The Impact of Digital Marketing on the Music Industry

Impact of Digital Marketing on the Music Industry

The revolution of the technology has been shown in the music. It has been influenced by radio, recordings, CDs etc. This industry has always been a quest to adopt new technologies.

With increasing of music, the music industry is growing so fast and now music has been reached almost to everyone. The music and Digital Marketing are now working together with musicians and bands.

Now more industries are finally started to invest their money in the music like startups Amper, MAX and Dubset.

Digital marketing lift the music industry through different forms and extends some sorts of platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, and Sound Cloud. Without this revolution through the digital world, it was not possible to reach worldwide”.

Few Statics that Show How Digital Marketing is Playing a Key Role in the Music Industry:

  • Since past few years, a huge transformation can be seen in the music industry especially in 2017
  • Thousands of new media come in the market every day like online radio shows and songs that get uploaded to the internet.
  • With a recent survey, around 38,052 hours of music listened on the Spotify for every minute.
  • Now people have more choice than before to stream audio services such as Spotify, Band camp & Sound Cloud.

How Musicians Can Get Succeed On The Digital Media Channels:

Facebook –

  • Keep an eye on the new updates; there are so many things which go on the Facebook related to music.
  • Quest more about relevant groups where you can post your content. Groups always help to get links and people who have the same interest.
  • Go Facebook Live to show your music, it will reach across the globe.

Twitter –

  • To get good results, you need to create a list of relevant hashtags so that you can post. It can be reached in the groups where you want.
  • Use some tools such as Buffer to create a unique playlist with your music that will be automatically posted to your followers as well as new audiences.
  • Read some guidelines on how to promote your music on the Twitter.

Instagram –

  • Create some unique videos to share with your followers, before release a new music album, you can post short videos about your upcoming work.
  • It helps to promote your music to the new audiences and spread your work around the world within a minute.

Snapchat –

  • You can use Snapchat to create your live shows, to get more social sharing.
  • Promote your upcoming music by sharing small pieces from the studio with your following people.

Sound Cloud –

  • You can upload some tracks so that your audience can download.
  • Put the power of tags to enhance your reach
  • Keep uploading your audio or video across the rest of your social network profiles

I hope you found this article well informative and helpful, now you have ample knowledge how digital marketing is playing a key role in the music industry. It’s helping to expand, develop and grow continuously.

[Case Study] How I helped an educational institute to reduce the CPA of a Search campaign by 40%

Industry – Education

Geographic Region – Delhi NCR

Services – PPC Advertising

Challenge:   Achieve a better ROI from the existing Paid Search Advertising Campaign

Goal:   Lower the cost per conversion parameters to achieve a better ROI

The client is one of top-notch short-term vocational course provider in Delhi NCR region. they offer a variety of short-term course which can be completed in 3-6 months.

The institute has more than 15 years of experience in the education industry. The main objective was to enhance the search advertising campaign and to achieve the better ROI.


The thorough analysis of the entire process and understanding of the client’s priority,  and services. We made some conclusions and made some necessary changes in their campaign structure, ad copies and landing pages.

We used the brand presence/ awareness to set up a dedicated campaign for the brand related search terms. This change was done because of a sharp rise in these brand search terms in the month of April.

After a deep research, I have analyzed that the competitors are also aggressively bidding to compete for the user’s interest. Hence, we decided to go for a separate campaign to target the competitors and to gain the maximum market share.

The challenge of an education industry is that there is a long journey from lead generation to the sales process and sometimes the conversion ratio from lead to admission is as poor as 3 to 5%. to communicate better with the already visited customer, we implemented a remarketing campaign and bid +40%. To ensure the ads will display to the right audience, we have targeted the existing visitors or who have not converted.

An analysis of user trends and time decay helped us to find out the better performing hours on a day to day basis. By using these insights, we deployed day parting strategy and bid aggressively in these hours and reduced bids in the remaining hours of the day.

The Results –

The KPI of this advertising campaign was measured by the conversion and cost per acquisition.  The combination of the above strategies helped to reduce the CPA by 40.90% and increased in conversion by 121.45% in 90 days time frame.