Job Oriented Courses after 12th | Course after Graduation in Arts, Science, commerce


Job Oriented Courses – 

Students who have recently completed 10th, 12th or bachelor degree, now looking for short term job oriented courses. Delhi, having a Capital city of India, is a hub for professional jobs, and enrolling in the short-term course is always a good idea.

The best part of job oriented courses (Vocational courses) is, they are focused on building a specific skill set. A strong practical content with in-depth theory makes learner industry fit in a short span.

The short-term job oriented courses are the best fit for those who wish to find a job in Delhi, and other metro cities. The practical learning and certificate are highly depended by the every business verticals.

List of Top Job oriented courses after 10th, 12th and graduation –

Below I am sharing some short-term computer courses, these courses are related to accounting, finance, marketing, health, and Information technology, and I hope you will find them useful.

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Tally
  3. Business Analytics
  4. Data Visualization
  5. Business Accounting and Taxation
  6. Search engine optimization
  7. Pay per Click (PPC)
  8. Graphic Designing course
  9. Web designing course
  10. Big Data & Hadoop
  11. Java Programming
  12. Financial Modeling
  13. Event management course
  14. News Writing
  15. Content writing course
  16. Makeup and hairdressing course
  17. Fitness/Yoga Trainers
  18. Tourism Course
  19. Foreign Language
  20. Stock Broker Course


With the rise of the Internet, many companies are raising his Digital advertising budget and the need for Digital Marketing is on the rise vice versa. I can say Learning Digital Marketing is one of the best decisions you will take.

In this course, you will learn to manage marketing campaigns, analytics and optimizing a website to get maximum profit for the organization, let see what will the outcome of Digital Marketing training –

  1. Led generation and audience building on Social media.
  2. Skill to attract new customers and drive sales for the company
  3. You become skillful to manage PPC campaigns and other social media campaigns.
  4. SEO techniques to rank your website on top of the search engine result page.
  5. Digital channel assessment to solve problems.
  6. 6 certifications in different digital Marketing channels.

You can see the online resources to learn Digital Marketing by clicking here.

(2) Tally –

If you love accounting then Tally is for you. It is software which is used to do accounting related work. A simple to use software is best for tax management, payroll and inventory management.

Whether you are a graduate, 12th pass student and pursuing CA, you can do a Tally course.

The best part of this course is its affordability, on an average, this complete course can be completed in 10,000. This short-term course can be completed in 3 months. If you are sound enough then you can complete in short period also.

Career after completing Tally course-

Today almost every business needs an accounting professional. After completing Tally, you can work in hospitals, banks, and MNC’s. This is the best course who want a job in quick succession. The average salary of a Tally professional ranges from 5-20 LPA.

(3) Business Analytics –

In the Digital Age, Data is the backbone of every business, whether it is real estate, finance, sales or marketing. A Business analytics course makes you able to find the information from the raw data.

It can be done by the effective use of data mining, pattern matching and visualizing the data. The role of the Business analyst is to touch the data point and to predict the outcomes of marketing activities.

There is no eligibility constraint to join this course. If you love number, and good at maths, you can make a career in Business Analytics. Typically the Fees of this course vary from 30000 to 40000 INR and can be completed in 3 to 6 months

Where can you get Job after completing this course?

IT industry, e-commerce industry, Banking, Insurance, HR, and Healthcare Industry.

Average Salary – 5 to 10 lakhs per annum

(4) Data Visualization:

Data visualization helps to finds trends and to get the insight into the ongoing marketing campaign. The data visualization course makes learners to create visualization and to combine them in interactive dashboards.

There is no specific academic background needed for this course, a person who loves data analysis can make a career in this field. The Fees of Data visualization course is 15,000 to 20,000 INR. It can be completed in 1 to 3 months

Career Aspects –

You can work as a Visualization Designer, Curriculum designer, Data visualization scientist, Analytics Consultant etc.

I have tried to list all the Top notch job oriented courses, in case I missed some courses, it does not mean that they not lead to any employment.

(6) Search Engine Optimization –

Every business needs a customer, hence the role of SEO become Pivotal. It is a process of getting traffic from the search results. In SEO course you will learn How to rank a website in search engines for a particular set of Keywords.

As the businesses are spending more in Digital Medium, the SEO is the best career option for students who have recently completed 12th or pursuing graduation. The demand for SEO professional is high and it will rapidly increase in coming years.

The salary of SEO professional as a fresher start from 15,000/- which is increased as per the experience. Once you get some experience you can negotiate for the salary in other companies as well.

Career Aspects of SEO Course–

You can start working as an SEO executive and later get the position of Sr. SEO executive, SEO Team leader, SEO Manager and SEO head.

(7) Pay per click –

Likewise The SEO PPC also a part of Digital Marketing and a medium to get a customer for the Business. The difference between SEO and PPC is that you have to work on Paid tools and salary is quite high in PPC.

In this course, you learn to advertise on Google, Bing, Facebook and other Pay per click platforms. Many SEO professional is learning PPC and the reason is obvious, increasing salary and skill set. If you are in the SEO profession than I strongly recommend you to go and get PPC training. The salary of PPC expert is starting from 20,000/- in Delhi NCR region.

Career Aspects of PPC Course–

Same as SEO, You can start working as PPC executive then Sr. PPC executive, PPC Team lead, and PPC manager. However, today companies have its own designation for Paid advertising specialist.

(8) Graphics Designing –

Graphic designing is all about creativity, if you are creative enough and loves to draw graphics then this is the best course after 12th. They express their creativity in a form of visuals, picking a color palette and have to think outside the box.

As long as earning is a concern, In Graphic designing industry, you get paid for being creative. You have the opportunity to become your own boss.

Career Aspects –

You can work as a Graphic Designer, Art Worker, Information Architect, Brand Identity Developer, Packaging Designer, Illustrator, Production Artist, and Creative Director.

(9) Web Designing-

Every business needs a powerful and professional looking website. The role of good website designers becomes more critical if a business wants to stand out from the competition. If you have any skill, then the website can be also used to showcase your skill.

There are many courses and resources from where you can learn Web designing and kick-start your career in this industry. you can check the details of website designing course here.

Career Aspects-

Once you complete your Web design course, you can start working as a Web designer and as per the experience, you can get high paying jobs in this field as well.

(10) Big Data & Hadoop –

Today, Data is everything and it is generated tremendously from social networking site, corporate data, transactional data, and other forms of digital mediums.  This amount of data used to retrieve information and to use that data into meaningful information.

Big data and Hadoop programming course is the need of the hour today and there are lots of job opportunities in coming years.

The fees for this course are usually between 15,000 – 25,000 *. If you are good at programming and loves coding then this course is for you.

Career Aspects-

You can become Hadoop programmer, and once you gain experience you can excel in this field.