How to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners?


Did you know you can easily earn $50 to $100 daily with affiliate marketing? Yes, it is possible and it’s as a beginner, as much as you dive into the sea you can earn more by promoting products and services.

In this post, I am going to share the facts, basic requirements, tips, the success stories and different ways to make money with affiliate marketing.

If you are not very much aware of Affiliate marketing then you can understand affiliate marketing as a process of promoting the services, selling and taking a commission.

The best part of this process is that the amount you earn by promoting the services will directly come to your account.

If you are working professional and want to earn some passive income by investing 2 or 3 hours of his/ her leisure to earn extra money then affiliate marketing is something you look for.

Top 7 facts about Affiliate Marketing –

1. Amazon is the only organization which sells the most products that fit into any niche and preferred choice for the affiliate marketing.

2. 35% of people choose website banners as their favorite place to place his affiliate ads. Did not why? Because more chances to click and more chances to earn commission

3. Direct deposit, PayPal, check and wire transfer are the preferred method and most used mode to receive a commission.

4. The person who promotes products known as affiliates, publisher, partner or external marketers.

5. The 52% of the total affiliate marketing space are doing it as a part-time to earn passive money.

6. SEO is the best way to promote to get targeted traffic and earn commission via affiliate marketing. If you already running a blog in any niche, you have a nice opportunity to earn a commission.

7. Advertiser, publisher, and consumer are the 3 most important part of Affiliate marketing.

Basic requirements to establish an  Affiliate marketing Business-

The affiliate marketing can be done via online, below are some basic requirement which you need to start your own affiliate marketing business –

  • Blog/Website
  • Basic HTML Knowledge
  • English writing skill
  • An eBook
  • Email service
  • Autoresponder
  • Traffic

How to get started?

1. Niche –

The first step to start affiliate marketing is choosing a niche, and it is one of the most important parts, Choose wisely because you have to create a series of content and also research the affiliate programs for this particular niche.

2. Create Content –

Once you choose a niche, you have to do keyword research and create an informative and engaging content/ blog posting, so that you can build an audience around your blog or website.

3. Create an eBook –

The ebook is the ultimate medium to make and engage content, wrap up your top articles and create an eBook. It is the best way to show your expertise in a niche.

4. Go for Email Marketing service –

Opt-in for an email marketing service provider, if you are in the initial stage then you can use a free version of mail chimp or madmimi. and start building your list. Setting up an autoresponder is a wise choice because it sends email automatically when anyone subscribes to you, you can also set up a duration for the next email.

5. Start Promoting –

You can use Facebook to promote your eBook, get likes, potential leads and make your customer base.

This is a simple and proven strategy to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners. Stick to this strategy and enjoy the rewards.

Top Affiliate Niche to start –

I know sometimes it becomes very tough to find a perfect niche. so I am sharing some best niche, to start your affiliate journey –

1. Health –

This is an evergreen niche and at the time it is evolving and there are a lot of products which you can promote to earn a commission. You can choose testosterone, Joint pain, Diabetic recipes, Nootropics or any other specific topic to start writing. let’s look the top affiliate programs in this niche-

  • Silver Blade Brands,, Nutracash are some popular and high paying publishers in this category.

2. Wealth –

This category contains several niches to start with, you can write about internet marketing topics (blogging, affiliate marketing etc) Gambling, jobs, MLM, employment etc.  below are some top affiliate programs in this niche –

  • CB Passive Income, Excellerate Associates, BitBond are top commission provider in this niche.

3. Romance –

A niche for fantasy, dating, getting your ex back and more. People are passionate about finding a companion and that is the reason it is the hot topic for many affiliate marketers.

Some popular affiliate programs in the Romance category are –

  • Affiliate2day, David Wygant Dating Coach, Cupid are top rated affiliate programs you should look for.

These 3 topics are evergreen and always will be in demand. If you are newbie’s and have an interest in these topics then it’s a right time to start with.

People always have a problem, and you have to just put a solution in front of them, this is the formula for making money through affiliate marketing.

There are many success stories from where you take motivation. So start writing, blog posting, building an audience, get a targeted traffic and earn extra money from top affiliate networks.