BST 1 OCA Machine – bst 1 OCA Machine review and Price in Delhi

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BST 1 OCA machine –

If you are reading this post, then I am sure that you have some connection with Mobile repairing industry. Mobile Repairing is growing at a rapid pace and there is a lot of earning the opportunity for a mobile expert. OCA lamination machine is one of them. This can directly increase the revenue up to 10 times.

You read it right; I will explain it how BST 1 OCA glass repairing machine can help you to earn more. Before that Let me explain to you about BST 1 OCA machine.

What is BST 1 OCA machine?

Mobile screen damage is one of the common problems which a mobile face. The cost of mobile handsets starts from 5,000 to 1 lac, and screen damage can affect the whole processing of the mobile phone. So a mobile owner needs to fix it as soon as possible. The minimum charge of mobile glass repairing is something 1,500 and a user can be charged as per the cost of the mobile phone.

BST 1 is an OCA lamination machine which can fix the mobile screen at a scale and in minimum time. The cost of repairing a screen may be 200 to 500 and this is how you can earn unlimited when you have a large customer base.

 BST-1 OCA Lamination Machine Highlights –

Although there are a lot of OCA machines in the market, and it becomes very difficult to choose the best one. Let me show you some highlights of the BST 1 OCA machine so that you can consider the best one for yourself-

  1. BST 1 is an electric machine.
  2. The Lamination type is cold pressure sensitive role.
  3. The lamination film thickness is 1 mil.
  4. It has Lamination Speed Control.
  5. Lamination width can be up to 8 inches.

The BST OCA glass repairing machine comes with 1 machine, 1 base mold, main wire, and 1 I-phone mold. You can order online or visit the distributor as well. The color of BST 1 is white which gives a royal look to the machine. You can control the temperature and lamination speed. The maximum lamination speed is 8 inches and controllable with a button.

The latest version of BST machine is BST 2, you can check the complete post about BST 2, where I have listed some comparisons. 

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PROS and CONS of BST1 oca machine –


  • BST1 oca machine is portable, so it takes lesser space. If you have a small mobile repairing shop then it is best to fit.
  • It is a medium budget machine, and the Government of India also give loan to small business owners.


  • It is all in one OCA machine, so when one part goes out of order the complete machine shuts down.
  • You can’t repair this machine and you have to take it to the service center, whenever any problem arises.

BST 1 OCA Machine Price in India-

The price of BST 1 OCA Lamination machine is 1, 50,000/- as I have seen on Flip kart.  You can also buy BST machine from OLX as well.  Although I don’t know whether it is a fixed price or negotiable. 

You can contact Best Services for the price and other product queries. The warranty is not available in case of any damage.