Flex Bonding Machine| LCD Flex Cable Repair Machine Price in India


If you already in Mobile Repairing and servicing business, you must know about Flex and flex bonding machine. If you are new then I want to tell you that flex bonding machine is used to fix the flex of mobile phone and LCD TV.

Although there is a different machine which is used for mobile and Smart TV the working principle is almost the same. In this post, I will share information about Flex bonding machine price, flex bonding meaning and mobile LCD flex repair machine price in India.

Flex Bonding machine –

Before I share some information about the product, let me share the use of Flex bonding machine.

Flex Bonding machine is used to –

  • Broken flex repair
  • Damage Flex repairing
  • Flex maintenance
  • Flex replacement

Mobile LCD Flex Repair Machine Price in India –

When it comes to buying the best LCD flex bonding machine, one thing is sure that everyone wants to buy the best flex bonding machine. In India, there are multiple types of flex machine, and the cost starts from 140,000 INR.

About Flex cable bonding machine –

  • The LCD flex machine is a pulse heating upright pressure and suits LCD cable products like bonding and hot pressing.
  • It uses a high precision voltage controller for increased stability.
  • The titanium alloy pressure to ensure a smooth temperature.
  • This Flex Cable Bonding Machine uses unique upper and lower on the bit mode, for iPhone touch row has a good effect on the bit.

Flex cable bonding Machine SPECIFICATION:

Below are the specification of Flex bonding machine – 

Supply – AC 220V.   

Power – 800W.

Equipment weight – 120 KG.

Type – Heating vertical hot press.   

Flex Bonding machine/ Flex soldering machine for iPhone and Samsung etc, Flex Bonding, Machines

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