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The advancement of the Internet and social networks have transformed the ways how companies and businesses are interacting with customers. Now it becomes necessary for every business to use digital technologies to reach potential buyers directly with an authentic voice. With Digital Marketing course in Delhi, you will get specialization in online marketing which will help you to take a decision by using your strategic and analytical skills.

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This Digital marketing certification course helps students, job seekers, business owners and marketing professionals to get and improve their skills in Online marketing. You will get a strong command of social media, display advertising, search engine optimization and mobile marketing techniques.

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Who should do this course?

  • Students who want to make a Career in the digital marketing industry.
  • Sales and Marketing professional who want to switch from Traditional marketing to online marketing.
  • A marketing professional who is new to Digital and want to excel in Digital marketing.
  • Small and Medium business owners who want to expand his business using Digital Channels.
  • A housewife who want to learn a skill which can create part-time income.

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Why Learn Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing skills are applied to any type of Job. But the main reason for choosing an Online marketing course, is its demand and high paying job opportunity. This course also offers many freelancing works which give the opportunity to become your own boss.

The module of Advanced Digital Marketing Course in Delhi

1: Digital Marketing Framework & Strategy

Business & Customer Strategy

  • Creating value propositions, business model, and customer journey.
  • Writing an elevator pitch to explain your business model.
  • Digital marketing definition, its evolution and present landscape.
  • Segment definition, role, and importance of segment in Digital Marketing.
  • Building a buyer persona with the customer journey or empathy map.

Data-Driven Marketing

  • What is Data mapping and it can be used to make the customer journey smooth?
  • Role of data and analytics in online marketing
  • Discuss the major metrics (CAC, LTV) and KPI’s in Digital Marketing.
  • Explain the process of think, engage, convert and optimize
  • Setting marketing objectives and to determine key performance indicators.
  • What is ROI and how to calculate and increase it?

3: Paid Social & Advertising

Paid Search, Adwords, & SEM

  • Keyword  research tools and find traffic and competition
  • Applying most profitable keywords for your business
  • Identifying bidding types, management, and budget planning
  • Launching first Adwords campaign from Scratch
  • Identifying KPI's for AdWords campaign
  • Adword Campaign Optimization and evaluating results.
  • Preparation for Adwords Certifications

Paid Social

  • The process of creating a successful social Ad campaign
  • Managing a campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • The process of Data gathering and using it effectively.
  • Tracking link click and distributing UTM coded links
  • Identifying metrics to optimize social ad campaign
  • Integrating Paid Social in Your Content Marketing Strategy
  • How to choose an effective social media platform for your business
  • Creating Test cases to scale it for a larger campaign.

5: Marketing Acquisition & Conversion Rate Optimization

Landing Pages, UX, & Lead Gen

  • Creating the best user experience (UX) for visitors
  • Best practices of Digital marketing USER Experience
  • Optimizing on-site marketing for maximum profit.
  • Design, functionality and UX testing of Landing pages
  • Role of Landing pages and creating an effective landing page

A/B Testing & Marketing Optimization

  • What is A/B testing, multivariate testing and split testing
  • Using various reports to increase overall Marketing efforts.
  • Get started with first A/B Testing for your campaign.
  • Using various testing tools ( optimised) to implement a test.
  • What is CRO and how to optimise it?

7: Analytics, Data, & Reporting

Metrics, Sources, & KPIs Revisited

  • Setup Google analytics, and implementation of goals, micro & macro conversions
  • Analysing data and performance analysis through Google analytics
  • Major importance KPI's and its use in measuring performance.
  • Strength and weakness of attribution models ( last click, time decay )
  • Identifying user behaviour by performing Cohort analysis.

Google Analytics Deep Dive

  • Data Reporting  using google analytics
  • Finding important insights using Google Analytics
  • Diving deep by using audience, behaviour, funnel analysis and attribution.

9: Storytelling and Budget planning

Storytelling & Persuasion Marketing

  • What are the storytelling and major storytelling models
  • Storytelling examples, key elements and using it in marketing.
  • what is copywriting and best practices for copywriting

Campaign Planning & Budgeting

  • Discovering strategy for planning and Budget controlling
  • Identifying the emblematic expenses of common channels and strategy.
  • Coherent a plan and budget for your campaign and protect your decisions.

2: Digital Marketing & SEO

Digital Marketing Strategy & Channels

  • Digital marketing channels and how to leverage them for maximum results
  • What is the difference between broadcast, direct and social channels?
  • Role of channels in an online business and why relevancy matters the most.
  • Use of channels in campaign creation and defining different approach ( paid,  earned, owned)
  • How to use channels in online marketing to reach your potential customers

Search Engine Optimization

  • What is SEO and its role in internet marketing?
  • Keyword research and process of using them to grow a business.
  • Developing a successful SEO strategy
  • Steps to improve keyword position in search engine.
  • Learn how to improve page rankings for relevant business keywords.
  • Use keyword tools for research and write SEO tactics for your web content.
  • Compare results from different SEO tactics and approaches.

4: Content Marketing & Social

Content Strategy

  • Role of content in Online marketing
  • A process of creating a successful content marketing campaign
  • Content planning with Call to action, mapping, distribution, and management.
  • Native advertising strategy to increase the reach of the content.
  • Identifying key metrics to measure and optimise content marketing campaign

Content Marketing & Social Media Marketing

  • How to leverage social media for content promotion
  • Selecting influences and determining influencer outreach strategy
  • Curate and modify content across social media channels
  • Role of community management in social media.
  • Key metrics identification for measuring content's success in social media.

6: Customer Engagement & Retention Strategies

CRM & Email Marketing

  • Planning and creating Lifecycle marketing strategies
  • Content and channel mapping for customer journey
  • Common email marketing tool and terms to know
  • Creating a successful Email Marketing Channel
  • Optimizing and measuring the success of Email Marketing campaign.

Retargeting, Referrals, & Win-backs

Retargeting and win-backs are important metrics for any business and Proact's Digital Marketing Course in Delhi, we keep special attentiion so that you can master the art of re-targeting, referrals, win backs and Remarketing strategies.

  • What is Retargeting and how to use it effectively?
  • How to increase referrals for your business.
  • How to use win back, key tactics and measuring the effectiveness.
  • Identifying the most relevant retention method and referral metrics.

8: Display, Facebook, or Mobile Deep Dives

Facebook Advertising

  • Why use Facebook for your business.
  • Creating a Facebook ad campaign from scratch.
  • Identify targeting methods and features of Facebook Adverts.
  • Using power editor for quickly creating Facebook Campaign.
  • Using Facebook analytics to review and report data.
  • Facebook ad campaign optimisation for better results.

Display, Programmatic, & Re targeting

  • Different ad formats in digital and how to use them effectively
  • Programmatic Advertising & Media Buying
  • Role of Display advertising in Re targeting users
  • Use of segments in display advertising and Re-targeting.
  • Planning and developing and display marketing strategy.

Mobile Marketing

  • Customer journey mapping for mobile web and mobile app
  • Segmenting mobile audience demographically.
  • Attribution challenges in a Mobile device.

10. Progress Review, Presentation & Next Steps

  • Successfully communicate your marketing plan in your presentation.
  • Assessment and provide feedback for classmates.
  • Recognise next steps for constant learning


Key Takeaways -

  • Utilising Digital marketing channels to achieve your business objectives
  • Integrating Online marketing with overall business strategies
  • Assessment and applying online channels to solve complex problems.
  • Smart digital marketing tools and resources to help in your digital marketing career
  • Smart digital marketing tools and resources to help in your digital marketing career
  • Learn to use data intelligently with our Digital Marketing Course

This advanced digital marketing training course provides you with an opportunity to understand digital marketing trends and to plan a online marketing plan. It is ideal for individual and small businesses who want to understand the online marketing industry and start your digital marketing journey. If you want to expert hands-on PPC, SEO, SMM, email marketing and other channels for Online marketing then Digital Marketing course is for you.

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We are the only Digital marketing training institute which offers 6 google certification, Hubspot inbound marketing certification, Facebook advertising certification. apart from that, this marketing training helps you to create a Digital Marketing strategy for any business verticals.

This marketing training program covers Offpage SEO, search optimization, google plus, mobile app optimization, social media marketing so that you can become a job ready Internet marketer.