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If you are in Laptop repairing and servicing business then you must aware about the BGA Machine, A machine which is used to create a interface between IC (Integrated circuit) and complete PCB (printed Circuit Board). The BGA machine is widely used laptop repairing and can dramatically increase the earning by repairing a Laptop.

When it comes to the motherboard repairing of a laptop, one needs a BGA machine to find out the issues and troubleshoot the problem.

In this post I am sharing some best BGA machine which you can buy for training purpose or to enhance the business by repairing the old laptops. The list is created with through research and with a motto to deliver the best information about BGA rework station.

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Best BGA Machine in 2019 –

I have done a lot of research in order to give the best information about BGA machine, below are some best BGA rework stations so far –

  • SP-360C BGA Rework station
  • SV530 Split vision BGA machine
  • RW-B400C BGA rework station
  • E6250U – Nitrogen gas capable
  • SV560
  • SV550 split vision BGA.
  • SV560 
  • E6250U Nitrogen gas capable SMD
  • BGA Rework Station VD5860

Lot of people tend to buy a low cost BGA machine made in India but I am advocacy the best BGA machine which is long lasting and highly productive. Whether it is about finding the BGA rework station for mobile or a Laptop a genuine product will enhance your revenue.

There are lot of BGA rework station manufacturers in India and abroad but the Free training and technical support is the key thing you have to look before buying the machine. In my opinion Best BGA rework station is something which is portable, user friendly and efficient.

You have seen many BGA rework station in amazon and other websites, they have variation but lacks the trust and customer satisfaction. So I have created that list to give you the best information about BGA rework station for laptop motherboard repairing.

I hope you got some idea about this chip level repairing machine including BGA machine price and which is the cheapest BGA rework station. apart from that we also deal in OCA Machine, mobile repairing training , Laptop Training, SMD and Microscope.

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