How Digital Marketing Affects Consumer Behavior?


Impact of Digital Marketing on Consumer Behavior

Since digital marketing has emerged, a huge difference can be seen in the market. Through digital marketing, more and more people are getting engage every day. It’s been transformed as consumers research and make purchases through online.

This is the clear aim of digital marketing; it is educating the more and more consumer through different brands. Now you can see how people started online banking, shopping, and online recharge. We still remember how we used to go to shops to get recharged our mobile phones.

Now Digital Marketing has reached a new position, consumers started showing their interest through the Internet.

The era has changed a lot if we look back, initially; people used to use traditional marketing that was not that much effective as digital marketing.

After reading this article you will be able to know about below facts:

  • Consumers now have their own choice
  • People are not afraid to experimenting
  • Customers are switchers instead loyal
  • People use more than one social media channel
  • Online banking, shopping

1. People are not afraid to experimenting –

Gone are the days when people used to afraid of experimenting, now things have arisen such to pass people can sell & buy at any point of the time.

If anybody is using Samsung mobile phone now their mind can swift any time and buy a new iPhone. It happens because digital marketing has reacted sharply. Now anybody can read the review, components, and other feathers. Now consumers take the decision with more freedom.

2. Customers are switchers instead loyal –

This is not that sort of time when people used to stick with Nokia 1008 mobile phone, now things have been changed. There was a time when people in India just had a trust in one brand in mobile phone industry, NOKIA.

Now, NOKIA is nowhere to be seen. Likes of MNCs like Samsung; Apple is now being threatened by newcomers like Oppo, Xiaomi, Gionee, One+, etc.

One more example comes with Patanjali; Patanjali has made MNC sweat through digital marketing. Since few years Patanjali has started their product through the ad and the impact clearly can be noticed.

3. People use more than one social media channel –

It’s not up to the brand which social media should be used, now there are multiple social media where people get engaged as per their need. There are so many social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Vine, G+, Tumblr etc.

Now they have to show their potential to the people to show the importance of service & product. Once they get succeed to do that, people go to buying things.

4. Online banking, shopping –

Gone are the days when we used to stand in the queue in front of the bank, now you can transfer your money within a second, now you can buy anything online. The way digital marketing is evolving, consumers behavior also change accordingly.

I hope you found this article well informative and interesting, now you have a good understanding of how digital marketing is affecting consumer’s behavior.

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