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Part Time Courses

A 27-year-old, Niharika having 4 years of experience in Software testing wants to earn a skill by doing a part time course in Delhi. The reason is simple she wants to add one more skill and the most important he wants passive income.

Part-time courses are designed for creating job opportunity, by getting the certification you can work as a freelancer, or you can mention in your LinkedIn profile, resume to showcase your skill.

Whether you are like Niharika, or recently completed his 12th exam and searching for short-term courses after 12th or a housewife who wants to earn money by working from home.

This post is for you!

In this post, I am sharing a list of best part time courses in Delhi. If you are the one, who are actively looking for a 1-month course, 3 months, or 1 year then see the complete list –

1. Spoken English & Publish Speaking –

The most needed skill which opens hundreds of Doors of Success, if you are seriously looking for career enhancement/ job then it must be in first place on your bucket list.

The best part about this course is, it is for all.  I have recently written a post about English Speaking Course Provider Institutes in Delhi; in case you want to read then you can click here!

You can also buy low price spoken English books from Amazon

2. Diploma In Digital Advertising  (DDA) –

If you are the one who wants to make a career in Digital marketing then this is for you. a short-term Digital marketing course can land you in a high paying job. This course is for all, whether you are a student, housewive, sales and marketing professional or want to work from home.

Normally the course duration of the Diploma program is approx 1 year, but you can also go for a short-term Digital marketing certification program.

You can’t believe that there are more than 20 lac job openings in this field, a number of freelance jobs as well.  So if you have a passion for working from the Internet or making money online then this is the best course for you.

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3. Tourism and travel management –

India is a rich in its history and culture, and this is the reason, many foreigner love to travel India. In 2016, there are more then 8.9 million foreign tourists visited India. It was 11% higher than in 2015. 50% from then landed on Mumbai, Chennai, and Kerala.

These numbers say a lot and that’s why a part-time course in Travel and Tourism Management can be very fruitful for you.

You can visit theschoolofexcellence which offers many certifications, UG courses in Tourism.

4. French Language Course –

The French language is spoken in all the 5 continents along with English. If you are an extrovert who loves to travel and want to earn money by working as a French translator then this is the best choice for you.

As a career perspective, a good command of the French language opens the door of many MNC’s in many sectors which includes retail, automotive, aeronautics, etc)

You can visit this post, where I have listed Top 5 institutes to learn French Language course in Delhi.

5. Data science course –

In the 21st century Data is everything, you have recently heard about Cambridge Analytica and Facebook Data breach, you must understand the value of Data after this incident, Data Science curse is a course where you will learn how to make decisions by analyzing the data sets and patterns.

This course is best suitable for those who are already in the Business analytics sector, or a student who wants to make a career in Data science.

Recommended for you –

6. IELTS Exam Preparation –

If your aim is to work in foreign countries then no course is better then IELTS. By successfully passing this exam, your credibility increases, and at the same time there are a number of jobs requires the certain IELTS score.  Apart from getting employment and study opportunities, there are other benefits as well –

1. IELTS certification is widely recognized
2. You will improve your English skills.
3. An objective assessment of your English abilities

7. Graphic Designing Course –

If you know how to visualize ideas that engage people then the Graphic designing course is for you.

This is in demand skills and the number of Jobs is available for graphic designers. As automation is in trend, a number of jobs will despair in the next 20 years and Graphic designing work will never be replaced by AI or any automation. This profession also has many freelancing job opportunities as well. In case you want to learn Graphic designing then you can CLICK HERE.

8. Video Editing Course

yes, You heard right! Due to the change in technology, a video is one of the most consuming contents on the internet. Everyone loves to watch videos and due to the internet people can access videos from anywhere.

A part-time course on Video editing opens a door of Jobs and freelancing work as well. If you are interested in making a career in the Video Industry then you can enroll in any online or offline Video editing course. Whichever industry you are from any industry this is the best part-time courses for working professionals.

  • Still Photography course

Whether you want to learn photography for the sake of the hobby or to earn living purely from Photography. In both the situation, this course is feasible for you.

If you already love photography, then do you know that you can make a profession in this field. you can enroll in photography classes, by visiting this link.

  • Blogging & vlogging

In the blogosphere, you will find many experts who are writing about any product or services. Blogging is widely popular in recent years. It gives an additional source of income by sharing your views on a specific topic. The best part of Blogging is you don’t need to work from 9 to 5, and this makes Blogging the best part-time course in India.

Similar to blogging, vlogging is also the same concept, but the medium becomes video rather than text content. You have seen many vloggers on YouTube in recent year. This field is still new and there are many opportunities for a person who has a passion for the Internet.

For a housewife/homemaker, a course which can be completed just by sitting at home by an online medium seems great. Due to advent of internet learning by own pace in an online mode is possible. If you are comfortable in learning online and want to work from home than Digital marketing is the best course for you.

I hope this list of Top part-time courses in Delhi will help you to find the best courses to make your leisure productive and Career oriented. In case you need any career-related assistance then feel free to comment below!