5 Kickass Tips to Optimize your Site for Baidu Search Engine


Do you need Customers from China?

No doubt if someone wants to capture target audience in China then they have to work on Baidu. It is a dominant search engine in China. Surprisingly, Baidu has more than 83.6 % market share.

Nearly, 99% of the visitors use Baidu that is approximately up to 420 million people. So, is there any trick as to how to optimize for Baidu or it is quite similar to other search engines?

Remember the Difference between Baidu and other Search engines!

There are certain terms and conditions without which you cannot expect a site is published on Baidu. So, what are they consider:

  • Forget about Penguin or Panda, just remember Simplified Chinese, that is where you can rank.
  • Go get a local domain such as .com.cn, and host in Hong Kong. This could help you in getting faster access to the country and its visitors.
  • Get links from Chinese websites, such sites are preferred as compared to the other sites.

Baidu SEO Best Practices for Beginners –

1. Use Chinese Content on Baidu:

Hire a translator in order to get your content rank on Baidu. It is better to take help from the native speakers since quality simplified Chinese would work awesome. Baidu has its own Keyword Tool to help sites rank or perform better on the search list.

2. Submit Your Site Directly to Baidu:

You need to submit the web page directly to Baidu in order to rank or indexed! Ask your developers and designer to focus on easy navigation, simplified languages with Chinese in the content. This would help the Baidu spiders to judge the site or the page accordingly.

3.Check Your Meta Tags:

If you are using clever keywords in your Meta tags, the site or the page is likely to get a good response from the Baidu search engine. This does not mean you have to stuff the content, instead, go and check what other competitors are doing.

4. Optimize your site for Good Crawl ability:

Always remember, website structure is the key thing for its success. A flat website style helps spider to crawl your website easily, so does the Baiduspider. It is always a good idea to structure your site in a way that Every webpage should be accessible within two clicks from the main page.

5. Do Baidu SEM Carefully:

Like Google, Baidu also offers Baidu Phoenix Nest, a platform to run AdWords. However, you need to know how exactly it functions. The ranking algorithm is quite similar whether it is a PPC ad or an organic listing on the website. Further, if you want to bid for a specific keyword and are ready to pay the highest amount, you will get the top place. This means ad text, content, relevancy and all does not make any sense if you have money to pay!

In short, Baidu is quite different and a bit strange from Google! But, trying out your luck to get a potential customer in millions is worth.If you get some help with these tips on Baidu SEO Best Practices, then share it with us in below comment box.

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