5 Significant Facebook Marketing Tools To Master In 2018


Facebook marketing tools help businesses to enhance their potential and boost brand reach and growth. Nearly 71% of the total internet users have a Facebook account, whereas, this figure is 96% for B2C and 88% for B2B companies who use Facebook for marketing.

These figures simply depict the potential of Facebook as a tool for advertising. The cost-effectiveness of Facebook as a tool for marketing adds the cherry to the cake. The first step in starting with Facebook advertising is to set up a pixel so that you can track and measure the progress of the campaign.

Here is a list of the best Facebook marketing tools to manage your advertising and seamless other affairs related to your business.

1. Facebook Ads Manager –

With Facebook Ads Manager you can create and manage your Facebook ads. You can harvest the benefits of this tool in finding the right audience, drawing their attention and get propitious results for your business.

Once your objective is defined, select your audience, choose the place where you have to run the ad, decide your budget, pick a format and submit your ad. You can also measure the efficacy of your ad campaign and manage the performance accordingly.

This Facebook marketing tool is absolutely free.

2. Qwaya –

Qwaya is one of the most effective tools you can use when running your Facebook ads. Ad scheduling and rotation, bid rules, conversion tracking, are some of the main features offered by this amazing tool. In addition, this tool is highly demanded due to its cost-effectiveness.

This tool is also useful for the Instagram ads.

3. AdEspresso –

AdEspresso is a user-friendly Facebook marketing tool, with which, you can manage and optimize your Facebook advertising campaigns. With the help of this SaaS platform, you can do everything from design to testing to analysis. You can get this tool for a trial period of 14-days after which you have to pay an affordable price to access it.

4. Hootsuite Ads –

With the enterprise-only features and optimization services of Hootsuite Ads, you can boost your Facebook advertising. Be it organic or Paid methods, this Facebook marketing tool is flexible for everything. With the help of Hootsuite Ads, you can keep your leads synced, manage access & permissions, and oversee your performance.

5. Social Ads Tools –

Social Ads Tool is a premium service facilitating the success of your advertising on Facebook. This reliable Facebook marketing partner offers easy optimization, intelligent insights and effortless campaign set up. This Facebook advertising tool has the different pricing model based on the type of campaign. The scope of Digital marketing is vital so that Facebook ads must be in the arsenal of any Online Marketer.

Facebook marketing tools undoubtedly play a vital role in managing and optimizing the Facebook advertising campaigns. Since these tools have varying advantages and disadvantages, you can choose one based on your primary goal and preferences to harvest its umpteen benefits.