Short Term Computer Courses After 12th to get High Paying Job

Short Term Computer Courses After 12th

Are you in a dilemma that which computer course can get you the best return of your time.

So here in this blog, I am going to share a list of computer courses that can help you earn decent money in a short period.

Opting short-term computer courses after 12th has many benefits. Firstly, such courses can be completed quickly as the course duration is less. Another advantage is that such short computer courses can be pursued along with the main course.

If you are studying or have just passed your 12th  standard, you can easily include a short-term computer course in your schedule. You can even pursue such classes in your vacation time.

There are so many institutes in India is that offer such course so finding an institute around you is no big trouble. This article will help you know the best short-term computer courses for jobs. Let’s have a look at a few career-oriented short computer courses.

(a) Digital Marketing –

Digital marketing covers some topics. It is a very vast & full field. Topics such content writing, content marketing, email marketing, social media, SEO fall into this category.

There is two format in which digital marketing courses can be done in India offline and online.

After completing this course, one of the following job posts may be taken

  • Digital Marketing Professionals
  • Digital Marketers
  • Social Media Manager
  • SEO Professional
  • SEO Consultant
  • Digital Marketing Instructor
  • Entrepreneur

Since digital marketing is a broad field covering many topic mastering any single topic become a little tricky. Thus there are individuals courses also available.


SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimisation. It is primarily about the technique that can be used to boost the rank of your website in the search engine result page. This field is continually evolving. The old ranking technique is introduced. Thus skilled SEO professionals are in huge demand.

After completing this course, one of the following job posts may be taken

SEO Consultant
Project Manager
SEO Professional
This short-term computer course will suit the creative ones. It has application in many other fields. It covers topic such as image editing & enhancing. Logo designing, & editing software programs.

There is few subsection of this course which focuses on some specific skill such as photoshop specialist course. It focuses on editing Adobe photoshop.

After completing this course, one of the following job posts may be taken.

Graphic Designer
Printing Specialist
Brand Identify Manager
Creative Director
Today, the smartphone comes in multiple ranges & varieties. The service cost of these phones depends on the type of fault or maintenance. Hence, by joining a mobile repairing course, someone can learn & later apply these skill to earn quickly.

(e) Laptop Repairing –
This course can be beneficial for people interested in learning about computer hardware or software. Computer maintenance or computer in general just computer. The demand for such skill is growing every day. As the demand for computer/laptop is increasing.

(f) Animation & Multimedia –
This short-term computer course after 12th has become a field of specialization these days. It is also a part of the graphic design, but now some students are pursuing animation & multimedia as a specialization course.

It covers topic such as VFX & VFX Pro. Basic of animation & animation film design, multimedia design, etc.

After completing this course, one of the following job posts may be taken.

VFX Professional
Visual Effect Artist
Advertising Agencies
Digital Publishing Firms
After completing this course one of the following –

(g) Web Designing Development –
Web design & development course. Web designing is one of the best computer courses for the job. It is a short-term course(3 – 2 month) which deals with creation & maintenance of a website. Two of the main topics this course covers are web scripting & e-commerce sites.

After completing this course, one of the following job posts may be taken.

Web Designer
E-Commerce Site
Design Consultant
So these are few of the best computer courses that can help you `earn a decent amount of money & get your dream job.

Hope this blog will be helpful for you to decide which one is good for you.


How To Promote Your Business On Facebook?

Wondering how to promote your business On Facebook?

This article will share some vast tips, Let’s do it!

In a recent study, we got some statistics, more than one billion people log in Facebook every day. There are the people who get connected and spend time on Facebook.

Some people visit just for meeting new peers while some gather information. In fact, Facebook has become a buzzword.

Struggling To Get Traffic On Your Facebook Page?

Now, worries will get ended as this article will address how Facebook can be a utility for your business.

Are struggling to get your target audience?

One thing is clear, right marketing strategy gives better results. Follow the correct way of business and strategies, you can reach your pursuit audience and get more leads.

After reading this article you will be able to define:

  1. Importance of Creating Facebook Page for your business
  2. Facebook Page and Post Share
  3. Start Making Connection
  4. Engage Your Followers
  5. Facebook paid Ads
  • Create Your Facebook Page –

Life turned into digital, in this modern time we can see a huge variation in the technology. Have you ever thought Facebook can be a platform for your business?

Yes! This is true, on Facebook Page your business’ page, so be assured it truly reflects your brand.

Use your business logo as the primary photo for your Page, also put a cover photo that is appealing and showcases what your business has a goal.

  • Share & Invite With Your Friends –

Share readable and eye-catching content that attracts the visitors. First of all, check out the Build Audience tool which can be found in your Page’s Admin option.

Here you will get options to invite your Facebook friends and email contacts to follow your Facebook Page.

  • Build Strong Connection –

Facebook page has “Following” option that helps to build connections. The more you add people to your account, the more your business gets popularized.

You get an option with “Build Audience” tool that can be seen in your Page’s Admin menu.

You can also invite friends from Facebook and email contacts to follow your Page that establishes a strong network.

  • Keep Engaging With Your Followers –

To maintain your followers are so important in order to keep growing your business. You can keep engaging with quality content.

Keep posting posts related to your business. You can post once or twice in a week.

In order to get good results, put friendly, conversational tone, and remember your content.

Respond directly to comments and private messages it helps to create a loyalty and long-term relation.

  • Give a Try to Facebook Ads –  

The Facebook page gives an opportunity to advertising; you will get an option that let ads in users’ news feeds.

Your ads will appear as promotional posts and direct who visit your website. Ads become the main source to take attention of your target audience. If you want to get started with Facebook ads, then you can go through Facebook Ad Checklist to Create a Successful Ad Campaign.

Conclusion –

Facebook has become a utility in recent years, its new updates add more opportunity to a large community. I hope you found this article related to your business, now you can add Facebook marketing strategy to your business.


[Ultimate Guide] to know What is Blockchain and cryptocurrency?

Understanding Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

There has been so much noise these days about Bitcoin, the blockchain, and cryptocurrency. Whether a rumor or a fact all of us must have heard something fascinating from all these noises. We are all bewildered with questions like- What is blockchain? How does blockchain technology work? How is it used in cryptocurrency? And many more…

This article is a brief guide to know about all such things and what’s in there for all of us. So let’s start with the basics.

Cryptocurrency is basically a medium of exchange, like the US Dollar, but it is digital and uses encryption techniques to control the creation of momentary units and for transfer fund verification.

Bitcoin is the most widely known cryptocurrency till date. It is for bitcoin for which the blockchain technique was invented. The blockchain is the technology that enables the existence of cryptocurrency.

Understanding Blockchain –

Though blockchain is a pretty simple concept, things get complicated dive deep into the concept.

There are a few simple ways in which we can understand the working of the blockchain.

In the language of cryptocurrency, a block is a record of a transaction. When a block is complete, it is added to the chain, creating a chain of blocks which is generally termed as blockchain.

For example:

Just imagine a virtual ledger. Each line is a transaction of bitcoins. IDs of sending and receiving wallets amount sent etc.

Just like the page number in a virtual ledger, in this case, the ID of each block is generated to include the ID of the previous block, which forms a chained system of IDs together.

The blockchain (ledger) has every single record of any bitcoin transaction that has ever taken place. This means with patience and software, every transaction for a specific wallet can be traced.

I believe that you might have developed a basic understanding of the blockchain. Now let’s look forward to knowing it’s functioning.

How Does Blockchain work?

When you own a cryptocurrency you are provided with a public key and a private key.

The private key (basically a long password) is the address in the blockchain, with the help of which you can withdraw money.But if that key is lost, there is no way of getting your money back.


A private key is the one that lets others send cryptocurrency to your account.

All the information on blockchain is publically available. It does not depend on a single computer or server to function, which means it is decentralized and every transaction is instantly visible to everyone.

The blockchain is just like a spreadsheet that is duplicated thousands of times across a network of computers.The network is designed such that the spreadsheet is now regularly updated. Here are some of the useful illustrations to understand the working of the blockchain.

  • Blockchain as a row of safes –

Imagine a huge number of safes lined up in a row. Each safe with a number on it, which depicts its unique identification and slots to drop money into it.The safe is transparent, so anyone can see how much money is there in any specific safe. Moreover, anybody can put their desired amount in any safe.

When you open a bitcoin account, you have a key to a new empty safe. This way you know the unique number of your safe. You can even share the unique identification of your safe if you wish others to drop money into it.

  • Blockchain as a public ledger –

If you transfer a cryptocurrency to someone or sell it, this information is visible to everyone on the blockchain.They may not know the exact ID of the person sending the money, but they will exactly know the amount of money that has been sent.

Thus blockchain is also visualized as an alternative to traditional banking. Blockchain can help eliminate the middleman, as it would not need any bank or other institution to verify the transaction.

  • Blockchain as the internet of value –

We can also call blockchain as the internet of value.Just as internet made data distribution free and online, blockchain does the same for money.

  • Blockchain as google docs –

Before google docs came into the picture, if someone wanted a collaboration on a piece of writing with some other person online, they had to create a Microsoft word document, send it to them, ask them to revise and edit as required.

The first person has to wait until the other is done with his work, saves the document and sent it back. Google doc fixed this as with its help multiple users can view and edit the document at the same time.

While most of the other database yet work like MS word: one person only can make changes at a time, blocking others until they are done.Blockchain helps instant updating the changes for everyone to see it.

Blockchain Features and Explanation –

Now as the idea of blockchain must be clear ( at least to some extent) let’s focus on some of its key features.

(1) Incorruptible –

The blockchain network functions such that it automatically checks in with itself after every ten minutes.

It is an ecosystem of a digital value that is self-auditing. It solves the problem of manipulation. So, we have one important conclusion from this which is mentioned below.

The data in blockchain cannot be corrupted because, if someone has to change any unit of information on the blockchain, it would mean to override the entire network, which requires a large amount of computing power which is very unlikely to happen in practical (while the idea may sound good in theory). Capturing bitcoin by controlling the system would also have the effect of destroying the value.

(2) A network of computing nodes –

To understand how blockchain is formed, we must understand what these so-called computing nodes are.

Nodes are basically the “administrators” of the blockchain and they voluntarily join the network(which makes the network decentralized) however, everyone has a chance to win bitcoin, as they join the network.

Nodes are said to be “mining” bitcoins, but it would not be enough accurate to call it so. In fact, everyone in the network is competing and trying to solve computation puzzles to win bitcoins. The blockchain is the key concept behind cryptocurrency, but there is various other potential application of this technology, which is recognized.

(3) Decentralisation –

The decentralized networks are the next huge wave in technology. Decentralisation is a peer to peer basis network operation.

 For managing records of bitcoin transaction, a global network of computers uses blockchain technology. This means bitcoin is not managed by any single central authority, but by its network

(4) Enhanced security –

As the data is not held by a single authority and is distributed over the entire network, blockchain eliminates the risk that comes with centralized control. While most of the data online are vulnerable and can be exploited by computer hackers, the blockchain security methods use advanced encryption technology.

The basis of these is the private and the public keys. A private key is similar to a password that gives a person access to their bitcoin or other digital assets while a public key is a long string of numbers that is generated randomly and is basically the address of the user on the blockchain is incorruptible.

Now with this basic understanding the key features of the blockchain, we can easily understand the various business application in which it can constitute. few of them are mentioned below.

(a) Smart Control –

At current levels development of technology, smart controls can be programmed to perform a simple project. It will be coded such that it executes only when specialized conditions are met.

(b) Crowdfunding –

Some advanced works are done by certain crowdfunding initiatives like the kick starter for the emerging peer to peer economy. Blockchain can be very effective in taking this interest to a next level by creating crowdfunding ventures a capital fund.

(c) Governance –

The distributed database technology could bring full transparency to elections or any other poll by making the results publically accessible and fully transparent.

(d) File storage –

There are many benefits of decentralization file storage on the internet. The distributed database technology helps protect files from getting hacked or lost.

(e) KYC and AML –

Know your customers(KYC) and anti-money laundering has a strong potential to adapt the blockchain technology. Currently, institutes must have to perform a multi-step process for every new customer, which involves intensive labor work. KYC cost could be reduced through cross-institutional client verification and at the same time makes the monitoring more effective.

(f) Data Management –

Today people have to exchange their personal data in order to use social media platforms like Facebook for free. In future, a user can manage or sell the data that their online activity generates. As bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency can be distributed in small fractions, it might turn out to be the currency used for such kind of transactions.

Hope this blog post might have answered your question “What is blockchain and cryptocurrency?” and developed your deep understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency. There are many technical terms in my next post I will explain about Bitcoin and few other fields in which the blockchain technology is used.


Top Institute for English speaking course in Delhi – Speaking Mastery!

Searching for the best English speaking course?

of course, you are, that’s why you are here!

There are many reasons to master the art of English and Public speaking.

English is the official language of a large number of countries across the globe. Approx. 2 billion people use this language to communicate with others. Due to the dominance in the corporate world, it becomes a necessity for people to speak English. If you are not fluent in this then English speaking course is one thing which you have to join right Now.

Whether you are in working for a multinational company or want to join MNC’s for your career growth, you must have to get proficiency in this language. The reason is simple; cross-border communication is conducted in English. Apart from the communication, learning English can change your attitude and life. Below are some reasons, which will give some idea, about the importance of the English language. –

  1. Many films, books, music, and apps are produced in English. So English speaking course can make you pro and will open a great cultural understanding.
  2. Today the world is Digital and the internet is the main source of information. You feel amazed to know the fact that more than 50% of the Internet is in the English Language.
  3. English is the second language of many people so travelling becomes easier if you are fluent in this language.

Now you get some idea about the importance of the English language in your personal and professional life. In this post, I am sharing some Top institute in Delhi to get proficiency in English speaking, let’s have a look –

List of Top Institutes for English Speaking Course in Delhi –

1. Pep Talk India –

Peptalk is located in Rajouri garden; this is a Top notch institute for public speaking and spoken English course. It is a most trustworthy institute to discover you and to get strong hands-on English communication.

After doing research on the internet and reading reviews from past institute, I made some conclusion –

  1. Pep talk gives personal attention to every student and keeps a closer look at the progress of each and every student.
  2. Batch size is small, so it gives learners a chance to groom better.
  3. Pep talk offers a friendly environment to the students so the students can feel comfortable while leaning and at the same time it gives the opportunity to learn from your own mistakes.


Peptalk is focused on giving quality training, and the best part of this English speaking institute is, they will leave no stone unturned to make you fluent and to remove your fear. The courses at Peoptalk are –

  1.    English and Public Speaking Skills
  2.    Superhuman skills
  3.    Pep talk skills

Founder: Mr Anand Rahi and Rocky Saggoo

Rating: 4.7/5 based on Google reviews

Contact no. : 9971502715

2. BAFEL –

An acronym of British Academy for English Language, Bafel is another premier institute to join an English speaking course in Delhi. The Head office of Bafel is located in Dwarka, Delhi. It has 19 centres in Delhi NCR and also has branches in Kolkata, Amritsar, Jalandhar, and Hyderabad.

The best thing which I like about Bafel is that they have courses for all needs. whether you are a student, working professional or college going student, they have something for you. They focus on course content so that it meets the need of the variety of learners.

Courses at Bafel –

Although there are various courses are listed on the website of Bafel, but I am listing some top courses which you can pursue your personal and professional growth.

  •    Spoken English foundation
  •    Spoken English  Basic
  •    Voice and Accent
  •    Spoken English  Advanced
  •    Business English
  •    Spoken English Mastery
  •    Personality Development
  •    Spoken English Comprehensive

3. English mate –

With a Tagline of “Better English, Smarter you”, English mate justifies the words with their quality training on spoken English course.

You can find different courses in English communication. the courses vary in length, some of their courses are available in 12 months. 8 months, 4 months basis. Below are some top reason for choosing English mate for public and English speaking course in Delhi.

  1. Expert and Trained Faculty –

You will agree with the fact that, a faculty/teacher is the primary thing which all we look before enrolling in any course. English mate has a bunch of Expert faculties, and they are dedicated to giving quality training.

  1. Keen focus on Improving communication skill –

The training you receive from here is focused on learning by what we do in daily life. It makes speaking/ communication easy and when they work on your pronunciation, phrases, and vocabulary it clearly binds your objective of joining English speaking course.

  1. Interactive Learning –

Whatever skill you want to learn, can only succeed if the learning environment is full of Fun and sessions are interactive. The role plays, mock runs, daily exercise makes learning easy and effective.

Contact No. –  8287382873

Rating – 4.6/5 based on Facebook Reviews

4. British Council –

Indian’s primarily use British English for communication, hence learning English from Britain top English speaking institute is always a good idea. It was founded in 1934 and has a presence on 6 continents. Although the Fees are quite high you have to admit that skill comes at a price.

The learning platform, methodology, the administration is quite impressive. The best part of joining the British council is its large alumni network.

Address –

British Council Division, British High Commission

17 Kasturba Gandhi Marg

New Delhi – 110 001

Contact No. – 0120-4569000

5. Wabs Talk –

As you know in a corporate world, public speaking and effective communication is the key to success. Wabstalk’s motto is to make learners an effective speaker. Once you complete your public speaking/ English speaking course you get the confidence to speak fluently. As a result, you gain the confidence to crack the interview or business deal.

here are some reason to choose Wabstak for English speaking course in Delhi, let’s check it out-

  1. Study material
  2. Mock Interview session
  3. Weekly competition to check progress
  4. Conducive Learning Environment.
  5. Small and Flexible batches

Address- No.9, 1st floor, Main Market,

Moti Nagar, Near Metro Station,

New Delhi, Delhi 110015

Contact no. – 099999 47824

Rating – 4.9/5 based on 1,233 Google reviews


A beginners Guide to know about What Is SEO and How It works?

What Is SEO?

Everyone knows how SEO is important, it’s that much important for the website as food is necessary for us. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, by using this you will get improved the visibility of your website easily without paying every single penny.

SEO is an organic method that uses to get rank huge in the search results.  It amplifies of implementation with the search engine friendly website as well as optimization of the content.

It is the act of making your website user-friendly and makes useful to understand, it’s easy and effective in the search engines. You can see my previous post, where I have shared some points about why SEO is important for websites success.

Why Search Engine Rankings  Matters for Business Growth? 

It’s in this decade how business has become competitive; in order to get a good impression, the entrepreneurs need their website on the top so that maximum people visit their website. The more visitors visit the more chances of the leads and sales.

There are so many people who try to go ahead and beat its compotators. If you have a good service/product they are nothing until they get attention by the target audience.

Search Engine Optimization performs that a business needs to reach target audiences. A clear difference can be seen after using this organic metric. Though there are so many tools SEO is an organic that works free of cost.

By using this organic tool you can start getting good results on your website, if you don’t get enough results at the first day there is no need be anxious as it takes time but has so much effectiveness.

There are large number entrepreneurs who have been using SEO to get good conversation. You just need to understand that SEO is all about optimizing a website to take your website on the top in search results.

Here are some more advantages of Search Engine Optimization:

  • To design and develop a website to rank high in the search engine results.
  • Improve the volume and quality of traffic to the website from others search engines.
  • It’s part of marketing by understanding how search algorithms work, and what human visitors might search.

SEO is a subset of search engine marketing that uses in the business. No matter whether you’re a small entrepreneur or big it boosts up on every website.

It also refers to SEO copywriting, because most of the techniques which have the aim to increase the visibility of any website that deals with the text.

I think, now you understand what SEO is. If you plan to use these benefits, this is necessary to understand how search engines work so that you could get much more benefits.

How does a Search Engine Optimization Work?

Here are some activities in order to deliver search results in a better way:

(1) Crawling –

The process of fetching all the web pages linked to a website. This task is performed by software called a crawler or a spider.

(2) Indexing –

This is a process of creating an index for all the web pages and keeping them in a database from where you can get good results.

(3) Processing –

When a search request comes to the search engine forwards it ahead, for instance, it compares the search chord in the search request with the pages.

(4) Relevancy Calculation – 

Calculating relevancy is more than one page that contains the search things. The search engine starts calculating the relevancy of each of the pages.

(5) Retrieving Results –

This is the last step; in search engine activities it retrieves in the best results. By and large, it is more than simply displaying them in the browser in order to produce better results.

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I hope you found your time productive while reading this article. Now you have a good knowledge of search engine optimization and got a clear understanding of what is SEO  and how SEO works. Now you know that Search engines are such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing! Which is sort of update with the relevancy time to time?

You also know how it works and how you can use these tips with your business. However, if you have any doubt or question kindly share with us in the comment box rest be assured we will get back to you shortly.


Top 5 Job Portals to get high paying Digital Marketing Jobs in Delhi

Searching for high paying jobs in Digital Marketing?

Without a doubt, Digital marketing is one of the top high paying jobs of this decade. The best part of Digital marketing is you will no longer limit to one job role. It gives you the flexibility to find the best area along with the opportunity of earning money online.

Whether your specialization is in SEO, social media, PPC or affiliate marketing, something you have realized that the job of Digital marketers is now completely changed. The reason is the behavior of consumer is changed by the time.

Today, People love to do shopping via mobile rather than the desktop. As a result, the conversation and personalization is the focus of every brand.

In the recent event at econsultancy, the Ashley shares his viewpoint about conversational e-commerce.

“Conversational commerce is already happening with simple, low-complexity products, and a video is an effective  form of communication that  needs to be  integrated into each and every aspect of your existing marketing effort.”

How to find the best Digital marketing jobs in Delhi NCR?

When we start searching digital marketing jobs, job seekers often limit himself by following some job portals, however, it is completely okay. But apart from that, there are several other resources as well to find a perfect job.

There are certain criteria for the perfect job. We have listed some resources which are best rated with their highest success rate of offering best jobs in the DIgital industry. So let’s start exploring –

1. Linkedin-

linkedin-jobs-digital-marketingA network of professional, LinkedIn is the most used social networking site by professional.  If you are not using this, you have to start now. You have to just create a profile there, then optimize your profile with your work experience and grow your network.

Today almost 60% hiring of high paying jobs are done via LinkedIn.Growing your networking other professionals in your industry will help you directly to excel in a digital marketing career. Use LinkedIn to search your next digital marketing job. Harness the power of your network and get hired in Top Digital marketing company.

You can CLICK HERE to visit the LinkedIn job search page for Digital Marketers.

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One more benefit of using Linkedin jobs is, you get the insights about the employees who are currently working. There are some chances that you can feel better in an interview.

2. Naukri :

digital-marketing-naukri-jobsWhen it comes to employment and job search in India, the first name comes to the mind is, A leading job search platform, which has thousands of active jobs from all over the country.

Although I am confident that you have an active Naukri account, in case you don’t have one, you can create your Naukri account by CLICKING HERE.

3. Timesjobs –

digital-marketing-timesjobsIt is a leading job search platform of India after Naukri and Monster. It was operated by the Times group. Timesjobs is the best place to get the updates of the latest job posting. You can search jobs as per your skill set, industry, and location. the jobs here are posted by companies and consultant. You can create your timesjob profile, post your resume and apply for a digital marketing job.

Apart from applying keep a regular check on your profile and update it. It will increase your chances to get connected with recruiters. The regular updating will also help you to get a call from a recruiter when there are actively looking for candidates.

Visit –

4. IIMjobs –

digital-marketing-jobsiimIf you are from MBA graduate, manager, business developer or from a retail background. IImjobs is the perfect place to get a high paying job in Digital Marketing and other areas. It was founded by Mr. Tarun Mehta in 2008.

It is the best platform to connect with recruiters. The working is same as other job portals. You have to create an account then optimize your profiles with the skills and experience, after that start applying for the jobs in your domain.

It was first started for the recruitment of senior level management jobs, but now it is open for every candidate who is looking for a job in Banking & Finance, Consulting, Research & Analytics, Sales & Marketing, HR, IT industry.

Visit – iimjobs

5. Indeed –

An American employment related search portal, uses artificial intelligence to help job seekers to find the best-fit job for him.

Today, most jobs are online, and finding a job is like finding a needle in a haystack. As a digital marketer, you have to start to find the best opportunity. These 5 resources to find the best digital marketing jobs in Delhi, India or any other part of the country will help you a lot.

Did you find this post helpful? do comment below share on other social platforms.


Top 10 Tips to Become a Successful Content Writer

Most of the people think that they can write and have potential to become a  content writer. I admit there is nothing impossible, everyone has an immense power to adopt the art.

However, in order to become a successful writer, you need to produce something concert that appeals.

What does mean of a writer? It’s simple to understand, the writing is a story, an article, a journal, a novel, or a poem.

Until you enjoy your hobbies they look simple but when those turn into professional life then you need to be expert.

If you also have the quest to learn new things every day and want to write your thoughts, ideas, and imagination then this article is so necessary for you.

A Content Writing Course Is Essential –

Digital marketing offers a best short-term course in Content Marketing; this course helps to make you expert in this enriching field.

By enrolling in this course you will come to know about all the basic information and advantageous tactics.

You can find so many Institutes who offer this course, if you want to join this course with a legitimate institute in the nominal fee then we recommend you to get enroll with an Institute that is Ranked No-1 institute in Digital Marketing.

Although you will be guided about all the aspects of content marketing, however, you can adopt some tips which you can apply to polish to your skills:

1. Write every day-

It’s said that whatever you do every day it gets turned into your habit. The same thing applies to writing as well. If you write every day your mind starts working as a writer.

Try to write something every day, you can start with few words every single day and you’ll be surprised by the results.

2. Read like a writer-

This is a fact, if you don’t read enough, you aren’t able to write. The more you research and read the more you can write.

Find good writers list and start reading their books, try to analyze how they write.

If you want to write stories then fiction does what you want to put in the story. Start writing with a topic and frame that with the interesting fact.

3. Watch TV like writer-

Being a writer, you make your lifestyle up to the hilt. It can be possible; you need to be watching television.

There are so many things happen on television every day that can give you an idea of your writing. It’s the similar as with reading; here you also need to watch like a writer.

If you want to become a writer you have to assume things as a writer. Try to understand deeply whatever you watch and get some ideas with the logic.

4. Watch movies like a writer-

Again you have to apply the same thing to your routine, watch movies with the aim of learning. Don’t watch movies just for fun; watch them for the ideas and buyer persona.

When I started my career in the content writing, I applied the same method and got lots of success.

Have you ever analyzed? You can tell the whole story once you watch a three hours movie. It happens because you watch the movies with the attention so watch a movie with the consideration and attention.

Pay attention to the structure of a movie, how its paced, which parts work for you and which don’t.

5. Set up your space-

Once you get some ideas about writing then find a place where you could up your ideas. It helps to build ideas from your brain instantly.

Don’t write at the place you do not comfortable with, find a corner, your corridor, guest room, and so on. The comfort zone will help to construct good sentences with the structure.

6. Find your Niche-

This is very important to make your presence on the web. Identify your niche and start writing the same. Find a niche that is the trend so that you could attract more and more audiences.

7. Write for one reader-

Don’t be afraid what people will say about your work, pick one person and write with the same buyer persona. When you complete the story or poem it means you’ve done your job.

Every day is a part of learning, you will learn with your every story. Every next story will give you ample ideas which you can use in the next one.

8. Set boundaries with your friends and family-

When you decide to become a writer it means this is important for you. It’s your work or passion, set your writing schedule and then protect it like you’d protect any other work schedule.

9. Write like it’s your passion, not a job-

Whenever you go to write anything your mind should be free and so that you could get more and more fresh ideas.

If you take it as your job or burden then you will not be able to write anything in these sorts of circumstances.

If you take it as your passion or responsibility then you will enjoy your work will produce quality work.

It can take time but the more you write you will see other people will respect your work.

10. Never give up-

Life is all about learning from mistakes if you make any errors just learn and do implement so that they turn into your strength.

When you read about extraordinary writers you will find that there are very few writers who were successful from the start.

Just keep their rejections in your mind whenever you feel giving up. Think how many times they got a list of how many rejections the best authors had.

Read it every time they faced negation in their life but they never gave up. Keep going ahead and learn as much as you can!


Writing is an art that can change your way of living, after reading this article I hope now you have a good knowledge and understanding of how you can start a career in content writing.

If you’re a beginner you can join any Digital Marketing Institute for the short-term course, by enrolling the course you will be able to grab necessary skills promptly.

However, if you still have any question you can contact us, rest be assured that we will do everything possible to fulfill your dreams


Google Adsense Course: Learn How to start Earn money online

Do you want to earn money online?

Do you spend so much time on the Internet?  If your answer is yes, this will change your life from here!

It can be seen how people have shown interest working online. This is the hub where you can earn by learning. Today, I’ll describe how you can earn online without spending much money. If you spend your time on internet and quest to learn new things then you must have read about AdSense.

However, if you don’t know about Google AdSense I’ll explain in this article and also I will share some ideas how you can work part-time & start earning money via AdSense.

By reading this article you will know all the required information along with things you need to do to start earning as soon as possible on the Internet.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a free service offered by Google for publishers to make money by their web content.

Now you must be thinking how this publisher is, it can be anyone with a blog, website, and YouTube channel. Google AdSense is a most popular way to earn money online and this is what you can do also without making extra efforts.

Why is AdSense popular making money online program?

AdSense Income-

You can find so many users who are making thousands of dollars every day with AdSense. You no need to wander here and there to earn money. It simply needs a laptop and an internet connection.

Creating your web property for getting a Google AdSense account-

This is the first step to apply for AdSense account. You need to have a web-account for instance: a blog, website or anything that is authorized by Google.

You can make money as much you want but it takes time to get settled to embark your level of understanding, you can start for free or put a little money if you know well how things work on the Internet.

Create a free blog on BlogSpot-

Create free Blog on BlogSpot, is a free blogging platform which offers by Google. On BlogSpot, you can create a blog in your own words.

Everybody likes to read news online, you can get your niche and start blogging.

Here I’m going to mention few important things that you should keep in mind:

Domain name-

BlogSpot offers a domain name such as There is a saying that uses a name that is easy to remember, type & pronounce.


Niche plays an integral part in blogging; you can start posting articles on a particular topic such as in finance, technology, fashion food or anything.

Word limit also is a key; make sure every post should be more than 400+ words with images.

Writing an article on BlogSpot or all other modern platform is quite easy.


When you are setting up your first blog on BlogSpot, you will find so many free templates that help to design your dashboard.

You can use a free template to make your BlogSpot blog look more professional and easy to convey to your target audiences.


Pages have an important role in order to deliver a message; it’s useful to build a page such as about, contact & blogs etc. make sure you put all the information from the day one.

By putting about page will help to get more people, this is the way people will know about your product/service.

If I talk about the hosting & domain name, it can be challenging at first. So it is better to get familiar first and understand all the functions how they work then you can go ahead.

Create a YouTube channel & upload original videos-

Everybody is not sharp in the writing, many users love to create & record the videos as most of the people like to watch videos to know about current affairs.

You just need to create an account on YouTube then create a channel which is free of cost. Afterwards, start uploading the videos that you have created. This is a great metric to make online money and get a good presence.

After reading this article, I hope now you know the fundamentals of Google AdSense and how it works, now you also have a good knowledge how you can make money online without any hassle.

However, if you have any concern kindly drop your question in the comment box.  


Top 5 online Digital Marketing Courses to Learn Digital Marketing

Online Digital Marketing courses to kick start your Career

If you are in Online Marketing industry then you realized the importance of Digital Marketing. The skills you get in offline or Online Digital Marketing course can be applied to any type of Business.

Whether it is about selling a product, offering services or generating the demand of a product, Digital Marketing helps you to meet your objective. Today there is no Job where you don’t need the Digital Marketing Skills.  

If you are on this page, then I am sure that you are looking for the resource where you can learn Digital Marketing online. Congratulation, you are on the right page. In this post, I am sharing Top 5 resources where you can join online Digital Marketing course.

So let’s check out the top 5 resources to learn Digital Marketing online and to get certification in Digital Marketing –

1. Udemy –

Udemy is a leading platform for online learning, where experts from different industry share his expertise in a form of courses. Udemy offers tools where professional create a course and promote it so that it can be found by the learners.

There are various online digital marketing certification courses, which you can take. Before taking the course, keep the following things in mind so that you take the best course for you-  

  1. Check out the course content and module details
  2. See the reviews and rating of the course.
  3. See how many learners are currently taking the course
  4. Do not forget to see the preview of the course.
  5. If you need any assistance then reach out to the author.

Visit –

2. Coursera –

This is the best place to take world’s best courses online. If you want to learn digital marketing from the top universities (University of Illinois, Pennsylvania, IE business school, California etc.) then coursera for you. The course here, are focused on latest Digital Marketing techniques.

I recently go through with the Digital marketing course program (Marketing in Digital World ) which was offered by University of Illinois and made the below conclusion –

  1. This is a 4-week study course which includes 6-8 hours of weekly learning.
  2. This course is available in English, Chinese, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Turkish and Spanish.
  3. Currently, There are 150,000 learners are taking this course.

This course covers digital tools, which are used in today digital marketing landscapes. Apart from the tools this course is focused on product promotion, distribution of products, and setting the prices of the products.

Visit –

3. Alison’s online digital marketing Certificate Course –

Alison is a leading online learning platform, which was founded in early 2007. If you want to get an understanding of how digital marketing works then this is the best option for you. You can see more than 10 courses on digital marketing. If you want to specialize in just one domain like search engine optimization, Google analytics, or any other then you can take the separate course as well.

Their basic course covers the promotion via online marketing, and how digital marketing is different from traditional marketing. There are following courses are available in Alison –

  1. Inbound strategy and sales software by Hubspot
  2. Advertising your business online
  3. Understanding data analysis and reports in Google Analytics.
  4. Preparing for the Google Analytics individual qualification test
  5. Google Analytics
  6. Google Adsense.
  7. Fundamental to marketing your business online.

The best part of Alison’s online marketing courses are, they are FREE, and its a best opportunity to get understanding the anatomy of Digital world.

Who can do this course?

This course is best suited for business professionals, data analysts, sales professionals, entrepreneurs and anyone who want to make a career in Digital Marketing.

Visit –

4. Simplilearn –

If you love learning online, then you must hear about Simplilearn. It offers 14 basic digital marketing course, 8 advanced courses along with much other knowledge improving courses. Although the fees are little high to get an expert hand this one will be your resource. Some of their top selling courses are listed below –

  1. Digital Marketing Certified Associate
  2. Advanced Web Analytics
  3. Pay Per Click (PPC)
  4. Advanced Website Conversion Rate Optimization
  5. Content Marketing

Although before taking an online course, we have some misconception about the learning the courses at simplilearn are tested with many success stories.

Visit –

5.Google –

A tech giant which has approx 85% of total market share. Google has launched its own online digital marketing course. The objective of this course is to make people aware of Digital Marketing.

This is the finest to get understanding of Digital Marketing and kick start your career in digital landscapes. Once you complete any of the course, you get certification, which is best to showcase your skills on curriculum vitae and LinkedIn profile as well.

Why join this course?

  1. It is Free and best to get basic digital marketing knowledge
  2. You get a certification which is also Free.
  3. Learn about digital tools which will make your marketing better
  4. These courses are best to improve the interview skills.
  5. The flexibility of learning from anywhere.

Visit –

You can take these course to build your online marketing skills in SEO, social media, pay per click, google adsense, digital strategy and more. These 5 resources are best if you are looking for a career in digital marketing or want to strengthen your skills.

I hope you find this blog post helpful. If you have any suggestion then feel free to share with me in below comment box.


SEO Feeelancer and SEO consulting services in Delhi, India

SEO Freelancer

If you have a business and have a website, online store or blog, then you must be familiar with this term SEO, SEO freelancer, or SEO Expert.

SEO aka /search engine optimization is must have thing for business growth and to meet the business objective. It is also necessary because it increases the trust level and makes your Authoritative in your Niche.

Apart from providing results, A Freelancer SEO can handle the following SEO services

  • Keyword research for your Website
  • Google Webmaster Tools analysis
  • Link profile analysis
  • Link removal and disavowal
  • Link Building and monitoring
  • Competitor research and brand monitoring
  • Technical SEO and auditing
  • organic search strategies and execution
  • Local SEO strategies and execution

Top 10 Questions to ask before Hiring an SEO Freelancer –

Outsourcing the SEO campaign is a cost-saving idea, but finding the best SEO is more important than that. Below I am sharing top 10 questions which you must ask before hiring an SEO consultant.

1 – Can you share your past and present SEO clients?

A Job of Freelance SEO consultant is to rank your keywords at the top of the search engine results. So it becomes essential to know about the past SEO projects, He should be open to sharing a list of his projects. These projects help to find out the effectiveness of SEO expert.

This question is also important because you can assess the impact of SEO consultation on the previous client’s website and also the conversion which they get from their efforts.

 2 – What will the process of improving our Website’s Search engine ranking?

Although any SEO Freelancer or SEO consultant will not discuss his own methods of SEO, they can explain the strategy to ramp up the SEO outcomes.

To make sure he/she is best fit for you. Make sure they give you some insights about Technical SEO, broken links, error pages. Having a site search engine friendly is the primary step of search engine optimization. Also ask the SEO consultant how they utilize the off page SEO activities like blogs, articles and Press release and other social media sites.

3. Do you follow the search engine webmaster Guidelines?

This question is the most important for you as a Business owner and it leads to your long-term success. There are several SEO activities which are prohibited by the major search engines including Google and Bing. The spammy content, doorway pages, cloaking and hidden links. A search engine can penalize you and even ban your website from Search engine.

Take the consultant view on this topic too, so that you can prevent your website for a penalty.

4. is it possible then our website will rank on 1st position for all our keywords?

Yes, it is possible but there is no Guarantee. If an SEO expert or SEO Freelancer gives guarantee for number one ranking then considers it as a RED flag.

The search engine controls the results with over 200 factors. There is no shortcut to SEO. It is a strategic execution of link building campaign which gives a result.

5. How much experience you have in LOCAL SEO?

If you are a business serving customers in the local area, then Local SEO is the must-have optimization for you. To attract the local audience, An SEO expert must have experienced in local search engine optimization.

A submission on local directories and listing it on a major search engine is necessary to attract local customers. Listing your business with a proper name, address and phone number will help you to get new customer when they are searching for your services.

6. How can you measure the success of your SEO efforts?

This question is little tricky, the success of SEO campaign is best on the KPI’s you set. Whether you focus is on leads, ranking or traffic. Although make this question open to the Freelance SEO or SEO consultant.

A consultant must have experience of using Google analytics so that he can track the overall performance and KPI’s. Be sure to set a reporting schedule so that you can also measure the progress and find out the new growth opportunities.

7. How many hours can we expect per month for each SEO service?

The answer to this question can be varied as per the consultation but to ask this question becomes important because you find out how much efforts or work is done on your website.

8. How many backlinks can we expect per month?

Today content and backlinks are 2 major ranking factors. The more quality links you build for your website the more chances that your website will rank in search engine results.

This is also a TRICK question because today SEO is not limited to creating backlinks, it is a two-sided sword.  If the links will come from a low-quality site then it can also penalize you and even ban you from a Search engine.

9. What do you know about Google Penguin and what makes a quality backlink?

Penguin is an update which is focused on links. This question will ensure the knowledge of Freelance SEO also help you to find out the experience they have in dealing with major Google algorithms. As I mentioned in the above question that creating quality links is the key to long-term SEO success.

So make sure that the SEO consultant will satisfy you with his answer.

10. What are your fees & payment terms for Freelance SEO Consultation?

Freelance SEO helps your website to grow, so you need to know how much they charged for your SEO project. Many SEO charged an hourly rate, and some considered take it as per the visit. Although project based SEO consulting is best suited for both business and Freelance SEO.

As per the survey, most projects range between 60,000 to 4, 00,000 INR.

SEO is rapidly changing, today it is not limited to black hat and white hat, and there are many gray areas as well. It is the responsibility of SEO to take the maximum output from your website. An experienced SEO professional can do it for you.

Hope this blog post has given you some idea about the role of Freelancer SEO consultant and how they can make your website into a profitable machine.