PPC Training Program By Google Certified Professionals

PPC aka pay per click is a form of advertising where we promote our business on the search engine. If you are looking for targeted traffic to your website then PPC is the best option. In order to do PPC advertising with Google Adwords, you need a great foundation of knowledge.

This is the reason, why I have designed this special training program in Pay per click advertising. This Course covers main tools and techniques that will help every Adwords learner to make better use of Google Adwords for their business. In this exclusive Google Adwords and Facebook advertising course, you will learn topic by topic and step by step so that you can get most out of search engine marketing in the shortest time.ppc-training-course-in-delhi

Who can do PPC Course?

This course is designed for those who have already gain little success on their own with PPC and looking for a more clear insight of Google Adwords and Facebook advertising. Apart from these if you have asked yourself the following question, then this training program is for you.

I want to make a career in search engine marketing. I don’t have a marketing background but I want to learn pay per click advertising. I am an SEO professional but I want to excel my career in Google Adwords. I am tired of learning search engine marketing on my own but now I need an expert guidance. I want to do my PPC management on my own for my business.

1. 5+ Batches
2. Google Certified Trainer
3. 15+ Students Placed
4. 9/5 Rated By Student

About PPC Training Batches-

The training batches are for a small group of 8-10 people. The whole training program is designed in a way that all the attendees get equal opportunity to understand the core techniques of PPC.PPC Training in Delhi

What will you learn?

This PPC training program is a blend of best strategies and easy to apply Adwords techniques. It is designed to make most out of Adwords to push your website towards more revenue and sales. This course is best suitable for Digital marketers or anyone at a digital agency that deals in media buys. This comprehensive course is especially focused on-

Understanding of SEM and common PPC terms. Driving consistent traffic to the landing pages of a website. Creation and optimization of profitable Adwords campaign. The process of obtaining the best quality score of keywords Conversion set up the process to determine the value of an advertising campaign Remarketing campaign to retarget your previous visitors to visit your site.

Traffic report analysis to make better optimization process decisive. Automation to reduce time and maintenance cost of your ad campaign. Integration of Adwords and Google analytic account. Phone call setup, form submission, and their tracking. Conversion optimization to increase sales to your website.

PPC Training Course Curriculum –

You can use pay per click advertising to bring targeted traffic to your website, but the most imperative thing is understanding of Adwords. The interactive curriculum of PPC training is designed to give a deeper understanding of AdWords auction process. At the end of this course, you will learn to drive consistent, high-quality traffic to the website every single day. Let’s check it out PPC course curriculum –

Module 1: PPC overview

What is PPC?

Why use PPC advertising for your business?

Paid Campaigns Major TermsMy Client Center

Module 2: Strategizing Search campaign

Keyword research and keyword planner, Keyword match types, Location extension, Ad extensions, Day Parting, Change History, Segmentation, Auction Insights, Ad creation ( Text, mobile, banner, app and video ads)Conversion tracking setup Ad relevancy, CTR and Quality score Tips to increase CTR of ads, Best practices to improve Quality score

Module 3: Google Ad express

what is Google ad express and how to use it? Expanding local business using Ad express how to set up your first ad express campaign

Module 4: Testing

A/B testing, Split Testing, Multivariate Testing

Module 5: Strategizing Display campaign

Display Planner, Display campaign optimization, Targeting audience in display Network, Image ads, and Video ads, Contextual, Placement and topic targeting

Module 6: Remarketing

Why use Remarketing Campaign? Rebranding to targeted TrafficBest practices

Module 7: Adwords and Analytics Integration-

Adwords and analytics account linking, Adword Reporting in Google Analytics, Creating Audience and opting them into AdWords, Tracking goal conversions Tracking keyword performance

Module 8: Facebook Advertising

Brand creation and brand promotion in Facebook, Create a first facebook page for your business, Event promotion via facebook page Ads manager Vs. business manager, Using power editor effectively,  Using different marketing objectives ( Lead capture, website conversion, etc), Creating and optimizing ads, CTR and campaign Creating custom Audience

You will not only learn the basics of PPC advertising also get comprehensive and expert insight into this rigorous course. The case studies and expert insight will help you to get guaranteed results from PPC campaign for any business vertical.

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