Best BGA Rework station – BGA Machine in Delhi, India

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If you are in Laptop repairing and servicing business then you must aware about the BGA Machine, A machine which is used to create a interface between IC (Integrated circuit) and complete PCB (printed Circuit Board). The BGA machine is widely used laptop repairing and can dramatically increase the earning by repairing a Laptop.

When it comes to the motherboard repairing of a laptop, one needs a BGA machine to find out the issues and troubleshoot the problem.

In this post I am sharing some best BGA machine which you can buy for training purpose or to enhance the business by repairing the old laptops. The list is created with through research and with a motto to deliver the best information about BGA rework station.

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Best BGA Machine in 2019 –

I have done a lot of research in order to give the best information about BGA machine, below are some best BGA rework stations so far –

  • SP-360C BGA Rework station
  • SV530 Split vision BGA machine
  • RW-B400C BGA rework station
  • E6250U – Nitrogen gas capable
  • SV560
  • SV550 split vision BGA.
  • SV560 
  • E6250U Nitrogen gas capable SMD
  • BGA Rework Station VD5860

Lot of people tend to buy a low cost BGA machine made in India but I am advocacy the best BGA machine which is long lasting and highly productive. Whether it is about finding the BGA rework station for mobile or a Laptop a genuine product will enhance your revenue.

There are lot of BGA rework station manufacturers in India and abroad but the Free training and technical support is the key thing you have to look before buying the machine. In my opinion Best BGA rework station is something which is portable, user friendly and efficient.

You have seen many BGA rework station in amazon and other websites, they have variation but lacks the trust and customer satisfaction. So I have created that list to give you the best information about BGA rework station for laptop motherboard repairing.

I hope you got some idea about this chip level repairing machine including BGA machine price and which is the cheapest BGA rework station. apart from that we also deal in OCA Machine, mobile repairing training , Laptop Training, SMD and Microscope.

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G2mark OCA Machine | g2mark SMD Machine | MRT Dongle Reviews

G2Mark Reviews

G2mark is a leading company in the field of mobile spare parts, SMD machines, mobile software, MRT dongles, and other Mobile accessories. the head of G2mark OCA Machine is located in Kolkata. It was started in way back with an aim to offer all kind of mobile repairing tools and accessories.

If you are already in mobile phone repairing and servicing business then I am sure you have seen the website in Google search, G2mark has a vast warehouse of Flex cable, touch, IC, LEd, speakers, keypads and many more mobile phone accessories.

G2Mark OCA Machine –

G2mark primarily known for offering low budget OCA Machine, The RE series OCA machine for flat and edge screens. Below are some top-selling OCa machine by g2mark –

(1) RE 700 OCA Machine

The low budget RE 700 OCA Laminator comes with bubble remover, 30L air compressor, and 2L vacuum pump. The best part of this machine is, it comes with 3 years warranty and the price is only 45,000/-.

(2) RE 800 OCA Machine

RE-800 is specifically designed for the edge mobile phones, which comes with Freebase mold. The price of this machine is 65,000/-

(3) RE 793 OCA Machine –

An OCA laminator machine which is ideal of up to 13″ screens. This oca machine comes with bubble remover, vacuum pump, and air compressor. the price of this machine is 60,000 and weight is 80 Kg.

Other Products by g2mark –

Apart from that, there are much Unlocking Software, Repair And Flash Tools you can buy at Cheaper Rates. below are the top-selling tools and accessories which you can buy from g2mark –

  • Miracle Thunder g2mark
  • g2mark SMD
  • g2mark MRT
  • Microscopes
  • g2mark Miracle key
  • g2mark UMT pro
  • g2mark cm2

G2mark is a reliable service provider, whether it is mobile accessories, tools or OCa machine you can contact for your requirement.

TBK 268 Vacuum Separator Machine For Mobile Display Repairing

TBK 268 Screen Separator

When it comes to mobile phones, almost 14.32% user face the mobile screen broken problem and it is the 3rd largest reason for having a mobile out of order problem. An OCA Machine which is used to replace the mobile screen needs an efficient Vacuum separator machine.

TBK 268 Vacuum separator machine is a rare kind of machine which can be used to separate the vacuum from the old mobile phone.

TBK 268 Vacuum Separate Machine –

TBK 268 is an automatic LCD screen separator machine with frame Bezel heating for flat and curved screen glasses. The best part of this machine is its portability and automatic operation, built-in pump. All these make it ideal for LCD Repairing and Tablet PC Refurbishing.


TBK 268 Vacuum Separator Machine:

Product Specifications –  Below are the specification of TBK LCD screen separator-

DIY Supplies: Electrical

Model Number: TBK-268

Size: 210*300*200 mm

Packaging: 380*260*240 mm

Net weight: 5.1KG

CALL: 700 400 9069 to Buy Now!

TBK 268 price in India –

The TBK 268 touch separator machine price is 12,500/- although it can be different in different parts of India.

Why You need a vacuum separator Machine?

TBK 268, not only saves time in separating LCD also enhance the process of OCA laminating machine. Whether the handset is LG g2, Samsung Galaxy J7, iPad pro, Samsung galaxy s5, Samsung galaxy s4 mini, LG Nexus, Samsung galaxy s3, etc. This vacuum separator Machine is ideal for you.

As you know in mobile phone repairing industry is flourishing yet competitive and customer satisfaction plays a huge role. The mobile phone LCD screen replacement can increase revenue at a rapid pace. Hence it becomes important to have the right set of tools.

If you are already in a Mobile phone servicing business, then you must know that repairing equipment is the true friend. I would like to recommend to buy TBK 268 separator machine which can enhance the efficiency of Lamination machine, bubble remover and can easily replace the phone LCD glass. 

Apart from that, you can also buy mobile tools, touch, glasses, hot air gun, UV glue, 3in1 LCD screen separator, air compressor, OCA film, soldering Iron, glue remover machine, SMD reworks station and all types of equipment used in LCD screen repairing with best services.


UMT Dongle – UMT Dongle price in Delhi, kolkata India

UMT Dongle | Ultimate Multi Tool

UMT dongle also refers to the Ultimate Multi Tool which is Dongle. It can be used to reset FRP in the latest phones that are upgraded with advanced technology. This is easy to use and can be unlocked just by selecting the new method in the tool.

There is other latest android version like Nougat & Oreo that can be unlocked by enabling ADB either flashing through combination files or using Talkback method.

Here are some pioneer benefits that can be used for:

  • USB Flashing
  • FRP
  • Reset Settings
  • Pattern Reset
  • Mi-Account
  • Vivo Demo Unlock
  • Moto Flashing
  • Moto FRP (All Patches)
  • Pattern Read
  • Flashing
  • Remove SIM Lock
  • Repair BT
  • Repair IMEI
  • Wipe Phones
  • Remove Google account

It supports Flashing, FRP and can read pattern up to Android 6.0. But if the data is encrypted, then it has to be Format.

Jio Keypad phones powered by Qualcomm chipset can be flashed through UMT by choosing custom loader.

UMT dongle Price in India –

If you want to buy UMT Dongle online in India then at present you have to pay Rs. 4500. We have seen how this UMT dongle has been helping tool. There is a UMT Pro dongle as well if you buy UMT pro price in India will be around Rs. 4600.

If you like to buy things through the online portal then you can buy UMT Dongle by Amazon and price will be 6799. Yes, this much is higher beyond your expectation. India’s capital has been booming as in technical.

If you’re a Delhite and want to use UMT box, the price will be in Delhi around Rs. 3500.

You can also check the umt dongle price in Amazon and Flipkart and get the best deal. Apart from that, if you are searching for the umt dongle in Kolkata then I would like to recommend to buy it from a local shop because you can get an instant fix.

FRP Reset for:

  • All MI models
  • Oppo
  • Vivo
  • Micromax
  • Intex
  • Lava
  • Mizu
  • ASUS
  • Lenovo
  • Coolpad
  • Karbon
  • Infinix
  • Itel
  • Panasonic
  • Samsung
  • Nokia


  • Samsung
  • Moto
  • Qualcomm
  • MTK

Google Account Supports-

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8.0
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

Most Advance Features of UMT-

  • UMT protects from flashing wrong size firmware, it has an option called automatic flash chip detection.
  • It has manual mode unlocking option for ZTE phones to unlock state even unsupported phones automatic
  • Detection of various phone models such as LG and ZTE and while
  • Reading Information it has the feature to read user code automatically.
  • Recover most ZTE Phones in blinking condition with the help of ZTE recovery module

Features of UMT Tool Crack:

UMT tool supports Windows XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8.0, Win 8.1, Win 10 operating system. UMT box is enough capable of running smoothly though it has a small file size. The basic configuration is high enough to run this tool.


Mobile Repairing Course in Hauz Khas Village

Best Professional Course to Start a Successful Career-

You can see how the whole world is instantly changing into the technical world. Mobile Repairing Course in Hauz Khas Village also involves you in this technical world.

Mobile Repairing Training in Hauz Khas Village is one of the best ways that has turned out to be impressively No.1 Mobile repairing institute.

Why Mobile Repairing Course in Hauzkhas?

With the increasing number of mobile phone users, the need for Mobile repairing experts is also becoming impressively higher by every day.

If you have sufficient knowledge about mobile repairing then you can earn good money in just 2-3 months.

Who Can Get Enrolled this Course?

This question comes frequently in student’s mind; let’s know who can join this course:

Students: If you’re a student then this course will enhance your skills gives you a certificate that will work in your career.   

Job Seekers: Are you looking for a job or struggling to get your job despite having a good education? If yes, then this course will help you to get your dream job with attractive salary.

Working Professionals: If you’re a working professional and looking to switch your profession then this course is best for you. In just a couple of months, you can earn more than your expectation.

Why AK Info Institute?

If you want to become a professional expert in the technical field then AK Info is the best training Institute in Hauz Khas Village. This is the place where you enroll to get from the basic level training to advanced level training with full practical knowledge.

Here are a few things what we offer to the students:

  • 15+ Years Experienced Trainers
  • Free Demo Class
  • Maximum Practical Training
  • 100% Job Assistance
  • Advanced Course Content
  • Free Doubt Session

The business in this field has seen a present development and this course have helped both fresher and skilled people to improve their occupation without any special qualification. The person who has an only 10th pass can also join mobile repairing training in Hauz Khas Village.

New Gadget Nagri – OCA Machine, Mobile tools and more

The mobile industry is upgrading itself day by day. It becomes necessary to keep updated when it comes to repairing a Smartphone. The growth of an individual whether they have their own mobile repairing and servicing business or doing a job in this industry is depends on the knowledge.

Today I am reviewing New gadget Nagari a YOUTUBE channel, where you can keep yourself updated in mobile repairing tools and industry.

About New Gadget Nagri –

New Gadget Nagari has approx. 1 lac subscribers and they are more than 150 videos are uploaded till date.  The channel was created in Feb. 2013 but they got a J curve on the subscribers in last 2 years.

The agenda of this YouTube channel is to share the information about mobile tools wholesale market, mobile professional tools, OCA lamination machine, mobile machine unboxing, and review.

The frequent upload of mobile repairing tools and machines are the best thing to expect from New gadget Nagri.

New Gadget Nagri: Popular uploads –

In recent years they have made many popular videos on OCA Lamination Machine, network problem issues on mobile phones, touch glass replacement, battery issues and touch glass replacement of Samsung mobiles.

Below are Top 5 video topics of New gadget Nagri YouTube channel   –

  • Vivo 1603 & x pro Network problem Solution
  • Mi Xiaomi A1 Camera lens glass Crack Replacement
  • Xiaomi Mi A1 Touch Glass Replacement With OCA
  • Fuli Hui Battery ko Kaise Thik Karate Hain all Model
  • Samsung J2 (16) Touch Glass Replacement Easy Way With OCA

New Gadget Nagri Social Blade Status – 

To give you accurate information, I deep dive into this and I have seen the following results – 

new gadget nagri







The channel grade is B-, and they have received 6,003,475+ views to date.   


New gadget Nagri focuses on promoting BABA tools, best service OCA machines, microscopes, IC, SMD rework station and other mobile tools, you can subscribe their channel to enhance the knowledge of mobile repairing.


Flex Bonding Machine| LCD Flex Cable Repair Machine Price in India

If you already in Mobile Repairing and servicing business, you must know about Flex and flex bonding machine. If you are new then I want to tell you that flex bonding machine is used to fix the flex of mobile phone and LCD TV.

Although there is a different machine which is used for mobile and Smart TV the working principle is almost the same. In this post, I will share information about Flex bonding machine price, flex bonding meaning and mobile LCD flex repair machine price in India.

Flex Bonding machine –

Before I share some information about the product, let me share the use of Flex bonding machine.

Flex Bonding machine is used to –

  • Broken flex repair
  • Damage Flex repairing
  • Flex maintenance
  • Flex replacement

Mobile LCD Flex Repair Machine Price in India –

When it comes to buying the best LCD flex bonding machine, one thing is sure that everyone wants to buy the best flex bonding machine. In India, there are multiple types of flex machine, and the cost starts from 140,000 INR.

About Flex cable bonding machine –

  • The LCD flex machine is a pulse heating upright pressure and suits LCD cable products like bonding and hot pressing.
  • It uses a high precision voltage controller for increased stability.
  • The titanium alloy pressure to ensure a smooth temperature.
  • This Flex Cable Bonding Machine uses unique upper and lower on the bit mode, for iPhone touch row has a good effect on the bit.

Flex cable bonding Machine SPECIFICATION:

Below are the specification of Flex bonding machine – 

Supply – AC 220V.   

Power – 800W.

Equipment weight – 120 KG.

Type – Heating vertical hot press.   

Flex Bonding machine/ Flex soldering machine for iPhone and Samsung etc, Flex Bonding, Machines

If you want to buy a Brand new Flex cable bonding machine, or looking for the best services then you can call us at 700 400 9069.


Mobile Repairing Course in South East Delhi

Looking for a professional & short-term course? Now don’t think too much about your career as your lucrative career is just one step away.

Mobile Repairing Course in South East Delhi

Stop worrying and join mobile repairing course in South East Delhi and become high demand professional.

 Why Mobile Repairing Course Become Necessary?

The rapid growth of the mobile phone industry is offering opportunities better than any other industry. If you Google how mobile repairing industry is growing and how this industry is offering opportunities you will be surprised by the result as more than 2 lacs of mobile phone repair experts required in this year. 

The career of mobile phone repairing is one such that is becoming a popular one, and many people have been able to establish a profitable business by starting early in this career.

If you join this Mobile Repairing Course you will be benefited with:

  • Consultant
  • Executive
  • Trainer
  • Business

An Overview of AK Info Mobile Repair Classes – 

AK Info has become the reputed brand in providing Mobile Repairing Course. Their training course is highly appreciated and sought after in the mobile repairing industry.

There are more than 10,000 professionals who got trained and embarked a skyrocketing career. These stats are going to increase day to day as mobile repair experts are in high demand. AK Info offers best Mobile repairing course in South East Delhi.

Here are a few reasons that will guide you:

  • Students get a full dead solution
  • Chip-level advanced mobile repairing course
  • Maximum practical training
  • 100% job & business support
  • 2 Days free demo sessions
  • 15+ years experienced trainers
  • Free doubt Sessions
  • Industry visits two times in a month
  • Interview Preparation Session
  • Free Tool kit worth of 10K
  • AK info Bag and T-Shirt
  • Certification after course completion

About South East Delhi –

Southeast is a district in Delhi, which includes the residency of Defence colony, Kalka Ji, Sarita Vihar, Tuglaqabad, Kalindi Kunj, and Greater Kailash area. The violet and magenta metro crisscross the southeast Delhi area.

Final Words

Now you have a factual idea of how mobile repairing industry is growing and how you can be benefited by joining a short-term course. AK Info can play a vital role to fulfill your desire and dreams. Mobile repairing training in South East Delhi will make you high demand professional.

** this is a guest post by AK info mobile repairing institute Delhi

SEO Course Benefits | SEO course duration | SEO Certifications

You must have searched your questions on Google in order to find the answer to your queries. The whole process comes under the SEO and when someone asks me what is SEO course benefits than I simply reply with it makes you able to rank your website in front of the searchers.

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of getting traffic from SERP, it may be an image search, video search, or text search. An SEO professional works to increase the traffic via organic mediums.

Before I explain the benefits of SEO Course, let me share some key points which will explain why you need to learn SEO- 

  • 250 Million Websites on the Web, SEO Makes them Stand Out.
  • The SEO Results are Permanent
  • 60% Of Clicks Go to the First Result of Search Engine.
  • SEO means Higher Brand Credibility
  • 61% of marketers say that improving their SEO is a top priority.

SEO Course Benefits-

There are many online and offline training programs which offer in-depth learning of SEO terminologies and process. The course starts with the basic concepts of SEO and then you will learn technical SEO concepts, off page submission and guidelines to increase the search presence on search engines. \

In essence, SEO course benefits can be seen in the rise of jobs and self business opportunity, you can rank your own blog posts and earn money by Google Adsense. You can sell affiliate products on the website or you can take SEO projects and work as an SEO consultant.

SEO Course Duration –

The SEO course can be completed in 90 days, moreover, you can also take the fast track batches to complete this course in less duration. In an online mode, self-placed learning it will depend on you. 

The online mode will make you understand what is SEO? and experience of working in own domain can give practical exposure.  

Below are some key things which you will learn in SEO training program – 

  1. Site assessment
  2. Ongoing optimization and testing
  3. Reporting and analysis

SEO Certification Benefits – 

SEO is a widely popular term, and every business needs it, in order to get traffic from Search engine. Efficient keyword research with high-quality content along with backlinks can make a great impact on the bottom line of business.

There are many institutes are offering an SEO certification program, but I want to tell you that, certification no longer needed if you know the art of ranking a website in Top of the Search Engine.

To get the certification you can join any institute or give a try to SEO Training Course by Moz, HubSpot Free SEO Crash Course, SEO Strategy Certification by DMA Education, SEO Course by JM Internet Group, etc. 

Once you get master skills in SEO, you can further opt the complete digital marketing course, where you can learn about Paid advertising, social media marketing, affiliate, email marketing, content writing, etc.




SKT OCA Machine | SKT OCA Machine Price in India

OCA Machine is the friend of every mobile repairing shop owner. In my last post, I have shared information about YMJ OCA machine, where I have shared must have things in any OCA Machine. Today I am sharing all about SKT OCA Machine.

SKT OCA Machine by Golcha

SKT offers medium budget OCA machine, which is suitable for small mobile repairing shop owners. It includes bubble remover, air compressor, vacuum pump, and punching machine. The fully automatic OCA machine is efficient and saves time and increases productivity as well.

SKT Lamination Machine Specification –

Below is the specification of SKT OCA glass repairing machine –


Color –  White

Features – Automatic

The complete set of 4 in 1 OCA lamination machine comes with free training. In free training, you will get training on how you can operate the machine in the most efficient way. Moreover, during the training, the OCA trainer will guide what should you do and what you should not do in order to make machine long-lasting.

The SKT OCA machine has a 1-year warranty and lifetime technical support. So don’t wait, Call 700 400 9069 and order BRAND new SKT machine.