5 Significant Facebook Marketing Tools To Master In 2018

Facebook marketing tools help businesses to enhance their potential and boost brand reach and growth. Nearly 71% of the total internet users have a Facebook account, whereas, this figure is 96% for B2C and 88% for B2B companies who use Facebook for marketing.

These figures simply depict the potential of Facebook as a tool for advertising. The cost-effectiveness of Facebook as a tool for marketing adds the cherry to the cake. The first step in starting with Facebook advertising is to set up a pixel so that you can track and measure the progress of the campaign.

Here is a list of the best Facebook marketing tools to manage your advertising and seamless other affairs related to your business.

1. Facebook Ads Manager –

With Facebook Ads Manager you can create and manage your Facebook ads. You can harvest the benefits of this tool in finding the right audience, drawing their attention and get propitious results for your business.

Once your objective is defined, select your audience, choose the place where you have to run the ad, decide your budget, pick a format and submit your ad. You can also measure the efficacy of your ad campaign and manage the performance accordingly.

This Facebook marketing tool is absolutely free.

2. Qwaya –

Qwaya is one of the most effective tools you can use when running your Facebook ads. Ad scheduling and rotation, bid rules, conversion tracking, are some of the main features offered by this amazing tool. In addition, this tool is highly demanded due to its cost-effectiveness.

This tool is also useful for the Instagram ads.

3. AdEspresso –

AdEspresso is a user-friendly Facebook marketing tool, with which, you can manage and optimize your Facebook advertising campaigns. With the help of this SaaS platform, you can do everything from design to testing to analysis. You can get this tool for a trial period of 14-days after which you have to pay an affordable price to access it.

4. Hootsuite Ads –

With the enterprise-only features and optimization services of Hootsuite Ads, you can boost your Facebook advertising. Be it organic or Paid methods, this Facebook marketing tool is flexible for everything. With the help of Hootsuite Ads, you can keep your leads synced, manage access & permissions, and oversee your performance.

5. Social Ads Tools –

Social Ads Tool is a premium service facilitating the success of your advertising on Facebook. This reliable Facebook marketing partner offers easy optimization, intelligent insights and effortless campaign set up. This Facebook advertising tool has the different pricing model based on the type of campaign. The scope of Digital marketing is vital so that Facebook ads must be in the arsenal of any Online Marketer.

Facebook marketing tools undoubtedly play a vital role in managing and optimizing the Facebook advertising campaigns. Since these tools have varying advantages and disadvantages, you can choose one based on your primary goal and preferences to harvest its umpteen benefits.


How To Promote Your Business On Facebook?

Wondering how to promote your business On Facebook?

This article will share some vast tips, Let’s do it!

In a recent study, we got some statistics, more than one billion people log in Facebook every day. There are the people who get connected and spend time on Facebook.

Some people visit just for meeting new peers while some gather information. In fact, Facebook has become a buzzword.

Struggling To Get Traffic On Your Facebook Page?

Now, worries will get ended as this article will address how Facebook can be a utility for your business.

Are struggling to get your target audience?

One thing is clear, right marketing strategy gives better results. Follow the correct way of business and strategies, you can reach your pursuit audience and get more leads.

After reading this article you will be able to define:

  1. Importance of Creating Facebook Page for your business
  2. Facebook Page and Post Share
  3. Start Making Connection
  4. Engage Your Followers
  5. Facebook paid Ads
  • Create Your Facebook Page –

Life turned into digital, in this modern time we can see a huge variation in the technology. Have you ever thought Facebook can be a platform for your business?

Yes! This is true, on Facebook Page your business’ page, so be assured it truly reflects your brand.

Use your business logo as the primary photo for your Page, also put a cover photo that is appealing and showcases what your business has a goal.

  • Share & Invite With Your Friends –

Share readable and eye-catching content that attracts the visitors. First of all, check out the Build Audience tool which can be found in your Page’s Admin option.

Here you will get options to invite your Facebook friends and email contacts to follow your Facebook Page.

  • Build Strong Connection –

Facebook page has “Following” option that helps to build connections. The more you add people to your account, the more your business gets popularized.

You get an option with “Build Audience” tool that can be seen in your Page’s Admin menu.

You can also invite friends from Facebook and email contacts to follow your Page that establishes a strong network.

  • Keep Engaging With Your Followers –

To maintain your followers are so important in order to keep growing your business. You can keep engaging with quality content.

Keep posting posts related to your business. You can post once or twice in a week.

In order to get good results, put friendly, conversational tone, and remember your content.

Respond directly to comments and private messages it helps to create a loyalty and long-term relation.

  • Give a Try to Facebook Ads –  

The Facebook page gives an opportunity to advertising; you will get an option that let ads in users’ news feeds.

Your ads will appear as promotional posts and direct who visit your website. Ads become the main source to take attention of your target audience. If you want to get started with Facebook ads, then you can go through Facebook Ad Checklist to Create a Successful Ad Campaign.

Conclusion –

Facebook has become a utility in recent years, its new updates add more opportunity to a large community. I hope you found this article related to your business, now you can add Facebook marketing strategy to your business.


Facebook Ad Checklist to Create a Successful Ad Campaign

After the initiation of a Facebook ad, Facebook is no longer limited to a social network. Now in 2017, It became a goldmine for Advertisers and businesses.

People spend a lot of time on Social media and Facebook is at the top of this list.

According to the recent report, in every 1-minute facebook user likes 4.1 million posts.

Yes, you are right it’s a huge number. So the opportunities for this platform are just way beyond the expectation.

Here is an infographic, which includes the 6 necessary steps: 


In this post, I am sharing some Tips and facebook ad checklist which will help you to go through every necessary step to create a successful Facebook Ad, let start –

Step 1: Objective –

Setting an objective is always the first step for any advertising campaign. In Facebook, before choosing an objective, ask these 3 questions to your self-

  1. Which Facebook Ad objective are you choosing?
  2. Why are you choosing this objective?
  3. How does this objective fit in with your sales funnel?

Once this step is done then it’s time to go to the next step!

Step 2: Conversion –

Once you set up your objective, now it’s time to set up a Facebook pixel. Facebook pixel is something which allows tracking the conversion.

Ask these things to yourself!

  1. Do you have the Facebook pixel installed?
  2. What are you using as a conversion event for the Facebook pixel?
  3. How does tracking that activity fits into your sales process?

Once you find an answer to these questions, you can go to the next step.

Step 3: Audience –

Finding your target audience is yet another important part of any advertising campaign. To be successful in Facebook advertising, finding the ideal customer is the key.

Ask these questions to yourself to find your ideal targeting!

Step 1 (a) – General targeting

  1. What is the preferred age group for your targeting?
  2. Are your products or services specific to one gender?
  3. What language are you targeting?

Step 2 (b) -Detailed Targeting

  1. What interests or pages are you targeting?
  2. Are you excluding any pages or specific audience?

Once this step is complete then go to the next Step!

Step 4: Placements

Once you set up objective, conversion action, and audience now it’s time to find the relevant places. The best Ad placement can dramatically improve your conversion and save budget.

You can choose where your ad will be shown.

To find the best placement, ask these questions to yourself!

  1. Are you choosing automatic placement or custom placement?

Find the best placement, although I will suggest you to go for custom placement to get best results.

Step 5: Budget and Scheduling –

Defining a Budget and ad scheduling is another important aspect to get the best result from the ad. To use it wisely ask a question to yourself!

  1. What is your daily budget?
  2. What is your budgeting schedule?

Check these steps and find best budget and timing to enable your campaign.

Step 6: The Ad –

1(a) Design and create your first Ad

Facebook offers different types of ad, which includes Carousel ad, lead ads, video ads, canvas ads etc.

Ask question to find the best one!

  1. Which ad format are you choosing?
  2. What is the link you are using?
  3. Do you have a headline and ad copy ready?

2 (a) Preview your ad –

Once you created your first ad, make sure you preview your ad before publishing. Ask question to yourself to make an extraordinary ad!

  1. Does it catch the attention of your ideal customer?
  2. is the link “above the fold?”
  3. Is there a clear call to action?

You are done!

A Digital Marketing consultant can help you to create the most affordable business strategy for your products and services. You can visit this link and schedule your Free Consulting session.

The Ultimate Facebook Pixel guide to make you an Expert

Are you confused about Facebook Pixel Setup?

You must be wondering what the Facebook Pixel is, it’s a kind of analytic tool which helps you to know the effectiveness of your advertising on Facebook.

With the help of Facebook Pixel, you can understand the actions and what people are taking on your website. It also helps to reach to the audiences.

Today, I’m going to write about Facebook Pixel Setup Guide, after reading this article you will have a better understanding about Facebook Pixel Setup Guide.

Let’s Know How To Get Started with Facebook Pixel:

I’m going to explain how to install a pixel, track actions on your site, and make sure that your pixel is working on your Facebook.

Let’s have a look about pixel before going ahead, below are mentioned some of the benefits of installing a Facebook pixel.

What You Need To Do Before You Begin

  • You will need a website for your business
  • You must be able to update your website’s code

Create A Facebook Pixel

  • Go To Your Pixels Tab In Ads Manager
  • Click Create a Pixel
  • Enter a name for your pixel
  • You can have only one pixel per account
  • Choose a name that represents your business
  • Check the box to accept the terms
  • Click create pixel

The next term is important with make sure your pixels are working correctly

There is a tool Pixel Helper Troubleshooting which will help you to figure out if your pixels are working properly.

This is a kind of Chrome plug-in where you can see and know easily if there’s a Facebook pixel installed on the website.

You check for the errors and understand about the data which comes from a pixel. It helps to understand what exactly is going on in your website.

  • After installing the installed the pixel helper, you just need to click on the Pixel Helper Icon in the address bar.
  • You need to check the popup to know if any pixels found on your page.

How To Verify To The Pixel

  • Get FB Pixel Helper
  • Open a page on your site where you added the pixel
  • Click the Pixel Helper icon in your browser’s toolbar

Pixel Errors

With the help of Facebook Pixel Helper, it reports you errors and the possibility that can happen when you are going to install a pixel on your website.

It will help you to know about the errors as these errors mean that the person who manages your website will need to fix something for your pixel to start working correctly.

How to Add a Pixel

After adding the pixel to your site, you will be able to associate it with your new or existing Facebook page. Afterward, you will be able to add it easily.

Next Steps

After getting in the next step, you can read on and learn about pixel events which are visitor actions on your website. You will be able to track easily with the pixel.

After doing this, you will be able to start using the pixel with other advertising products such as:

Product Ads

With the help of product ads, you can track your events on your website and optimize the display of items from your product catalog in Facebook Ads.

Custom Audiences

You can build also targeted facts of your website that visitors based on the pages so that they visit or the actions they take on your website for use in your Facebook Ads.

  • Conversion Tracking

Use Facebook pixel’s standard events or custom conversions to track the actions your visitors take that you care about for usage in conversion tracking and optimization.

  • Create a Custom Audience

You can use these Custom Audiences to re-engage users with targeted ads, or you can let Facebook find new users that are like this Custom Audience.

Recommended for you – 

The actions are based on URLs visited or either standard or custom events triggered. You can then see these conversions in your reporting, or you can choose to optimize your ads for them.

I hope you found this article informative and interesting. Now you can set up your facebook pixel easily.