How to promote your products or Business with Digital Marketing?

Welcome to Proact Digital your online consultant, digital marketing is growing and it is one of the most effective ways to sell and promote products.

Let me share a case study of a well known Training Institution and how they deliver their message to the targeting audience and acquired numerous leads and admission. How Digital marketing helped them to increase enrollment.

Google Search Advertising Campaign –

Google search is one of the most effective ways to reach the customer when they actually looking for the services. With a Google Search campaign, the medium budget campaign with a limited yet relevant keyword, they acquired 397 leads in 30 days, within 25 km proximity which resulted in 45 enrollments in the training program.

The cost per conversion was just ~50. After running for 3 months, we got the account history, CTR, optimized campaign, etc. It is the best part with Digital marketing you can scale according to the budget.

 Remarketing campaign with tailored marketing message –

The Internet is wide, a customer always looks for more than one service provider at a time. The remarketing campaign helps to memorize your business to the customer. A remarketing campaign was yet another effective campaigning that has build trust and engagement.

Face book and Instagram Marketing –

Face book and Instagram is the most active platform for the use, we created a Facebook campaign, with a lead form and laser targeting. The new audience at low cost increases trust, lead, and business.

Email Marketing Campaign for leads and Retention:

60% of customers made their decision to buy a product after seeing an email marketing message.  In the age of social media, email still very relevant to acquire leads and business promotion. Apart from that, it plays an important role when it comes to retaining the customer.

We created some templates to share news, latest photos and information about the product. Meanwhile, we have created an email list to share discounts offer and promotion deals.

Digital marketing is effective, that’s why it is $600 billion industry/year. It delivers hence the best platform to sell products and promote any business online.

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