Short Term courses are job oriented. In this era,  Everyone wants to add an extra skill, and Short term courses are the best option for that. Whether you have recently completed 12th, graduation or you already a working professional, these courses are best to get a job and to get promotion in the current job.

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In every winter, summer or during an academic year, these courses are best suited for everyone. Short term courses have a clear contribution to the knowledge, skill, and experience. One thing which makes these course best because they are based on a practical approach to learning.

In this post, I am sharing some Top Short-Term Job oriented courses which are best suited to working professionals, graduates and those who have recently completed his 10th and 12th exam.

List of Top Short Term courses –

1. Digital Marketing Certification Program –


Digital marketing is not only limited to the job, although this industry has rich job opportunities, this course also allows you Digital literacy.

A 3 to 6 months digital Marketing Training program can lead you to a successful career.  The best thing about digital marketing is there are a lot of branches in which you can make a career.

If you are good at SEO, you can pursue your career as SEO professional, if you are good in social media, you can go with that, and if you are good in optimizing paid campaigns, you can choose SEM for career growth.

Who can do this course?

1. Students (after 10th, 12th, graduates)
2. Working professional (best suited to IT, Sales and marketing professionals)
3. Housewives

If you are living in Noida you can Visit insider academy to get live training on Digital Marketing.

2. Web Designing Course –

As I already mentioned that Digital Marketing is one of the most booming industries. But the thing that the website is the primary thing which is needed for Digital marketing. The more businesses are coming online, they need a Website to showcase their products and services.

In such a case, A stunning website creates magic for the business. If you have recently completed 12th or graduate then this is the best profession you can choose.

As the researchers suggest that website designing is the most important component of the website to get the user’s trust. The job market is really competitive, so you need to ensure that you must have the skills to create, design and implement a professional website.

A short-term course in web designing gives an opportunity to make your mark as a website designing professionally. In this course, you will learn about HTML5, CSS, javascript, and optimization of content and graphic elements.

Visit –  10 Best web designing institutes in Noida, India 

3. Video Editing Course –

A video is one of the best marketing and promotional tool, as of 2018, the videos are the no 1 trend for marketing the products. It becomes easy to convey the message for brands using videos. almost every brand and company today needs a skilled video editor.

No matter, what the industry is, they need videos and to create that they need a video editor. Students who want to build a career in filmmaking, television, documentaries or start their own YouTube channel can pursue this course.

Eligibility – There is no former educational qualification required to join this course. If you are creative enough to shape your idea into a video, you can do this course. for a job perspective if you have the diploma or degree in fine arts, multimedia, IT or any other media studies then it’s an icing on a cake.

Job Opportunity – Most of the video editors are employed on a freelance basis and most of them work on a short-term basis for various production companies

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) –

With the advent of the Internet, there are a lot of jobs are created and SEO is one of them. SEO is the process of getting traffic from search engine results. It can be from a keyword search, image search, video search or local listings.

Every business is spending on SEO, as per the forecast the investment in SEO will climb over $70 billion by 2018. It implies that it will be in trend for the coming years too.

There is numerous SEO training institute in Noida and other parts of Delhi NCR, who are offering SEO course. You can do this course

Eligibility – Whether you have completed 10th, 12th or graduation you can opt for this course. This profession needs internet savvy and a basic understanding of the computer so that he/she can operate the system.

Job Opportunities – You can start working as an SEO executive and after gaining experience you can be promoted as Sr. SEO executive then SEO (TL), SEO (AM), MAnager and SEO head as well.

The best part of this profession is, you can get freelancing projects, many SEO professionals switched himself into freelancing because there is endless earning opportunity.

5. Graphic Designing course –

Graphic designing is an in-demand skill, and every business needs a proficient Graphic designer who can create an extraordinary design to convey the message. Today whether it is online media or offline, visuals are needed for the hour, and if you are creative then you can make a flourishing career in this field.

A graphic designer uses typography and visual arts to produce an outstanding design. If you want to see your work in lights then this is the best profession, because your design can be seen by millions whether it is one online media or in newspapers or magazines.

Career path after Graphic designing – A graphic designer can include himself into a palette of a creative career, from an entry-level to a leadership position. Below are some job profiles you can get after completing this short-term course after 12th or graduation –

Art Director, creative director, film and video editor, graphic designer, product designer, multimedia artist, etc.

See the list

6. PPC Training Course –

Do you have an interest in the Internet? Do you love search advertising? then the PPC training program is for you.
PPC is the best way to promote and generate leads for any business. This profession is in-demand and that is the reason it is considered as the highest paid job of this decade.

A PPC professional gives the lift in brand affinity, brand recall, and purchase intent.  This is the course, where you can get certification directly from Google.

Whether it is search marketing, display advertising, e-commerce advertising, mobile marketing or app promotion, this one course makes you able to do all of them.

Who can do this course?
If you already in the marketing field or a college graduate, or want to make a career in this field you can pursue this course.

Course duration: 2-3 Months

Career Opportunity – This is an evergreen field, apart from a full-time job, you can also work as a freelancer. below are some job designation for a PPC professional –
PPC Executive, PPC trainer, PPC analyst, Adword specialist, PPC team manager, PPC manager.

7.  Journalism and Photography –

In recent years, technology has grown rapidly and Web journalism has also become a prestigious profession. A short-term course in journalism and photography can lead you to a successful career.

As you have seen many YouTube channel which has grown significantly in recent years. You can also make your mark because technology has already given a platform to showcase your skills.

To pursue this course, you don’t need to have any specific college degree. If you think your presentation and photography skills can give a voice to the thoughts then you can pursue this course.

In Delhi University, Hans Raj College, Jesus and Mary College, and other colleges are offering short courses in web journalism and photography. apart from those colleges, there are many other privately held institutes is offering this course.

8. Tourism and Travel management –

What about making a career in Tourism Industry? In India, the travel industry is growing at a rapid pace and the reason is everyone loves traveling and making it a profession opens the door of adventure and exploring new destinations.

As per the survey, there are 347 million jobs around the world is forecasted, and India is one of the preferred destinations for traveling.

A short term course in travel management gives you insights into the challenges facing destinations and operators.

Who can do this course?

1. Professional who are already working on the Tourism Industry
2. Working professionals working in hospitality, event industries
3. Students who are looking for a short term course after 12th or graduation
4. Individuals who have an interest in travel and tourism.

9. Animation Course –

The animation is one of the most sought career options. You have seen many animation movies that have gain popularity in a short span of time. Thus learning animation is a very good idea to make a career in this industry.

The job of an animation professional is to give a breathing life to a character. It consists of design, layout, drawing to make a multimedia clip. India has more than 300 animation studios where more than 15,000 animation professionals are working. The gaming industry is considered the best industry which pays handsome income to animation artists.

Apart from Gaming, the demand for an expert animator is always high in engineering, education, the advertising industry, sales, and business.

Job roles after completing short Term course in Animation-

2D Animator, 3D Animator, layout artist, rendering artist, digital ink and paint artist, etc.

Junior animator(trainees) – 8,000/- to 15,000/-
3- 5 years experience – 25,000/- to 40,000/-

10. Blogging –

Yet another course, related to the field of Online marketing. Blogging is best suited for professionals who have strong command in any niche whether its education, sales, marketing, business, programming, etc.

Today blogging plays a vital role in generating leads, and every organization needs bloggers to create word of mouth and educating the audience.

This profession gives the opportunity to earn from the Internet, so it becomes the best Short Term course for housewives. If you also want to learn the art of earning money online then blogging is for you.

Short Term courses are basically for getting a job or enhancing the skills. I hope you will like this post. I will regularly add some more short term courses which can be completed after 12th, graduation for a job.

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