BST 786 OCA Machine – BST 786 OCA Machine price in India

BST 786 OCA Machine

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The White BST 786 OCA mobile LCD glass OCA lamination machine, is a revolutionary product in this category, which is best for both flat and edge screens. This 4 part oca machine consists of the laminator, bubble remover, Vacuum pump, and air compressor.

BST 786 OCA – Product Specification

Weight- 78 KG
Color – WHITE
Automation Grade – Automatic
Model No – BST786

The ability to fix both flat and edge screen makes BST feasible for every mobile servicing shop owner. This all in one machine is ideal for refurbish & replacing broken mobile glasses and LCD display.

You can replace any brand’s mobile screen including iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Motorola, Vivo, Oppo etc.


1. High-Quality parts
2. Latest Technology
3. Touch screen Display
4. 2 years Warranty
5. Free training

This fully automatic OCA machine supports 2 base mold, and easy to use. A user can create 40 LCD in 1 hour, which states the productivity of BST 786 OCA glass lamination machine.

Apart from that, low electricity consumption is another positive of the machine. The free training is available with this product which means you will learn polariser film replacement, frame removing, glue removing ad replacing edge and curved broken glass.

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