Top 5 High salary courses after 12th Science in 2019

High paying Carrer after 12th Science –

After completing 12th, students wonder here and there for professional courses. Gone are the days when students only used to think about a couple of courses. Now there are wide ranges of professional courses.

In this article, we will offer you some of the best courses, which will help students get high paying salary jobs after 12th along with others if you’re not interested in the particular field.

First of all, if we talk about Merchant jobs, undoubtedly, pay scale is better in case of Merchant Navy jobs in compared with other jobs.

Let’s go ahead and grab some knowledge of best High salary courses after 12th Science!


(a) Merchant Navy-

This is the best course for those who are willing to travel across the world. In this profession, you will explore and learn new things day to day. If you’re looking for a career that offers you accretive salary and growth then this course can put a full stop to your search for a high salary professional course after 12th science.

Job Prospects-

Merchant navy fleets consist of container ships, cargo ships, tankers, bulk carriers, a barge carrying vessels, passenger ships, refrigerators ships, roll on/roll off ships. With so many job opportunities, Merchant Navy can undoubtedly save a thousand of souls from staying jobless.

Eligibility Criteria-

Students should have completed 12th with Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry.    

(b) Digital Marketing –

In the past few years, Digital marketing has evolved at a high pace. The most favorable thing which goes with digital marketing, it offers infinite career opportunities. India’s Prime Minister also urged to use digital marketing. Now India is also turned into digital.

Now we can order anything online, we can transfer money in just a few seconds and there are a large number of things that can be done digitally. It saves time and efforts. With this revolution, now companies started using digital marketing strategies.

Through Digital marketing you can build an enriching career by working as a full-time, part-time and freelancer. Whether you’re a Student, Jobseeker, Working professional or Housewife you can join the online digital marketing course.


Job Prospects-

There is a wide range of websites that are being launched every day. Every company wants to get a good rank in the SERP so that they could drag attention. To get a good online presence now companies organize ample budget for digital strategy.

If you join a digital marketing course, you will be highly demanded professional as every company needs digital forms to take their business at the next level.

In digital marketing course, you will be trained with several course modules like SEO, PPC, Email marketing, SMO, Mobile marketing, Inbound marketing, Blogging, Website design, and planning.


This course has become a brand but if you have completed 10th or 10+2 then you can join this booming course.

(c) Journalism & Mass Communication

If you have a quest to take your career with glamour fraction then this course can fulfill your dream. So many students dream to work with television. This course will polish your skills and build you a crafted professional. You must have felt that you can be a successful filmmaker while watching a movie or making of any mobile isn’t it?

Job Prospects-

Undoubtedly, journalism and mass communication can shape your career with excellence.  If you want to become a filmmaker or actor, it might take some time to revert you back with a potent platform.

You also might be interested in journalism, there must be so many journalists from electronic and print who impress you most and you also want to become like them.  To become a successful journalist, keep up your dedication and a piece of knowledge.

These days communication plays a vital role in any sector; this course will also enhance your way of talking, nodding, gesture, and postures. You can work as a guide, cameraman, photographer, editor, designer, production manager, sound engineer, TV correspondent, Radio Jockey etc.


Undergraduate courses:

  • Mostly undergraduate courses only required the successful completion of Class 10+2 from any board.


Post Graduate courses:

  • A candidate should be below 30 years of age for a postgraduate course and also completion of a Bachelors degree in any stream. If you have some work experience media related work, this can be your plus point.

(d) B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) 

If we talk about India, Bachelor of Technology degree consider as a professional engineering degree after completion of 4 years of academic study in the engineering field.

The Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) is a 4-year full-time undergraduate course that leads to an engineering degree. This course is also in trend as so many students want to become a successful engineer. Several colleges/Universities of India offers B.Tech program in various disciplines.


Job Prospects

Once you complete B.Tech degree you can work in IT companies. The graduates are usually recruited as Software Programmer, System Analyst, Technical Operator, etc. You can work as Project Linked Personal in firms.

As a fresher, you can start earning between Rs. 16000-20000/-, it also depends on the professional experience of the candidate.

Some companies keep employees on a probation period. After completing the probation period, employees are appointed to permanent roles and are offered with salary packages up to Rs. 50500/- per month.

There are so many ways to work like full-time, part-time, and as a freelancer. Trainee positions in these firms offer a salary up to Rs. 12,000/- per month. Other than this one can find job openings with public sector firms like BSNL, Coal India Limited, CDIT, C-DAC, etc.



Bachelor of Technology is an undergraduate level professional engineering programme. Students should have completed 10+2 from science stream for B.Tech programme. Students who have taken PCM group or the Physics Chemistry and Mathematics as compulsory subjects are preferred for the programme.

After reading this article, now you must be confused that which course should be picked up. Undoubtedly, all the recommended courses are job and business oriented and they can take your career at a high level.

If you want to know more about high salary professional courses after 12th science, you can get in touch with our industry expert at no cost.

Top 5 Courses After 12th Science Other Than Engineering

Looking for a course that accelerates your career at the high speed? If yes, then this post is being written for you. After reading this piece of content, you will be able to take a decision about your career.

When it comes to a career we always step up that sounds so well and give us umbrella shape career opportunities. After studying so much about professional courses I found Digital marketing ahead. If we look back we find how we used to use t7raditional marketing but gone are the days because now life is running with fast-pace.

To get good results we can’t wait for a long time, now this is a time when people like watching a 20-20 cricket match in comrade to ODI’s or Test match.

Top Courses After 12th Science Other Than Engineering

An Overview of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an online medium that uses for promoting service/ product through online channels. Every company needs digital skills in large numbers and keep much budget for digital marketers.

Digital marketing is like a tree which has several branches, let’s know some lucrative courses you may get interested:

1. SEO Course –

Brief intro-

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is an organic medium to increases visibility of any website in search engine. These days SEO experts required in large numbers in maximum companies.

Eligibility- Students who passed 10th & 12th they can easily apply for this course.

Job Opportunities –

SEO has potent career opportunities, here are few mentioned below:

  • SEO Trainee
  • SEO Executive
  • SEO Executive
  • SEO Analyst
  • Link Building Expert
  • SEO Consultant
  • SEO Project Manager

Business Opportunities –

The SEO is becoming popular day to day. If you have ample knowledge of SEO you can start your own business. You can start an SEO agency and expand that the more you can clients.

Future Scope –

Everyday websites being created, to get high-rank people high SEO expert. The demand for SEO specialist is increasing day by day.

PPC course –

Brief intro-

PPC stands for pay-per-click in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. This is a paid way to get visits to your own website.

Eligibility –

There is no any special requirement for the PPC course. The minimum qualification is required. If you’re have successfully complemented your 12th slandered then you can join.

Job Opportunities –

These days paid campaigns are in high demand in companies. It gives best ROI and is effective ways to bring converting traffic to a site. A certified PPC expert has wide job opportunities.

Business Opportunities –

PPC has various benefits if you want to start your own for businesses. You can work from home by working for several clients, the more you get projects you can enlarge your team.

Future scope –

PPC has a golden future, the time has gone when we used to use traditional marketing now we want instant results. The Paid advertising is growing and expanding every day.

3. Digital Marketing Course –

Brief Intro-

This course is best if you want to get expertise in Digital marketing and become an expert. This course provides complete knowledge of Digital marketing.  In this training program, you will learn how to promote business on Google and other search engines.

Eligibility –

Although, there are no eligibility criteria for this course you can join this course if area sales and marketing professional, Students, Entrepreneur,  IT professional.

Job Opportunities –

After completing the course you will have broad opportunities you can get hired in Marketing campaign executive, Internet marketing consultant, SEO specialist, Web marketing analytic etc.

Business Opportunities –

You can create a website and make a showcase of your service for instance-SEO, PPC, Content marketing, Email marketing, Social media marketing. Once you get online p6resence you can run your agency at the high level.

Future scope –

As we are becoming digital day by day, the digital world is going to touch the sky. The stats are an example of how digital marketing is becoming a necessity for every business.

4. Web Designing Course –

Brief Intro-

The Web designers handle the work of graphical and technical of any website. A web designer work with the clients to make their website’s layout; develop, test and integrate web applications into the website. A web designing course helps you to get the deep insights of creating a website.

Eligibility –

If you have a quest to learn web designing and understand  English then you can join this course.

Job Opportunities –

Here is a list of jobs opportunities in web design field that can be as follows:

  • Front-end developer
  • UI Developer
  • Web Development
  • Angular Developer
  • ReactJS Developer
  • JavaScript Developer

Business Opportunities –

Web designing is booming nowadays, you can open an educational institute, an agency or work as a freelancer.

Future scope –

The web designing has become an integral part of the IT industry. The more websites are being launched the more web designers are required.

5. Video Editing Course –

Brief intro-

The video editing is a process of visual content that is in high demand. Editing is considered after shooting by a camera. After completing this course, you can be benefited with various opportunities.

Eligibility –

There is not any specific eligibility required but if you have completed 10th or 12th then it would be better to understand things and learn quickly.

Job Opportunities –

If you’re a video editor, you can make a very nice living by working full-time, part-time or as a freelancer.

Business Opportunities –

Video editing field has wide career opportunities.  It’s perfectly possible to make good money being an editor. You can start your own company, start teaching or work for clients.

Future scope –

As every company is using visual content, video editing has a great landscape for the aspirants who are willing to build a career in the video editing field.


What Is T-Shaped Marketers and How It Influences Professional Life?

What is a T-Shaped marketer?

There are two types of marketers one is simple who has one skill and don’t show any interest in other and second is T-shaped marketers, who are expert in one or two terms but have knowledge about other areas as well.

The T-shaped marketers understand a little bit about the other areas of marketing by being an expert in one or two areas too. As I have seen in my last 6 years of Digital Marketing career, Industry needs multitaskers. A digital marketing professional having good command in or more digital marketing areas are always in demand.

How It influences Career?

1. Find your work integration –

The T-shaped marketers offer a vision and knowledge to the organization. They understand a large number of different digital channels that help to integrate into their work.  It helps companies to make the right decisions.

2. Technical/Marketing –

If any person is working in an organization as a manager and he is expert in the SMO or Content writing but has other technical skills as then it helps to finish any technical work without wasting time. It also fulfills both technical and marketing objectives.

3. Extend knowledge –

The T-Shaped marketer is the expansion of knowledge in the various areas. It brings ample information about creativity and gives more freedom to work.

T-Shaped Marketers Always In-Demand

T-shaped marketer always gets ahead from others. When any organization get down and don’t get the good revenue they always fire people who have a single ability.

In this situation, they look for candidates who have are expert in one term and have knowledge of other areas as well. T-shaped marketers are always getting in-demand as they are the possible candidates who can take organization up to the hilt.

Why Should You Be T-Shaped marketers?

T-shaped marketers are someone who has the ability to have broad knowledge. T is a vital foundation of skills, where multiple tasks can be done within short-period.

When we work with any company at the end of the day we need to show our daily work, if you’re not a T-shaped marketer then you work can be influenced. Hiring one subject matter expert can prohibit from a great execution but hiring candidates who are multi-talented can complete work within deadline.

What are the benefits of having a team of T-shaped marketers?

If you’re a new start-up or running an organization for a long time, building a team needs people who can handle other tasks along with their specialization area.

If a team has 5 people in a digital marketing company and everybody has their own role, what happens if anyone goes for long leave? Simple, in this situation, there needs a T-shaped marketer who can handle other tasks as well. This kind of marketers always keep in high demand and get a good hike as well.

Recommended for you – 

Final Words-

So, after reading this blog post now you must have an idea about T-shaped marketer. This is simple to understand that by developing a wide range of marketing skills calls T-Shaped Marketing. T-Shaped marketers are who have extensive knowledge covering a wide range of digital tactics with in-depth knowledge in 1 or maybe 2 specific areas.


Top 10 Tips to Become a Successful Content Writer

Most of the people think that they can write and have potential to become a  content writer. I admit there is nothing impossible, everyone has an immense power to adopt the art.

However, in order to become a successful writer, you need to produce something concert that appeals.

What does mean of a writer? It’s simple to understand, the writing is a story, an article, a journal, a novel, or a poem.

Until you enjoy your hobbies they look simple but when those turn into professional life then you need to be expert.

If you also have the quest to learn new things every day and want to write your thoughts, ideas, and imagination then this article is so necessary for you.

A Content Writing Course Is Essential –

Digital marketing offers a best short-term course in Content Marketing; this course helps to make you expert in this enriching field.

By enrolling in this course you will come to know about all the basic information and advantageous tactics.

You can find so many Institutes who offer this course, if you want to join this course with a legitimate institute in the nominal fee then we recommend you to get enroll with an Institute that is Ranked No-1 institute in Digital Marketing.

Although you will be guided about all the aspects of content marketing, however, you can adopt some tips which you can apply to polish to your skills:

1. Write every day-

It’s said that whatever you do every day it gets turned into your habit. The same thing applies to writing as well. If you write every day your mind starts working as a writer.

Try to write something every day, you can start with few words every single day and you’ll be surprised by the results.

2. Read like a writer-

This is a fact, if you don’t read enough, you aren’t able to write. The more you research and read the more you can write.

Find good writers list and start reading their books, try to analyze how they write.

If you want to write stories then fiction does what you want to put in the story. Start writing with a topic and frame that with the interesting fact.

3. Watch TV like writer-

Being a writer, you make your lifestyle up to the hilt. It can be possible; you need to be watching television.

There are so many things happen on television every day that can give you an idea of your writing. It’s the similar as with reading; here you also need to watch like a writer.

If you want to become a writer you have to assume things as a writer. Try to understand deeply whatever you watch and get some ideas with the logic.

4. Watch movies like a writer-

Again you have to apply the same thing to your routine, watch movies with the aim of learning. Don’t watch movies just for fun; watch them for the ideas and buyer persona.

When I started my career in the content writing, I applied the same method and got lots of success.

Have you ever analyzed? You can tell the whole story once you watch a three hours movie. It happens because you watch the movies with the attention so watch a movie with the consideration and attention.

Pay attention to the structure of a movie, how its paced, which parts work for you and which don’t.

5. Set up your space-

Once you get some ideas about writing then find a place where you could up your ideas. It helps to build ideas from your brain instantly.

Don’t write at the place you do not comfortable with, find a corner, your corridor, guest room, and so on. The comfort zone will help to construct good sentences with the structure.

6. Find your Niche-

This is very important to make your presence on the web. Identify your niche and start writing the same. Find a niche that is the trend so that you could attract more and more audiences.

7. Write for one reader-

Don’t be afraid what people will say about your work, pick one person and write with the same buyer persona. When you complete the story or poem it means you’ve done your job.

Every day is a part of learning, you will learn with your every story. Every next story will give you ample ideas which you can use in the next one.

8. Set boundaries with your friends and family-

When you decide to become a writer it means this is important for you. It’s your work or passion, set your writing schedule and then protect it like you’d protect any other work schedule.

9. Write like it’s your passion, not a job-

Whenever you go to write anything your mind should be free and so that you could get more and more fresh ideas.

If you take it as your job or burden then you will not be able to write anything in these sorts of circumstances.

If you take it as your passion or responsibility then you will enjoy your work will produce quality work.

It can take time but the more you write you will see other people will respect your work.

10. Never give up-

Life is all about learning from mistakes if you make any errors just learn and do implement so that they turn into your strength.

When you read about extraordinary writers you will find that there are very few writers who were successful from the start.

Just keep their rejections in your mind whenever you feel giving up. Think how many times they got a list of how many rejections the best authors had.

Read it every time they faced negation in their life but they never gave up. Keep going ahead and learn as much as you can!


Writing is an art that can change your way of living, after reading this article I hope now you have a good knowledge and understanding of how you can start a career in content writing.

If you’re a beginner you can join any Digital Marketing Institute for the short-term course, by enrolling the course you will be able to grab necessary skills promptly.

However, if you still have any question you can contact us, rest be assured that we will do everything possible to fulfill your dreams


Top Courses after 12th Arts: Best Career Options for you

Worried about the career after 12th Arts?

If you just completed 12th in art stream, there is no need to be worried about the career. Today, I’m going to explain some exciting courses after 12th arts, which you can pursue.

I understand how courses are providing with the unaffordable fee. After reading this article, you will know which course is best for you.

So here we are, all set you to give you exciting and most trendy courses that are have been the first choice of this generation:

Best Courses after 12th Arts – 

(1) Aviation/Travel/Hospitality

  • Hotel Management
  • Travel & Tourism

(a) Hotel Management:

If you want to run a hotel or have a friendly personality, and want to increase your creativity in the hotel management, this course is for you. You can pursue this course after 12th although in art stream.

In larger hotels and smallest too, need professional hotel management experts. This course has been the buzz among youth especially after 12th.

Gone are the days, when people used to relate hotel management course just serving foods. Now there are many job positions you can get the experience. This course has huge possibilities to go out of India.

You can go for a certificate, diploma or degree course. Certificate courses are for six months to one-year duration, a diploma of two years and a degree course of three-year duration.

Roles and Responsibilities – 

  • Planning and organizing accommodation, catering and other hotel services
  • promoting and marketing the business
  • Maintaining statistical and financial records
  • Analyzing sales figures and devising marketing and revenue management strategies

Duration: 3 Years

Salary:     20K-70K

(b) Travel & Tourism:

Now you can see how the Travel and Tourism sector is growing rapidly in India. There are many advertisements and efforts have been putting by The Government of India which is giving much importance to the tourism sector.

This is an interesting course for those who love touring and want to explore more. The way this sector is increasing day-to-day, there is many job openings are giving change to create a good career.

Roles and Responsibilities – 

  • Promoting and marketing the business
  • Dealing with customer queries and complaints
  • Providing advice about visas or passports
  • Recruiting, training and supervising staff
  • Managing budgets

Duration: 3 Years

Salary:     10K-55K

(2) Media/Film/Journalism –

  • Journalism & Mass Communication

(a) Journalism & Mass Communication:

In simple words, journalism and mass communication course are most creative and attractive. In daily life, we start our day watching the news and reading newspapers. We spend our most of the time with the internet and other social networks that cover mass communication course.

If we are fully dependent on an information medium, you can think about how you can make your career. There are many job opportunities with Radio, TV, Print media, Filmmaking etc.

This course has endless job opportunities, after completing this course you can either in a film production house, news channel, content writing, and much more exciting platform that will make your career secure.


  • Journalist
  • Editor
  • Photographer
  • Sound Engineer
  • Technical writer/writer
  • Producer/Associate Producer
  • Anchor
  • Cameraman

Responsibilities – 

  • Manage internal communications like memos, newsletters etc.
  • Create content e.g. press releases for mass media or company website
  • Organize initiatives and plan events or press conferences
  • Collaborate with marketing professionals to produce copy for advertisements or articles

Duration: 3 Years

Salary:      15K-60K

Technical Courses after 12th Arts –

(a) Digital Marketing –

  • SEO Expert
  • Web Developer
  • Social Media Marketing

(b) SEO Expert:

If you have just completed your 12th in art stream, this course suite you so well as the world have been digitalizing. The aim to tell you about this course is shape your professional career with the most exciting division.

SEO stands for Search Engine Expert, with the help of SEO companies get visible to driven data.

More and more companies are using this tool to make the presence in the search result. To accomplish this way they need SEO expert in huge numbers.

  • SEO experts are high on demand
  • 08 lacs SEO experts are required
  • Affordable courses
  • Earn endless by doing freelancing

Responsibilities – 

  • SEO experts are familiar with two levels of optimization – on-page optimization and Off-page optimization.
  • An SEO expert is responsible for analyzing client’s goal and designing a marketing plan that works best for the company.
  • SEO experts need to work within the budget allotted by the client for a marketing campaign.

 Duration: 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year

 Salary:     15K-50K

(c) Web Developer:

 Web Developer plays a vital role in any company. Now marketers have been keen to beat their competitors. In this digital life, this is not easy without online.

To make an impression in the market, web developer put efforts through the site. If you like to spend your time on the internet and want to do something lucrative in a challenging field, this is the best course after 12th which will suit you well.

A web developer works to give a shape according to visitor’s experience into the website. They create page layouts, headings, paragraphs, the website styling, colours, fonts, page features, animations, and pictures.

  • Low Cost and Short Term Course
  • High Demanded
  • Most Appealing
  • Informative
  • Long-Term Future

Responsibilities –

  • Update existing applications on the company’s website policies
  • Monitor all ongoing performances on the company’s website
  • Update the application policies to ensure meet the latest technical requirements on the website.
  • Edit and upload new offers and services through text, images, and videos.

Duration: 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year

Salary: 20K-60K

(d) Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing has been an exciting buzz in the market as every company generates leads and communicates through Social Media.

In this era, we all are well familiar with the social network. If I talk about internet users, more than 60% of people spend they’re more than half-time on social media not only for entertainment also for business purpose.

After completing 12th in art, you can go for the Social Media Marketing course as it has a huge demand in the market.

This course is also exciting and gives a wide range of jobs opportunities with affordable fee. You can use your art skills to make more creative social media. Social media marketing course is so important for every company, it means the demand will never end up in this sector.

Responsibilities – 

  • Social media marketing experts are responsible to create marketing and social media campaigns and strategies, including planning, content ideation, and new strategies what tools need to use in order to get a good business.
  • Promote services or products through social media marketing advertising
  • Use tactics to grow and expands company through content, and videos
  • Increases lead to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram

Duration: 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year

Salary:     10k-50K

I hope after reading this article, you have a specific plan to choose for further study. These above courses are in high demand and most exciting indeed that has been the first choice for the students after 12th in art stream.

In short, the Arts stream has multiple job opportunities. These courses will open doors to give you multitude of job opportunities! After 12th Arts stream, you may pursue any of the above professional courses and build a rewarding career after Graduation!


How can You Boost Your Career with Digital Marketing Course

Are you struggling with your career?

Do you want to make your career safe and stable?

Well, if yes then you can boost your career with digital marketing course in Delhi. Digital or internet marketing job market is all set to widen in the coming years. Companies are working on bigger budgets, creative online strategies, and career choices related to online branding and promotion. This means that industry will offer benefits without any hindrances and they are good and promising.

After 12th Enter into Digital Marketing Profession:

To become a certified digital marketer you can join any online institute after 12th and learn the advanced techniques. However, here and does not imply for the low-profile institute. Your institute has to be certified, reputed and experienced one!

To boost your career digital marketing industry has many profiles but first, you will reap the advantage of becoming an in-demand professional.

• Become a Professional with Digital Skills:

Yes, the industry will be having around 150, 000 digital jobs by 2020 and less number of professionals to full fill the gap. Hence, those studying the modern concepts of online marketing can easily establish themselves as a pivotal leader managing own department of PPC, online branding, Social Media Marketing, etc. One skill can be mix-matched with another giving a boost career with digital marketing course.

• PPC Advertising – Bigger with Better Opportunities:

Online advertisements are at the heart of online promotion. Every year, thousands of successful SEO campaigns are launched based on PPC was known as Pay-Per-Click and CPM that is Cost-Per-Impression.

The PPC advertising experts manage leads, conversions, clicks, media buying, networks ads, search, display, and contextual campaigns.

• Learn Social Media Optimization and Marketing:

One thing that is common with the internet is social media optimization and marketing. Social connectivity has reached to the millions of people who share a variety of content. Social Media is a great way of promotion and many companies use this while running PPC ads.

So, if someone learns lead generation through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., then he can easily get a boost to his career. Digital marketing course has a separate segment on social media that helps students to know how social media actually works.

• Do Digital Marketing as a Freelancer:

You will find many engineers, doctors, and other professionals making use of their digital marketing skills in freelance projects. The best feature of this industry is absolute flexibility and multiple opportunities available for freelance work. Be it a writer, a web designer or an SEO expert, all can easily get the money through freelance sites.

Digital marketing course is practical and has an endless scope of work related to the online world. Hence, when it comes to making a career in digital marketing, this area has given many people a stable life with a great income.

Career in Digital Marketing

Make A Successful Career in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has been expanding a lot in the recent years, past 5 years have been booming in this industry. Initially, no one knows that you can make good money through digital marketing.

In this article, you’re going to read –

how can you make a successful career in Digital Marketing?

Now you must be wondering about how digital marketing can make your good career? You just need to see how the whole world is being dependent on digital marketing if I talk about business or professional life; this marketing strategy is playing an anchor role through advertising and promoting a business with the use of digital marketing.

There are several media that can be used for the business such as the Internet, Cell Phones, Social Media Networks, and Television & Radio.

In fact, Digital marketing is becoming a diverse and fast-growing industry; the statics are going to be increased in the upcoming years. The more company using digital marketing strategies more career options are opening the doors for job seekers.

The reason behind why digital marketing is booming in India and why we have more career opportunities in this enrich field, it’s just because of the internet!

India is becoming most Internet uses country in the whole world; Digital marketing is giving infinite career opportunities. The thing has arisen such to pass now India has started working online whether it’s online banking, shopping, paying bills or so on.

India stepped up with digital marketing as India’s Prime Minister has said already about cashless life and urged for use digital media as much as possible.

Advantages of having Career in Digital Marketing  – 

Here are some advantages to how you can be benefited with this dynamic career.

  • Lucrative Endless Opportunities
  • High Demand
  • No Specific Educational Background Needs
  • Build Personal Brand
  • Kick-Start Your Own Business
  • Earning & Learning
  • Helps to Make Marketing Strategy
  • Endless Job Opportunity in Overseas.
  • Add Source of Earning
  • Be a Consultant

Now you must be thinking who can join this enriching career, further I’m going to mention:

  • Students
  • Working Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs

1. Students: 

If you’re a student and thinking a big step up, you can join this course as it will give you deep knowledge and understanding along with you can add certification in your education.

2. Working Professionals:

If you’re a Marketer you can add a deep knowledge of Digital Marketing strategy as every company needs. If you’re working, you can add the source of income by doing freelance work.

3. Entrepreneurs:

Digital Marketing has been an integral part of the marketing strategy for any company. If you’re a business owner, you have your social media accounts that need a good marketing strategy. By attaining this course you will have a great social account strategy.

In fact, Digital Marketing has been a vibrant buzz in the marketing. We have read how Digital Marketing is essential for every company and how companies have opportunities if you’re a Digital Marketing diploma holder.

Career Opportunities – 

With a recent survey, India needs more than 10 lacs digital marketing experts and this figure will increase in upcoming years.

Where other technical degree holder students are struggling to get a job other hand Digital Marketing experts are getting endless job opportunities as Digital Marketing experts are in high-demand. There are many Digital marketing companies in Banglore, Mumbai, and Delhi who are actively looking to hire a young talent.

I hope you found this article well informative and helpful, now you know well about digital marketing career making strategy.

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Importance of using Google Webmaster Tool for your Website

Do you want to know which keywords are bringing traffic to your website?

Are you scared form Malware, Spyware, and Malicious activities?

If yes, then you landed on the right page as I’m going to explain how you can escape from malware and know exact statics of your site.

You must hear about Google webmaster, It is totally free of cost which offered by Google to all sites. It helps to understand who is visiting your sites and what their need is.

Google webmaster will notify if your site catches malware or malicious files. By and large, it’s lucrative to know what is going on with your site.

Let’s know about the main compartments!

There are four main compartments of information about your site. 1)Configuration 2)Traffic 3)Optimization 4)Health.

What is the Google Webmaster Tool?

Google Webmaster is also known as search consol, if you hear Search Consol anywhere, don’t get confused. There is a process which Google webmaster follows to give you better results.

It is the place Google notifies you if your site faces something wrong like malware and spyware.

Google Webmaster Tools is the essential component for Google to communicate with website admin. Once you start using Google Webmaster Tools, you will realize that you no need to use other tools as it has been providing a great service for a long time.

What is more? – The best part is Google Webmaster is totally free.

If you want to dig deeper into Google Webmaster, you can check the Google Webmaster interview question and answers.

Importance of Google Webmaster Tools (GWT)

  • Ingress to search statistics on Google
  • Provides latest data about incoming links and internal links
  • Sends notification if your site faces any malware, spam, viruses.
  • Help to find relevant keywords that you are targeting and how effective they are
  • Google webmaster gives you the opportunity to know who you targeting audiences are.
  • It helps to know who is visiting your site along with the time
  • Works quick and sharp

How to Install Google Webmaster code into the website:

By now you must have a certain idea, how Google webmaster is lucrative for your site.

Further, I would tell how you can use Google webmaster; you just need to follow some simple steps.

It is a very interesting and unique tool, is not it?

Let’s go ahead….

If you have a Gmail account, you simply follow to log in to webmaster tools by clicking here:

Once you log in to webmaster tools, Google webmaster will ask to verify yourself, you will get 3 different ways to verify your site:

  1. XML file,
  2. Meta Tag
  3. CNAME

Once you verify yourself, you will be able to use Google webmaster. It has a unique dashboard and most lucrative thing is that it costs nothing so we have a tool which helps us lot without charging.

How Google webmaster helps to your site, further you will come to know what effective aspects of Google webmaster are.

Google webmaster tools Resources

  • Configuration
  • Health
  • Traffic
  • Optimization

Configuration –

Settings: Setting a preferred domain in site settings (Google)

  • Site links
  • URL Parameters
  • Change of the Address

Health –

Crawl Errors: Guides to each different type of crawl error to be found in this report (Google).

  • Blocked URL
  • Index Status
  • Malware examined.

Traffic –

Search Queries: Explanation of the Search Queries data (Google)

  • Search queries
  • Links to your site Internal links.

Optimization –

Sitemaps: Multiple Google documents about Sitemaps, creating and submitting Sitemaps, different types of additional sitemaps (Google)

  • HTML Improvement
  • Content Keywords
  • Structured Data
  • Data Highlighter.

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Google Webmaster Tools give you control over your website as well as a variety of visitor metrics such as how many clicks your website got, the number of impressions, click through rate and position. I hope this article finds you well and informative.