How Digital Marketing Creates Job Prospects In India

Do you feel you can become a Digital Marketer? If you have a quest to make a good career with Digital Marketing this article will help you to know more!

Digital marketing is vast; let’s know how this field is growing and helping millions of people around the world. Today, I’m going to write about Digital marketing in India and how this industry has career opportunities, this industry has booming day by day.

Digital Marketing Overview – 

When digital marketing word comes to the mind it gives many more ideas at one time period, this is a platform where millions of people have been building their successful career. Digital marketing has been a huge impact on advertising & marketing in past recent years and this impact is going to be increased in upcoming years as we are going to be more dependent gradually.

This is an amazing source of marketing such as service and products, mainly via the internet including mobile phones, display advertising, and other digital marketing sources.

If I talk about recent years there was only traditional marketing for the advertising which costs high and takes time to deliver your message and promotion to the targeted audience. Now digital marketing has changed the meaning of marketing, now this is very easy to promote your service and products. Digital marketing will remain the most powerful way of marketing in the future.

If I talk about future of digital marketing, as per a recent survey, by 2018; There will be 700 million internet users, I think, now we have a clear picture how Digital marketing is growing day to day.

India is following digital marketing so effectively, few time back, India’s Prime Minister announced to turn India into “Digital India” with digital India campaign.

In recent years, digital marketing has displayed a great example of working and learning with technology, along with better career option.

Growth Of Digital Marketing –

The Digital marketing industry is growing so fast, if we look back we will find how this industry has been growing as now life has been so easy for the user of the internet and mobile phones.

As this field is booming you can also make an enriching career, no doubt this profession will never fall down as per recent figures and this figure is going to be increased in upcoming years.

Here are some figures:

  • 60% of the companies already using digital marketing strategy in 2017
  • 72% marketers believe that traditional model of marketing is no longer sufficient
  • Company revenue driven by internet marketing will get increased by 30%
  • In 2017, 80% businesses will increase their digital marketing budget
  • Digital Marketing budget may surpass the IT budget in 2018

Let’s Know Most Popular Career prospects In Digital Marketing

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • SMM
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Web Analytics


  • SEO- SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization; SEO plays a vital role in the digital marketing profession. We all know how all the entrepreneurs have huge competition in the market if you want to make an impact in the rush life you have to be visible in others. SEO helps to make your website more visible and gets more results on search engine.


  • SEM- Search engine marketing is a method to make your website visible through advertisement; it gives you certain knowledge how to run a PPC program.


  • SMM- Social media marketing gives you more options to promote your service & products over social media networks i.e. Facebook, Twiter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google Plus, Pinterest and other useful social media methods. They help you to advertise your service or products easily at low cost.


  • Email Marketing- This is very important to language with the customer to get good revenue, email marketing is also an important source, and with the help f email marketing you can reach to your target audience very easily. You can write an effective content about your service or products and send them via email.


  • Mobile Marketing- We all are aware how mobile phones have been so essential for everyone, now mobile marketing also have been so lucrative to promote your service easily without any hassle. You can send promo offers or other discount schemes to the audience through mobile phones which finds so easy and convenient; it saves your time and efforts.


  • Web Analytics- Web analytics have been a key factor in digital marketing, it helps to enhance your website traffic and know how people are showing interest in your projects. Google analytics is a great way to know how your website is working.


How Digital Marketing Course Shape Your Career And Who Can Get Benefited-

  • Working Professionals
  • Individual Beginners
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Web Marketers
  • Housewives


  • Working Professionals-People who already work professional but want to increase their digital marketing knowledge to enhance skills, this digital marketing makes them more educated about marketing strategy which can be used in their professional life.


  • Individual Beginners-Beginners who are looking for the career in digital marketing, entrepreneurs who want to improve their professional life; it helps a lot to get a good understanding of marketing and how to improve their business.  


  • Marketing Professionals-Marketing professionals who are looking for a better marketing strategy and understanding, it helps a lot to market professionals, e-commerce, and advertising.


  • Web Marketers- This helps to all Web marketers who want to enhance their professional prospects in the marketing; IT professionals who want to have a deep knowledge of the domain and other essentials aspects.


  • Housewives- This is the most benefited course for housewives, the reason behind is, this course gives freedom to work online from home. There are so many housewives, who are earning good enough by working from home, it doesn’t need huge investment, it just needs an internet connection and a desktop or laptop.


I hope you found this article well informative and helpful, now you know well how digital marketing has a future and how it can shape your career.  

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