Buy KO NO 2 OCA Machine – Low Price OCA Lamination Machine

KO NO 2 OCA Lamination Machine

The OCA machine is the new revolution, you have seen many companies are manufacturing mobile display glass repairing the machine, and KO no 2 is yet another name in the list the first version of KO which is known as KO No 1 OCA machine has some limitation. The productivity issues are also there, and customers are demanding a robust and cost-effective OCA machine. So here comes KO NO 2, a new, high quality, robust, productive and portable OCA lamination machine. 

M triangle KO NO 2 OCA machine is ideal for 7 inches LCD screen and specially designed for Samsung S8 edge and iPhone X mobile glass repairing. Apart from that, this high-quality machine is feasible with Samsung s6, s6+, s7, s8, s8+, and other curved screens.


KO NO 2 OCA Machine Product details –

Now let’s understand the product specification of KO NO 2 OCA Machine –

Material: Aluminum-copper Alloy

Voltage: AC110V / 220V

Power: 1500W

Working Pressure: 0.4-0 .6 Mpa

Equipment Size: 320 * 310 * 420mm

Weight: Machine about 38kg.

Application: for Samsung edge Curved screen

KO NO 2 OCA Machine Price in India –

I know, it has some improvement areas as well, and I am sure the next version of MT KO OCA machine will be more revolutionary, now the question comes, is what will be the cost of this OCA glass lamination machine. 

KO NO 2 OCA machine needs a vacuum pump and air compressor; it means if you are buying this OCA lamination machine then you must purchase an air compressor and vacuum pump. But don’t worry I have a surprise for you as well. If you buy KO NO 2 you will get 6 Samsung mold absolutely Free…

You can also take the training of KO NO2 OCA setting, and support with this product, Hurry Call 700 400 9069 and order now!

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