Top 11 Job Oriented Courses after 10th Class to Make Career!

Students often get confused after completing their 10th that what to do next?  Which are the best Courses after 10th?

Sometimes they are worried about their career, future, and other aspects of life. They spend several sleepless nights just in thinking which course would lead them to success after completing 10th.

These days, I come across many students, who choose their career, what their friends pursue, without even knowing the career aspects. Undoubtedly, making career choices after completing High school turns out to be a big headache.

Here in this blog, we will discuss the top 10 short-term job oriented courses that could lead you a successful career.

You may take up short-term courses after 10th that may eventually build the foundation of your future. These short-term courses may be certificate courses or diploma courses. Obviously, the best option would be pursuing 11th and 12th after the 10th boards, but there are certain options which would surely help you in your graduation or might even spare you from giving 12th boards.  Here we shall be discussing a

List of Best Job Oriented courses after 10th – 

1.  Digital Marketing Course – 

Digital Marketing is continuously growing and there are a lot of job opportunities in this field. If you are looking for Part-Time Job oriented course then This is the best course for you. there are many institutes which offer Classroom Digital Marketing Training program, you can join them and start learning the basics of Digital Marketing. Below are some key points to choosing Digital Marketing as a career –

1. There is a Huge skill Gap, and it makes Digital Marketing professionals in -demand.
2. The Digital marketing industry is versatile, learn something new and accelerate your Career.
3. The industry is growing day by day so the chances of growth are always higher.
4. The best part is earning! whether you go for a full-time employer or Freelancer, you can get the best price for your work.


2. SEO Training Course –

SEO is growing its importance and now it is one of the most critical marketing channels for any business. If you have recently completed 10th or 12th exam then joining an SEO training program is a wise choice. In this job oriented course, you learn how to rank a website in Top of the search engine. As of now, every business is on the Internet and others are working on using this channel.

As a result, the demand for SEO professional is increasing. IF you are looking for a course which can give a guaranteed job then this is for you.

Here are some other reason to make a career in SEO field –

1. The constant change in the SEO industry gives a chance to always learn something new.
2. There is no limitation if you have the idea, plan, and test to measure the progress you can get speedy growth
3. It is a “test and learns” process, so it makes the job interesting and gives the improvement area
4. Higher Chances to meet cool people and fly over the world for conferences, presentation, and client meeting.

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3. Diploma in Engineering Courses :

This is one of the most popular courses after 10th. You may take up a diploma in civil, mechanical, textile, electrical, software, aeronautical, chemical, EC and many more such options for a period of 3 years right after class 10th. This shall give you a direct entry to an engineering college in the second year, popularly known as the lateral entry in the B.Tech or B.E course.

4. Diploma in Architectural Engineering or Architectural Assistantship :

Well, if you are looking for something more creative along with the technicalities, you may take up this course after 10th. It is a 3-year-long course covering subjects like maths, designing, HVAC, structures, etc. In case, you want to be recognized as an architect right after the diploma, you may gain experience of one year and appear in the IIA (Indian Institute of Architects) clearing which you can become a member of IIA. Later you may apply for COA (Council of Architecture) and get government recognition.

5. Diploma in Dental Mechanics :

This diploma course after 10th is 2 years in duration and intends to general awareness of dental health. The job generally involves assisting the dentist, especially in the modeling of dental ceramics. It covers subjects like applied physics and mechanics, applied chemistry and applied oral anatomy.

6. Diploma in Business Management :

Students with an interest in the commerce line can think of this best course after 10th and the good part is that it’s only a 1-year-long course. It gives the basic insight ok management skills. Some of the subjects covered in DBM are communication skills, marketing management, HR management, economics, business law and ethics, basic of IT and taxation.

7. Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering management :

This 2-year-long course after 10th can get you an entry in the travel and tourism industry. Some of the subjects covered in the above course are hotel maintenance and engineering, human resource management, food and beverage production, food hygiene and nutrition and food and beverage service.

8. Diploma in 3D Animation:

An 18 months course after 10th gives the opportunity to explore a totally creative field. The course is divided into 3 modules covering subjects like fundamentals of visual arts, scriptwriting, basic hardware introduction and tips on system configuration, Photoshop, training in computer graphics, the introduction of the 3D software interface and different processes of 3D modeling.

9. Diploma in Beauty Culture:

This is a diploma level home science course after 10th, 4 months in duration. The subjects covered in the course are masks and packs, electro logy, aromatherapy, the theory of massage, skin and many more such subjects. The students don’t need any prior knowledge of the subject. You may enhance your qualifications further by also pursuing a 5-month course of Diploma in Cosmetology.

10. Diploma in Cyber Security :

This course after 10th is the perfect option for all those computer and technology enthusiasts. After taking up this course, you may complete it in a year and then may take up ethical hacking as your future.

11. ITI courses :

Industrial Training Institute or ITIs provides courses for 10th to produce skilled labor. The courses maybe 1 to 2 years long. You may take up mechanic courses, plumbing course, welder course or plumbing course out of the many options.

12. Diploma in Agriculture:

You may take up this course after 10th for a duration of 2 years. Covering topics like an introduction to agriculture, soil chemistry, principles of horticulture, plant pathology, greenhouse technology, seed production, crop physiology, water management, basics of soil and water conservation and engineering, pests and pest control, agricultural microbiology, post-harvest technology, plant breeding, fundamentals of soil science, fundamentals of entomology and many more.

13. Web Designing Certification course –

The world is going digital, every business needs online visibility and to showcase their product and services they need a website. There are many Web designing companies in Delhi and all over India who constantly looking for Web Designing professional. If you want to make a career in this field than a Shor term Web designing course is for you.

Though, it is still suggested to complete your 10+2 education after class 10th. But, somehow if you are not able to do so; they don’t worry, it is not the end of your career and you still have various options to look forward to. Whether you are from Commerce background, arts or science you can enroll in these courses.

14. Certification in Mobile Repairing – 

Mobile Repairing industry is booming day by day and there is a lot of jobs and business opportunity are available in this field. A short term certification program in mobile repairing helps you to troubleshoot any type of mobile issue. There are a lot of institutes are offering mobile repairing course in Delhi and other parts of India, which are offering this course.

There are no eligibility criteria for this course, and it makes mobile repairing as one of the best technical courses after 10th.

15. eMMC Course – 

It is an advanced course in the field of mobile repairing, in which you will learn the repairing and re-balling of eMMC chip. There is a huge demand for eMMC repairing experts in mobile companies and service center. The shortage of such professional opens a wide opportunity for eMMc professionals. AK info is offering the 10 days short term eMMC course in Delhi and Patna and it is a golden opportunity for the learners.

These are some short courses after 10th, I would personally recommend a digital marketing course after 10th. Whether you take it as a job purpose or hobby this is one of the in-demand skill nowadays. Normally the course duration is 3 month but you can also complete in within 2 months.

I hope your query which is the best course after 10th class? has been solved. So why wait to make a career after 10th.

There are many more courses apart from the courses mentioned above. What you really need to understand is where exactly does your interest lie and then take up a course that suits your interests and aptitudes. With the right inputs and guidance, you can plan your career well.