Top 5 High salary courses after 12th Science in 2019

High paying Carrer after 12th Science –

After completing 12th, students wonder here and there for professional courses. Gone are the days when students only used to think about a couple of courses. Now there are wide ranges of professional courses.

In this article, we will offer you some of the best courses, which will help students get high paying salary jobs after 12th along with others if you’re not interested in the particular field.

First of all, if we talk about Merchant jobs, undoubtedly, pay scale is better in case of Merchant Navy jobs in compared with other jobs.

Let’s go ahead and grab some knowledge of best High salary courses after 12th Science!


(a) Merchant Navy-

This is the best course for those who are willing to travel across the world. In this profession, you will explore and learn new things day to day. If you’re looking for a career that offers you accretive salary and growth then this course can put a full stop to your search for a high salary professional course after 12th science.

Job Prospects-

Merchant navy fleets consist of container ships, cargo ships, tankers, bulk carriers, a barge carrying vessels, passenger ships, refrigerators ships, roll on/roll off ships. With so many job opportunities, Merchant Navy can undoubtedly save a thousand of souls from staying jobless.

Eligibility Criteria-

Students should have completed 12th with Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry.    

(b) Digital Marketing –

In the past few years, Digital marketing has evolved at a high pace. The most favorable thing which goes with digital marketing, it offers infinite career opportunities. India’s Prime Minister also urged to use digital marketing. Now India is also turned into digital.

Now we can order anything online, we can transfer money in just a few seconds and there are a large number of things that can be done digitally. It saves time and efforts. With this revolution, now companies started using digital marketing strategies.

Through Digital marketing you can build an enriching career by working as a full-time, part-time and freelancer. Whether you’re a Student, Jobseeker, Working professional or Housewife you can join the online digital marketing course.


Job Prospects-

There is a wide range of websites that are being launched every day. Every company wants to get a good rank in the SERP so that they could drag attention. To get a good online presence now companies organize ample budget for digital strategy.

If you join a digital marketing course, you will be highly demanded professional as every company needs digital forms to take their business at the next level.

In digital marketing course, you will be trained with several course modules like SEO, PPC, Email marketing, SMO, Mobile marketing, Inbound marketing, Blogging, Website design, and planning.


This course has become a brand but if you have completed 10th or 10+2 then you can join this booming course.

(c) Journalism & Mass Communication

If you have a quest to take your career with glamour fraction then this course can fulfill your dream. So many students dream to work with television. This course will polish your skills and build you a crafted professional. You must have felt that you can be a successful filmmaker while watching a movie or making of any mobile isn’t it?

Job Prospects-

Undoubtedly, journalism and mass communication can shape your career with excellence.  If you want to become a filmmaker or actor, it might take some time to revert you back with a potent platform.

You also might be interested in journalism, there must be so many journalists from electronic and print who impress you most and you also want to become like them.  To become a successful journalist, keep up your dedication and a piece of knowledge.

These days communication plays a vital role in any sector; this course will also enhance your way of talking, nodding, gesture, and postures. You can work as a guide, cameraman, photographer, editor, designer, production manager, sound engineer, TV correspondent, Radio Jockey etc.


Undergraduate courses:

  • Mostly undergraduate courses only required the successful completion of Class 10+2 from any board.


Post Graduate courses:

  • A candidate should be below 30 years of age for a postgraduate course and also completion of a Bachelors degree in any stream. If you have some work experience media related work, this can be your plus point.

(d) B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) 

If we talk about India, Bachelor of Technology degree consider as a professional engineering degree after completion of 4 years of academic study in the engineering field.

The Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) is a 4-year full-time undergraduate course that leads to an engineering degree. This course is also in trend as so many students want to become a successful engineer. Several colleges/Universities of India offers B.Tech program in various disciplines.


Job Prospects

Once you complete B.Tech degree you can work in IT companies. The graduates are usually recruited as Software Programmer, System Analyst, Technical Operator, etc. You can work as Project Linked Personal in firms.

As a fresher, you can start earning between Rs. 16000-20000/-, it also depends on the professional experience of the candidate.

Some companies keep employees on a probation period. After completing the probation period, employees are appointed to permanent roles and are offered with salary packages up to Rs. 50500/- per month.

There are so many ways to work like full-time, part-time, and as a freelancer. Trainee positions in these firms offer a salary up to Rs. 12,000/- per month. Other than this one can find job openings with public sector firms like BSNL, Coal India Limited, CDIT, C-DAC, etc.



Bachelor of Technology is an undergraduate level professional engineering programme. Students should have completed 10+2 from science stream for B.Tech programme. Students who have taken PCM group or the Physics Chemistry and Mathematics as compulsory subjects are preferred for the programme.

After reading this article, now you must be confused that which course should be picked up. Undoubtedly, all the recommended courses are job and business oriented and they can take your career at a high level.

If you want to know more about high salary professional courses after 12th science, you can get in touch with our industry expert at no cost.