Mobiles are the most used gadget nowadays and the mobile repairing industry is booming day by day. The mobile repairing tools are essential to do mobile repairign work effectively.

Why you need a trusted Mobile Tools wholesaler?

There a number of mobile tools wholesalers in Delhi, but the shop owner looks for the quality of mobile repairing tools. The reason behind this is, mobile is growing rapidly and in order to retain the trend, one needs quality tools from trusted suppliers.

Best Mobile Repairing Tools list –

In this post, I have compiled some best mobile repairing tools that you can buy from the trusted mobile repairing tools wholesale market in Delhi. So without a delay lets start the list – 

1. Mobile phone Screwdriver –

When it comes to repairing a mobile phone, the number one thing you need is a mobile phone screwdriver. Using a professional and quality screwdriver allows the technician to open the mobile cover easily.

2. Mobile Phone IC –

Mobile phone IC is the most integral part of the mobile phone. there is a number of IC’s are used in the Mobile phone like audio IC, Network IC, power IC, Logic IC, etc. Error in those IC can cause a problem in the functioning of the whole mobile phone.

3. SMD Rework Station

When it comes to soldering and desoldering of IC or chips then the role of a high-quality SMD becomes crucial. You can see the SMD machine in almost every mobile repairing shop.

4. Multimeter

A multimeter is yet another must-have tool for mobile repairing professionals. It is also known as Multi tester, a multimeter is used to test the voltage, current, and resistance.
There are many high-quality multimeters and if you are searching for the wholesale opportunity then you can buy it from AKT, Karol bagh.