Baba 2100 OCA Lamination Machine

The mobile industry is growing a rapid pace, you have seen many mobiles launching day by day. The increasing demand for mobiles is also increasing the job and business opportunity of mobile repairing experts.

In today’s post, I want to introduce an OCA lamination machine, a very rare product which can be used to repair a broken screen. Whether it is an HTC phone, iPhone, Samsung or any other brand, this single machine can easily fix the glass and saves time at the same time.  

Eventually, the product can only be purchased from Amazon, but today there are many other small and medium businesses are selling it in India and abroad as well.

So without a delay, let me introduce you the Baba 2100 OCA lamination machine –  

About Baba 2100 OCA Lamination Machine –

A very rare kind of 4 in 1 OCA machine which consists punching machine, Bubble remover, air compressor, and vacuum pump. As you know that mobile is one of the most used gadgets of this decade, almost every adult is using a smartphone in their hand.

If I talk about the most frequent problem then a broken screen is one of them.  The customer had to pay huge money to replace the glass, and fix the screen. if you already have a mobile repairing business or looking to start your own small business then BABA 2100 is for you.


Here is a short video explaining the working process of BABA 2100 OCA Machine – 

BABA OCA Laminator Price –

The cost of the Baba 2100 machine is under 80,000/-  and by purchasing it you can easily earn 2000- 5000 per day. The earning is based on the customer base. The big is your customer list the more you can earn by replacing the glass. You have seen, that a mobile screen replacement is typically cost you around 2000 to 3000 may be more than that.

The actual cost of screen replacement with BabA 2100 oca machine laminator will around 200 to 300. It clearly states that you can easily make around 1800 from each and every customer. Now you have the idea of how much you can earn from this mobile screen replacement tool.

The best part of this tool is that the whole process of glass replacement will only take 8- 10 minutes. The multipurpose BABA 2100 can repair 20-30 mobiles at one time.

Now let me dig deeper into BABA 2100 Tool –

  1. Punching Tool-

Once you start the replacement process, the mobile repairing expert, first remove the existing glass. After successfully removing the existing screen, the punching process of LCD and touch will start. The whole process is for to manage the thickness.

  1. Bubble Remover  –

It is one of the most important aspects of BABA 2100. Once the punching of the screen has been done, there is some kind of bubble problem may arise. It becomes necessary to give a finishing touch to the screen.

The Bubble removing process can hardly take 1 to 3 minutes. It makes sure that there will be no more bubble in your screen, and it will look a brand new smartphone.

  1. Air compressor –

Air compressor

  1. Vacuum Pump –  


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