Microscope with HDMI camera led tv & led light

Microscope with or without HDMI camera led Tv & led light

The microscope is a true friend and companion of Mobile Repairing professional. As you have seen, there are a lot of small components are available on the mobile phone and to fix the issue, one needs a proper focus on each component. The microscope uses lenses to magnify the object so that the mobile components can be seen through the naked eyes.

With the help of a microscope whether it is mt 101, MT 102, MT 103 or 104, a mobile repairing technician can easily see the NPC, IC number and a boon for an eMMC professional who used to work on eMMC rebelling. in today’s post, I am sharing the information about different types of microscope and its specification. So without a delay, let’s dwell into the topic-

Types of Microscope –

There is a lot of variety available in the market, but let me share you some top model available in the market nowadays –

1. Mt 101 Microscope –

A rare kind of budget microscope comes with a camera, LED, 0.5X magnifier. The best part of the Mt 101 microscope is that it can be operated with both naked eyes and a camera.

2. MT 102  Microscope –

Mt 102 microscope is a low budget microscope which has no camera and no LCD. It is feasible for a small mobile repairing shop owner who has some budget constraints.

3. MT 103  Microscope –

MT 103 is also a low budget microscope, and it can’t be operated without a camera. To see the small components of the mobile phone you need to laptop or computer system.

4. MT 104 Microscope –

A high budget microscope and customers true delight, MT 104 comes with BOOM stand which makes it easy to use and its portability saves the time and effort of mobile technicians.

Many Mobile shop owner looks for the best quality microscope for these businesses. I hope this post will help you to buy a microscope for mobile repairing price in India

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