New Gadget Nagri – OCA Machine, Mobile tools and more

The mobile industry is upgrading itself day by day. It becomes necessary to keep updated when it comes to repairing a Smartphone. The growth of an individual whether they have their own mobile repairing and servicing business or doing a job in this industry is depends on the knowledge.

Today I am reviewing New gadget Nagari a YOUTUBE channel, where you can keep yourself updated in mobile repairing tools and industry.

About New Gadget Nagri –

New Gadget Nagari has approx. 1 lac subscribers and they are more than 150 videos are uploaded till date.  The channel was created in Feb. 2013 but they got a J curve on the subscribers in last 2 years.

The agenda of this YouTube channel is to share the information about mobile tools wholesale market, mobile professional tools, OCA lamination machine, mobile machine unboxing, and review.

The frequent upload of mobile repairing tools and machines are the best thing to expect from New gadget Nagri.

New Gadget Nagri: Popular uploads –

In recent years they have made many popular videos on OCA Lamination Machine, network problem issues on mobile phones, touch glass replacement, battery issues and touch glass replacement of Samsung mobiles.

Below are Top 5 video topics of New gadget Nagri YouTube channel   –

  • Vivo 1603 & x pro Network problem Solution
  • Mi Xiaomi A1 Camera lens glass Crack Replacement
  • Xiaomi Mi A1 Touch Glass Replacement With OCA
  • Fuli Hui Battery ko Kaise Thik Karate Hain all Model
  • Samsung J2 (16) Touch Glass Replacement Easy Way With OCA

New Gadget Nagri Social Blade Status – 

To give you accurate information, I deep dive into this and I have seen the following results – 

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The channel grade is B-, and they have received 6,003,475+ views to date.   


New gadget Nagri focuses on promoting BABA tools, best service OCA machines, microscopes, IC, SMD rework station and other mobile tools, you can subscribe their channel to enhance the knowledge of mobile repairing.