobile lamination machine, mobile repairing tools or training then you can contact us at 8587 930 876.