How to Earn money online with Google

Are you interested to know how to earn money online with Google?

The improved internet access, nowadays making money online is possible. There are lots of options available on the internet which you can use to make some passive income.

Google, search giants offers a lot of options to make money at home by working on the Internet. When every internet user is actively looking for some opportunity to making money by doing some part-time work, Google has come up with best products to make money with the Internet. In this post, I will share some best ways to make money online with Google.

Top ways to earn money online with Google –

  • YouTube
  • Blogging
  • Google Play Store
  • Google Maps
  • Online Job

1. YouTube: Become YouTube and make money with Google Adsense –

YouTube a video search engine has a user base of 1,300,000,000 people. Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day and 300 hours of videos are uploaded on every minute. If you are good at something, you can earn unlimited money by posting videos.  For that you have to create a YouTube channel, here is how to create your own YouTube channel –

  1. Log in to Gmail.
  2. Visit this link in a new tab
  3. Visit “Customize section” to add channel art
  4. Shoot a video and upload it

When it comes to earning money from YouTube, Google offers a service for publishers to monetize YouTube videos, it is called “Google Adsense”. Once your channel gets 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in 12 months, you become eligible for the Google Adsense account. Once the channel gets approved, you have to link Google Adsense and YouTube account.

2. Blogging: Become Blogger and Earn with Google Adsense and Affiliates

Blogger is a product by Google which was launched in 2003. If you have good writing skills then you can easily start decent income in a couple of months. For that, you have to find the niche, in which you will write content. Write minimum 15, 00 words article through keyword research and post regularly on it.

I will recommend posting minimum 5 content a week, after that you have to Link your blog with Google search console to know about traffic which is bringing the traffic to your blog. After a couple of months, you can apply for the Google ad sense account, if you already have one, then you can place an ad

Affiliate marketing is another way to make money from Blog. You can become an Amazon affiliate, flip kart affiliate or any other affiliate marketing program and start selling products. You can get the commission for each and every sale.

3. Google Play Store: Create an App and monetize it with Ad mob –

With the advent of mobile advertising, there are many aspects of making money are arise. The mobile apps are used in every industry, companies and individuals are earning money with mobile applications. Once your app gets the traffic you can easily earn more money by increased ad revenue and in-app sales.

Google play store is one the leading platform today and it is growing day by day. The first way to earn money by creating an app and selling. For that, you have to target a specific niche and pitch them to sell your product.

The second way is to making money from in-app purchases – It is best for game and entertainment app. You can offer your audience the free version of the app and then you can make certain features as a premium.

The third way is earning money by in-app advertising, today when more than 50% of apps in the play store are supporting in-app ads. It is a very big opportunity for a professional like you to make money by monetizing the app. For that, you need a good amount of traffic and then you can monetize it with AD mob.

Ad mob is similar to the ad sense which was acquired by Google in 2009. You can request the Ad mob and start making money by placing ads on your App.

4. Make money with Google Maps –

No one can deny the fact that Google maps are a most used application. No matter where you are living, you must be using Google maps for searching a location and navigation. You have to believe that you can also make money by Google maps. There are 3 major ways to do that –

  1. Location Review – You have to post reviews about the places you have visited, it is not a difficult task at all. You can do it with your Smartphone. The more you review the places the more your chances will increase.
  2. Add Photos – Similar to the location review you can also post the photos of the places
  3. Add Missing Location – If you are a wanderer then there are lots of opportunities for you to add a missing place in Google place. It gives an opportunity to earn more points.

5. Online Job – Get work from Top Freelancing websites –

Google is a search giant where a lot of companies offers freelancing work; the only thing which you need is Skill if you are good at something you get work. up work, people per hour etc are some websites which you can use to earn some income.

For example, if you are a Graphic designer, you can get graphics related work, and earn income by working from home. If you are a teacher you can make your profile at urban Pro or create your own online course and sell it to Udemy.​​

I hope you get some idea about how to make money online with Google. For more, you can bookmark this page, because I will update some more ways to earn money in the future.