Top 5 Free business advertising online | Small Business Advertising Ideas

Do you own a Small business? Are you looking for small business advertising ideas? Then you are on the right page. The advertising is the much-needed thing to create demand and increase the sale of the products and services. No one can deny that, the way the internet has evolved in the last 10 years; it has open many doors for small and medium level businesses.

There are multiple ways to promote a business on Google and other advertising platforms. If you are a local business, you can find out free local advertising solutions to sell your products and services. If you have asked yourself that “I want to advertise my business for free” or how do I find a way to advertise a business on Facebook, LinkedIn or Google, then stick with me.

Small Business Advertising Ideas

Top 5 ways to Free Advertising on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn –

In this post, I am sharing some 5 best ways to promote a business on Google and other platforms.

  1. Google My Business
  2. Answer Quora Questions
  3. Publish content on LinkedIn
  4. Start a channel on YouTube
  5. Send emails using Google drive

  1. Use Google My business to improve the Local Presence –

Google my business allows a local business owner to list your business on Google search engine. As a business owner, you can optimize your business for local searches. By using, GMB you can also manage your presence on Google Search and maps.

You must have searched for any product or service on Google, and you must aware of the fact that ranking high in search always make a business legitimate and increased trust. One more plus of using Google my business for advertising the business is that you can share the latest offers, Discounts, and receive a feedback of your services.

  1. Use Quora to reach your customer when they are considering the similar products like you –

Quora is a basically a question-answer site, where you can ask a question and give answer respectively. You can use this platform to reach thousands of visitors who are interested in your products and services. There are many professional, whose answers are seen by millions of user on Quora.

Apart from a built-in audience, you can answer the direct question from the potential customer and engage with them in a thread. By consistently doing this, you can generate the high-quality leads. At the same time, consistency will lead you towards the subject expert in your industry.

  1. Use the Power of linked to connect with other Businesses and customers –

Today LinkedIn is not limited to the networking, the most powerful thing about this network it is a network of professionals. As a Business owner, you can connect with another business owner, and also publish content on LinkedIn related to your product and services.

Apart from that you can create a company page on LinkedIn and post a regular update on your business. It is absolutely free. If you are interested in paid advertising, then you can use LinkedIn ads, and also use the Sales Navigator.

The Blogging platform of LinkedIn allows you to demonstrate your expertise within the industry. Once you publish the content, your connections engage with your audience. According to a study, 50% of the overall social media traffic of B2B Company comes from LinkedIn. I want to tell you that if you are not publishing content on LinkedIn than you are missing a lot of opportunities.

  1. Start a YouTube Channel and start making videos related to your service –

Yet another Free tool of Google, which allows sharing videos. You can start creating videos related to your product and establish yourself as a resource. YouTube has a more than a billion active users, by creating informative videos you can sell your products.

Apart from these benefits, your business gets much-needed visibility and entertains viewers. As a result, you can get visitors to your website as well.  Once you create a video, you can use Video sharing sites to increase views and reach of your video.

  1. Use Google Drive to send promotional emails –

Google drive is a powerful tool which facilitates you to use Microsoft office also there are multiple extension, which you can use for promoting your business.

I want to introduce you a free extension of Google, “mail merge”. It allows you to send emails to the customers and you can check the status of emails, whether it is delivered, opened or not.

I hope you get some idea about how to promote business on Google for free. The art of advertising is something which turns a business into a profitable one. Sometimes, a question arises in the mind that where to advertise online for free, and that is the reason I came up with the solution to help you.

Stay tuned with us, bookmark this page because I will add some more ideas for free local advertising and other tips related to business promotion online.


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Green Marketing: A step towards a better future

Green Marketing –

Green marketing, also referred to as ecological marketing and environmental marketing, is a term that was coined between the late 1980s and early 1990s.

It is associated with the term sustainability. Well for sure, this reminds you of those environmental education chapters highly emphasizing reuse, reduce and recycling of things. Knowing that the supply of natural resources is depleting with time in regard to the demand rate, and that is where sustainability comes into play!

Sustainability implies using resources in a way or finding alternatives to those resources so that they are sufficient for us as well as the future generations.

Now, where does sustainability come in marketing? The products that are safe for the environment are considered as a part of green marketing. Thus the life cycle of the products we use determine whether they are sustainable or not and hence further contribute to this cause.


Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability abbreviated as LOHAS is a term used by the consumers or communities which believe in the institution of green marketing even if they tend to be more expensive than the day to day regular products.

With awareness regarding the green marketing and its benefits to the surroundings, people who feel more responsible for the environment are more inclined to take up products that are more sustainable and environment-friendly, hence, promoting green marketing. The LOHAS may be further divided into five segments as per NMI (Natural Marketing Institute):

1) LOHAS: the entrusted followers of green marketing

2) Naturalites: people primarily devoted to personal health

3) Drifter: the ones that follow the trend only when its more affordable

4) Conventional: though believe in the green marketing but have a more practical perspective on the concept of green marketing and follow it for the sake of saving money.

5) Unconcerned: the ignorant or unconcerned lot which is hardly affected by the long-lasting effects of their deeds.

How to achieve Green Marketing?

From the raw material used to the end product, each stage may contribute to the green marketing, and it does not just end there! The promotion of the product to the disposal after use is also a part of this form of marketing. Some steps that could be taken up to ecological marketing are:

  1. Systematic packaging and shipping
  2. Use of ecologically sound inks and paper for print marketing
  3. Promotion through e-marketing to save on paper consumption
  4. The sustainable power source in the production
  5. Ecological product packaging
  6. Use of biodegradable products that could contribute to an easy disposal.


Yes, it is a trendsetter, but in the name of green marketing many producers and sellers are trying to sell products which otherwise may not come under this category, but to save on cost are tagged ecological and sustainable in nature. It is the act of misleading the consumers into buying products not having a genuine certification of green marketing. In the hustle to make money, the producers are not concerned with the consequences of their products.

Green Marketing Products  –

Green Marketing products are presumed to be environmentally safe, below are some Green marketing products –

  • Dryer Balls
  • Eco-Friendly Paper Shredders
  • Green Power Outlets
  • Solar Speakers
  • Green GPS Units
  • Eco-Friendly Verification Phone Apps
  • Solar Panel Charging Cases
  • Solar Water Heaters
  • LED Lights
  • Energy Saving TVs

Advantages of Green Marketing :

Green marketing is the need of the hour, but it would be of no success if the public is not aware of its needs and positive aspects.  Companies that produce the green marketing products get the competitive advantages and directly leads to profit sustainability.

It is the best way to access the new market. Also, they should be warned against the go-getters in the industry trying to loot them in the name of green marketing.