Ruhmeen Kaur with her 7 Awesome Room Decor Ideas

Ruhmeen understands that Home decoration for some people is an agonizing task and should be handled by experts. To some Home decor is challenging task but it gives them an opportunity to use their creativity and feel liberated and happy to a certain extent.

For such people, it can be tough choosing the right home decor ideas and this is where Ruhmeen Kaur comes with her unique ideas. Interior decoration includes art pictures, mirrors, light fixtures, flowers, plants, area rugs, textiles and Ruhlistic designs helps you adds personality to your home.  Ruhlistic designs also absorb noise and help change the room’s shape illusion, if placed in the right position.

Ruhmeen Kaur strongly believes that Interior decoration is successful when it understands people’s behavior and creates functional spaces within a room rather than just decorating the space with fashionable or beautiful things. In this Blog Ruhmeen shares Home Decor ideas with you that will help you manage space. As Home decoration ideas are appealing to the sense of sight, so is Ruhlistic designs for your sense of touch since they add warmth, texture and soul to your home.

7 Awesome Room decor Ideas that would keep your Brain going:

How to create a happy and Peaceful room decor?

The first idea is that your room should be clean, Paint your walls in light and natural colors, display peaceful artwork and taking out every trash bag, keep organizers in your room, if you really want to have Peace and Happiness Ruhmeen strongly suggests to refer to , Ruhmeen is a Fan of Marie Kondo’ Organizer ideas, teach your children, go through every single drawer, shelf and corner and see what a Happy Home looks like.

1. DIY Room Decor Ideas:

There are many home décor ideas that can come into mind without spending money. Such as Painting your room white to make it look modern, bright and bigger, clothesline picture holders which you are not limited to, Washi tape pin panel, dressed-up cork board and building of Chalkboard table among others are part of DIY interior designs. Check out these unique home paint ideas  and you would be surprised how amazing DIY Room Décor ideas you can create of your own, check out 5 minute crafts at and see magical inexpensive ways to redo your Room in no time .


How to maintain fresh energy flow in the room?

There are creative ways to increase positive energy and peace in your home, to enable you to start enjoying the place your home of abode. Use an essential oil diffuser, declutter your space, and use a Himalayan salt lamp. Introduce some flowers and plants throughout your home. Discuss with Ruhmeen about the Fengshui energizing plants, take advice from Ruhlistic designs on 5 elements simple magical energizers,

2. A round bed – 

The idea behind this home decor is to create a romantic atmosphere as you enjoy the view of your environment. Round table bed has the capability of turning an ordinary room into a special and luxurious room. Ruhmeen believes, shapes are really important to our soul and Circle always intrigues.

3. A wall mounted fish tank.

Having a Piece of Ocean inside your home is a beautiful idea. Many homes use fish as interior decoration and watching it swimming in an aquarium has a significant effect on your health and well-being. Ruhmeen asks you to go by Ruhlistic Designs Wall mounting Fish Tanks instead of regular ones.

4. Wallpaper /Ruhlistic designs – 

Wallpaper tends to have a longer life-span just as Ruhlistic deigns in home decor, but in a situation where you like re-decorates every few years the longevity of the wall covering might not be a concern.

A creative swing or hanging chair also brings out the hidden beauty of a home.

Ruhmeen Kaur -Ruhlistic designs with Happy Designing to you!