eMMC Repairing Training in Delhi – 10 days Mobile eMMC course India


eMMC Repairing Training

Many of you are not fully aware of the term eMMC, maybe it sounds new to you. If you are a mobile repairing professional then the probability will be higher. eMMC is an acronym of Embedded Multimedia Card, it is an advanced mobile repairing training, where a student gets specialization in repairing of eMMC chip.

Today, I am sharing some points about Mobile eMMC repairing training and why it is important for every mobile repairing shop owner or repairing expert. There are many mobile repairing shop owners who find dead mobile phones and the lack of skill of repairing such issues, left money on the table. Finally, they have to deliver those mobile phones to the other mobile repairing expert.

This thing gives a conclusion that eMMC course will not only enhances the skill, also give an ample opportunity of increasing the revenue.

What will you learn?

eMMC Repairing Training Course curriculum –

  • Introduction to mobile phone software and eMMC chip.
  • Brief about different eMMC chips including BGA169/153, BGA162/186, BGA221, etc.
  • Finding lost track in PCB.
  • Repairing of bad health eMMC.
  • eMMC Reprogramming and upgrading.
  • eMMC replacing from Scratch.
  • Difference between Display converter IC and Display Section.
  • Complete information about charging Section with Temperature Sensors
  • Fingerprint Sensor and its faults.
  • Data recovery from dead mobile phones

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Which institute is best for eMMC Training Course?

When it comes to learning any practical thing then it becomes important that which institution to choose, although there are very few institutes which are offering this advanced mobile repairing training program. But if you are willing to travel for this short term course, then I would like to recommend AK info.

Below are some reasons for recommending AK info for mobile eMMC course-  

  1. Opportunity to work on dead mobile phones.
  2. Training with a microscope, UFI Box & Easy JTAG Plus.
  3. Support over voice, Video and online mode.
  4. Lifetime support for 4G mobile phones.
  5. Dedicated WhatsApp group, specially created for eMMC students and professionals
  6. Software packages are absolutely free.
  7. Free hardware circuit diagram.

I hope you got some idea about eMMC Course, and the curriculum of complete eMMC repairing training in Delhi, India.

You can call at 700 400 9069 for free demo session!