M Triangle OCA machine – m triangle OCA machine price in India

M Triangle OCA machine

M triangle is a specific type of OCA lamination machine which is best suited for repairing all type of broken screen. The glass repairing machine is best suited for touch smartphones including iPhone, Samsung Sony, Nokia, and Samsung edge series.

With the advent of mobile glass repairing the machine, the mobile broken screen repairing has now become the new trend. Every mobile shop owners want to increase revenue. The best solution of them is either learns the complicated eMMC IC repairing and rebelling or buy a brand new OCA machine.

The OCA lamination machine is something which is the solution to their need because everyone can operate it easily.

m triangle oca machine price in india


m triangle OCA machine: Product Features –

There are lots of versions of m triangle series. You have seen mt 102, mt 103, mt 14, mt 12, etc. mt 102 comes with LCD laminating & bubble remover machine which makes it feasible for most of the shop owners. Here are some features of a low budget 5in1 m triangle OCA machine –

  1. It is specific for LCD, LED, OLED lamination can laminate 1 mobile within 30 seconds.
  2. This machine is easy to operate, and one-button start which comes with touch panel system control.
  3. 5in1 m triangle is a new generation machine, needs no screw, and takes only seconds to lock the vault
  4. Inbuilt vacuum pump and air compressor.

MT OCA Product specification –

This machine comes with the de-bubble chamber which is able to load 20 pieces of LCD at one time. Here is the specification of 5 in 1 m triangle OCA machine-

Voltage/Watt 220v/110v/800W Equipment

Packing size 535*425*355 mm/620*520*440 mm Net/

Gross Weight 56.5kg/70kg

Bubble removing time 5-10 min

MT-102 Product Description –

>>> MT 102 is automatic vacuum oca laminating machine which has a paper size of 7 inches and comes in white color. The laminating speed is 5 minutes and can laminate 40 LCD in 1 hour. The display of this machine is the LCD screen and comes with a vacuum pump.

It comes with a warranty of 2 years and the maximum working temperature is 60 degrees.

m-triangle mt 102  LCD Laminator with Bubble Remover Machine

Model Number: MT-102

Work efficiency:: 50 pcs/hour

Heating mode: constant heating

Suitable for use: Smartphone within 7 inch

Voltage power: 220v/110v 800W

Net/Gross Weight:: 56.5kg/70kg

m triangel mt 102 price in India – 60,000 INR

m triangle mt 103 OCA Machine – 

mt103 is an ideal mobile glass repairing machine for Samsung S6, S7, S8 Edge Plus mobile phones. Apart from that, it is capable of repairing all minds of LCD smartphone repair. the Gross weight of this machine is 72 Kg and it requires a voltage of 110V/220V.

m triangel mt 102 price – 90,000 INR

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Who can buy the m triangle oca machine?
If you are living near new Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Coimbatore, Salem, Vellore, Tiruppur, Visakhapatnam, Guntur, Kurnool, Vijayawada then you can call us at 8587 930 876 to buy m-triangle brand repair machine.

m triangle oca machine price in India –

The price of the m triangle OCA machine starts from 55,000 and the top version is around 90,000/-.