A beginners Guide to know about What Is SEO and How It works?

What Is SEO?

Everyone knows how SEO is important, it’s that much important for the website as food is necessary for us. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, by using this you will get improved the visibility of your website easily without paying every single penny.

SEO is an organic method that uses to get rank huge in the search results.  It amplifies of implementation with the search engine friendly website as well as optimization of the content.

It is the act of making your website user-friendly and makes useful to understand, it’s easy and effective in the search engines. You can see my previous post, where I have shared some points about why SEO is important for websites success.

Why Search Engine Rankings  Matters for Business Growth? 

It’s in this decade how business has become competitive; in order to get a good impression, the entrepreneurs need their website on the top so that maximum people visit their website. The more visitors visit the more chances of the leads and sales.

There are so many people who try to go ahead and beat its compotators. If you have a good service/product they are nothing until they get attention by the target audience.

Search Engine Optimization performs that a business needs to reach target audiences. A clear difference can be seen after using this organic metric. Though there are so many tools SEO is an organic that works free of cost.

By using this organic tool you can start getting good results on your website, if you don’t get enough results at the first day there is no need be anxious as it takes time but has so much effectiveness.

There are large number entrepreneurs who have been using SEO to get good conversation. You just need to understand that SEO is all about optimizing a website to take your website on the top in search results.

Here are some more advantages of Search Engine Optimization:

  • To design and develop a website to rank high in the search engine results.
  • Improve the volume and quality of traffic to the website from others search engines.
  • It’s part of marketing by understanding how search algorithms work, and what human visitors might search.

SEO is a subset of search engine marketing that uses in the business. No matter whether you’re a small entrepreneur or big it boosts up on every website.

It also refers to SEO copywriting, because most of the techniques which have the aim to increase the visibility of any website that deals with the text.

I think, now you understand what SEO is. If you plan to use these benefits, this is necessary to understand how search engines work so that you could get much more benefits.

How does a Search Engine Optimization Work?

Here are some activities in order to deliver search results in a better way:

(1) Crawling –

The process of fetching all the web pages linked to a website. This task is performed by software called a crawler or a spider.

(2) Indexing –

This is a process of creating an index for all the web pages and keeping them in a database from where you can get good results.

(3) Processing –

When a search request comes to the search engine forwards it ahead, for instance, it compares the search chord in the search request with the pages.

(4) Relevancy Calculation – 

Calculating relevancy is more than one page that contains the search things. The search engine starts calculating the relevancy of each of the pages.

(5) Retrieving Results –

This is the last step; in search engine activities it retrieves in the best results. By and large, it is more than simply displaying them in the browser in order to produce better results.

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I hope you found your time productive while reading this article. Now you have a good knowledge of search engine optimization and got a clear understanding of what is SEO  and how SEO works. Now you know that Search engines are such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing! Which is sort of update with the relevancy time to time?

You also know how it works and how you can use these tips with your business. However, if you have any doubt or question kindly share with us in the comment box rest be assured we will get back to you shortly.


Top 5 online Digital Marketing Courses to Learn Digital Marketing

Online Digital Marketing courses to kick start your Career

If you are in Online Marketing industry then you realized the importance of Digital Marketing. The skills you get in offline or Online Digital Marketing course can be applied to any type of Business.

Whether it is about selling a product, offering services or generating the demand of a product, Digital Marketing helps you to meet your objective. Today there is no Job where you don’t need the Digital Marketing Skills.  

If you are on this page, then I am sure that you are looking for the resource where you can learn Digital Marketing online. Congratulation, you are on the right page. In this post, I am sharing Top 5 resources where you can join online Digital Marketing course.

So let’s check out the top 5 resources to learn Digital Marketing online and to get certification in Digital Marketing –

1. Udemy –

Udemy is a leading platform for online learning, where experts from different industry share his expertise in a form of courses. Udemy offers tools where professional create a course and promote it so that it can be found by the learners.

There are various online digital marketing certification courses, which you can take. Before taking the course, keep the following things in mind so that you take the best course for you-  

  1. Check out the course content and module details
  2. See the reviews and rating of the course.
  3. See how many learners are currently taking the course
  4. Do not forget to see the preview of the course.
  5. If you need any assistance then reach out to the author.

Visit – https://www.udemy.com/courses/marketing/digital-marketing/

2. Coursera –

This is the best place to take world’s best courses online. If you want to learn digital marketing from the top universities (University of Illinois, Pennsylvania, IE business school, California etc.) then coursera for you. The course here, are focused on latest Digital Marketing techniques.

I recently go through with the Digital marketing course program (Marketing in Digital World ) which was offered by University of Illinois and made the below conclusion –

  1. This is a 4-week study course which includes 6-8 hours of weekly learning.
  2. This course is available in English, Chinese, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Turkish and Spanish.
  3. Currently, There are 150,000 learners are taking this course.

This course covers digital tools, which are used in today digital marketing landscapes. Apart from the tools this course is focused on product promotion, distribution of products, and setting the prices of the products.

Visit – https://www.coursera.org/specializations/digital-marketing

3. Alison’s online digital marketing Certificate Course –

Alison is a leading online learning platform, which was founded in early 2007. If you want to get an understanding of how digital marketing works then this is the best option for you. You can see more than 10 courses on digital marketing. If you want to specialize in just one domain like search engine optimization, Google analytics, or any other then you can take the separate course as well.

Their basic course covers the promotion via online marketing, and how digital marketing is different from traditional marketing. There are following courses are available in Alison –

  1. Inbound strategy and sales software by Hubspot
  2. Advertising your business online
  3. Understanding data analysis and reports in Google Analytics.
  4. Preparing for the Google Analytics individual qualification test
  5. Google Analytics
  6. Google Adsense.
  7. Fundamental to marketing your business online.

The best part of Alison’s online marketing courses are, they are FREE, and its a best opportunity to get understanding the anatomy of Digital world.

Who can do this course?

This course is best suited for business professionals, data analysts, sales professionals, entrepreneurs and anyone who want to make a career in Digital Marketing.

Visit – https://alison.com/courses/Diploma-in-E-Business

4. Simplilearn –

If you love learning online, then you must hear about Simplilearn. It offers 14 basic digital marketing course, 8 advanced courses along with much other knowledge improving courses. Although the fees are little high to get an expert hand this one will be your resource. Some of their top selling courses are listed below –

  1. Digital Marketing Certified Associate
  2. Advanced Web Analytics
  3. Pay Per Click (PPC)
  4. Advanced Website Conversion Rate Optimization
  5. Content Marketing

Although before taking an online course, we have some misconception about the learning the courses at simplilearn are tested with many success stories.

Visit – https://www.simplilearn.com/digital-marketing/digital-marketing-certified-associate-training

5.Google –

A tech giant which has approx 85% of total market share. Google has launched its own online digital marketing course. The objective of this course is to make people aware of Digital Marketing.

This is the finest to get understanding of Digital Marketing and kick start your career in digital landscapes. Once you complete any of the course, you get certification, which is best to showcase your skills on curriculum vitae and LinkedIn profile as well.

Why join this course?

  1. It is Free and best to get basic digital marketing knowledge
  2. You get a certification which is also Free.
  3. Learn about digital tools which will make your marketing better
  4. These courses are best to improve the interview skills.
  5. The flexibility of learning from anywhere.

Visit – https://learndigital.withgoogle.com/digitalgarage/certification

You can take these course to build your online marketing skills in SEO, social media, pay per click, google adsense, digital strategy and more. These 5 resources are best if you are looking for a career in digital marketing or want to strengthen your skills.

I hope you find this blog post helpful. If you have any suggestion then feel free to share with me in below comment box.


SEO Feeelancer and SEO consulting services in Delhi, India

SEO Freelancer

If you have a business and have a website, online store or blog, then you must be familiar with this term SEO, SEO freelancer, or SEO Expert.

SEO aka /search engine optimization is must have thing for business growth and to meet the business objective. It is also necessary because it increases the trust level and makes your Authoritative in your Niche.

Apart from providing results, A Freelancer SEO can handle the following SEO services

  • Keyword research for your Website
  • Google Webmaster Tools analysis
  • Link profile analysis
  • Link removal and disavowal
  • Link Building and monitoring
  • Competitor research and brand monitoring
  • Technical SEO and auditing
  • organic search strategies and execution
  • Local SEO strategies and execution

Top 10 Questions to ask before Hiring an SEO Freelancer –

Outsourcing the SEO campaign is a cost-saving idea, but finding the best SEO is more important than that. Below I am sharing top 10 questions which you must ask before hiring an SEO consultant.

1 – Can you share your past and present SEO clients?

A Job of Freelance SEO consultant is to rank your keywords at the top of the search engine results. So it becomes essential to know about the past SEO projects, He should be open to sharing a list of his projects. These projects help to find out the effectiveness of SEO expert.

This question is also important because you can assess the impact of SEO consultation on the previous client’s website and also the conversion which they get from their efforts.

 2 – What will the process of improving our Website’s Search engine ranking?

Although any SEO Freelancer or SEO consultant will not discuss his own methods of SEO, they can explain the strategy to ramp up the SEO outcomes.

To make sure he/she is best fit for you. Make sure they give you some insights about Technical SEO, broken links, error pages. Having a site search engine friendly is the primary step of search engine optimization. Also ask the SEO consultant how they utilize the off page SEO activities like blogs, articles and Press release and other social media sites.

3. Do you follow the search engine webmaster Guidelines?

This question is the most important for you as a Business owner and it leads to your long-term success. There are several SEO activities which are prohibited by the major search engines including Google and Bing. The spammy content, doorway pages, cloaking and hidden links. A search engine can penalize you and even ban your website from Search engine.

Take the consultant view on this topic too, so that you can prevent your website for a penalty.

4. is it possible then our website will rank on 1st position for all our keywords?

Yes, it is possible but there is no Guarantee. If an SEO expert or SEO Freelancer gives guarantee for number one ranking then considers it as a RED flag.

The search engine controls the results with over 200 factors. There is no shortcut to SEO. It is a strategic execution of link building campaign which gives a result.

5. How much experience you have in LOCAL SEO?

If you are a business serving customers in the local area, then Local SEO is the must-have optimization for you. To attract the local audience, An SEO expert must have experienced in local search engine optimization.

A submission on local directories and listing it on a major search engine is necessary to attract local customers. Listing your business with a proper name, address and phone number will help you to get new customer when they are searching for your services.

6. How can you measure the success of your SEO efforts?

This question is little tricky, the success of SEO campaign is best on the KPI’s you set. Whether you focus is on leads, ranking or traffic. Although make this question open to the Freelance SEO or SEO consultant.

A consultant must have experience of using Google analytics so that he can track the overall performance and KPI’s. Be sure to set a reporting schedule so that you can also measure the progress and find out the new growth opportunities.

7. How many hours can we expect per month for each SEO service?

The answer to this question can be varied as per the consultation but to ask this question becomes important because you find out how much efforts or work is done on your website.

8. How many backlinks can we expect per month?

Today content and backlinks are 2 major ranking factors. The more quality links you build for your website the more chances that your website will rank in search engine results.

This is also a TRICK question because today SEO is not limited to creating backlinks, it is a two-sided sword.  If the links will come from a low-quality site then it can also penalize you and even ban you from a Search engine.

9. What do you know about Google Penguin and what makes a quality backlink?

Penguin is an update which is focused on links. This question will ensure the knowledge of Freelance SEO also help you to find out the experience they have in dealing with major Google algorithms. As I mentioned in the above question that creating quality links is the key to long-term SEO success.

So make sure that the SEO consultant will satisfy you with his answer.

10. What are your fees & payment terms for Freelance SEO Consultation?

Freelance SEO helps your website to grow, so you need to know how much they charged for your SEO project. Many SEO charged an hourly rate, and some considered take it as per the visit. Although project based SEO consulting is best suited for both business and Freelance SEO.

As per the survey, most projects range between 60,000 to 4, 00,000 INR.

SEO is rapidly changing, today it is not limited to black hat and white hat, and there are many gray areas as well. It is the responsibility of SEO to take the maximum output from your website. An experienced SEO professional can do it for you.

Hope this blog post has given you some idea about the role of Freelancer SEO consultant and how they can make your website into a profitable machine.


What is SEO and Why Do We Need SEO for Website?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website so that it performs well in organic search. Ranking highly for search terms which are known as keywords increases the visibility of a website and leads to a higher number of visitors to the actual website. Often people ask Why do we need SEO  for website?

In this blog post, I am sharing some key benefits of SEO, let’s check it out –

1. SEO is good for visibility and branding

Throughout this article, we’ve equated increased visibility with increased traffic and ultimately, an uptick in sales. But high visibility is more than just a simple click through. Most searchers don’t just search once, click on a couple of websites and then finish.

2. SEO helps build your brand’s credibility

We, as consumers, trust search engines to deliver to us exactly what we need. Therefore, consciously or not, we take their rankings as an implicit vote of confidence. The higher you rank on your page, the more Google, or other search engines trust your website, and the more they trust you, the more the consumer trusts your business.

3. SEO complements and integrates with other forms of marketing

Whether it is digital or traditional marketing, SEO can perfectly integrate with your other marketing strategies.

Linking your efforts with content generation, social media, and PR, can boost your reach, and their market power, even further.

4. SEO has one of the best ROI’s in Advertising

SEO provides the greatest rewards, at a higher rate than any other form of traditional offline marketing.


Importance of Free Demo Session before enrolling in SEO Course

To understand the power of SEO – Search Engine Optimization in India, everyone needs a proper guidance. Yes, we do notice text ads, booking ads, promotional videos, shopping ads and banner ads but have never thought in the way a marketer or an SEO would think! So, before going out for the admission why not ask for a free Demo session for SEO course?

Yes, the idea without any doubt is great and hence several online marketing institutes have started following the same.  We will try to highlight you why it is important for you to go and attend the demo class before taking up SEO training course.

1 . Understand the Course Prospects:


Yes, the above is the example from SIMPLILEARN in which you see the top subheads are interesting and servicing the objective of understanding the course prospectus. This is what you will come to know when you attend a demo class for SEO course in Delhi.

A clear picture of an industry is something everyone would love to know! So, to get a deep analysis of the course, attend the demo classes without any reason.

2 . How Will SEO Training Course Benefit You?

Do you want to know the answer to this question desperately, right? Go ahead because unless you will know the benefits of joining the course you will not join. Secondly, the counselor or the tele-advisor will help you to know benefits from your perspective.

Carefully understand all the points and see which designation will work for you in future! A demo for SEO course in Delhi will put a focus on why and how the SEO training is fruitful and know how can you earn by delivering SEO services.

3. Choice of Trainer –

A Free demo session gives an opportunity to choose the perfect trainer for yourself, you can clear your doubts regarding the topics, batch duration, career aspect of completing SEO training.

4. Interaction with trainer –

The Free demo session comes with an opportunity to interact with your trainer. This is the best part of the free demo session. You can analyze how the training program going in next few months.

5. Secure Registration –

Many institutes run special discounts schemes for a limited time period. These schemes are also run in 1st week of a month, last week of the month and even in festival season. You can ask for scholarship schemes, discounts, and other benefits.

6. Greater insight into teaching methods –

Many SEO institutes offer online training and other offer classroom training. In classroom training program of SEO, you can get projector based training. Many institutes offer live project training on computer/laptop.

7. Why choose the respective SEO institute?

In the demo itself, the counselors will highlight as for why to choose the respective SEO institute? The USPs and extra benefits provided by the institute will help you to decide which one is the best in the market.

All the counselors tend to put their best foot forward in front of the query to gain maximum conversion. Hence, attend the demo of the SEO course in Delhi and make sure that everything works in your favor!

To check out an overview of SEO training, you can try out Demo class of SEO Course in Delhi!


High PR – PDF Submission sites List with Alexa Ranking

PDF Submission sites and Organic Ranking

SEO is all about creating backlinks and getting top rank in the organic search results. PDF submission sites allow you to repurpose your content and share it on other websites to promote it.

The best part of PDF file is its crawl ability by major search engine bots.  PDF files are treated by search engine bots as they treat the HTML text.

Top 50 PDF submission sites list –

Below I am sharing some top High PR Free PDF sharing sites, use them effectively and get traffic and backlinks to your website.

Benefits of PDF submission sites –

PDF sharing sites are frequently updated so the search engines crawl it more often hence it directly impacts the crawl-ability, below are some other reasons, which will make you start PDF creation and submission from today –

  • You get backlinks from the high authority website.
  • Your chances to get top ranking in organic search are higher.
  • PDF sharing sites will help you to get traffic for FREE.

Best Practices for PDF submission –

Here are some tips which will help you get most benefit from PDF sharing activity, let’s check it out-

  • Give a meaningful and SEO optimized title to your PDF file.
  • Use dashes to separate words between URL.
  • Optimize images with an alt tag.
  • Use the metadata section to rank higher in search results.

I have written many blog post, focused on getting traffic and backlinks for the site, In case you missed those blog post, you can visit # Top forum posting sites to get traffic # High Pr article submission sites #3 Social bookmarking sites #4 Top Indian Classified sites.

If you have a suggestion to make this blog post “High PR PDF submission sites list” better then feel Free to share with us in below comment box.


Which is the Best Digital marketing institute in Delhi, India?

Want to know which is the best Digital marketing institute in Delhi!

Digital marketing is vast in term of making a career, we believe any institute can be enrolled if they have been doing a great work for a long time, one month or one year can’t prove an institute legitimate. Digital marketing is the need of the hour, that is the reason everyone wants to learn DIGITAL MARKETING. When it comes to learning it, often people confused about which is the best digital marketing institute in Delhi?

The best institute should create a pool of best trainers to coach better and accelerate your career with growth and placement; it makes a journey even better day by day. In fact, Hi-Aim believes to provide an inherent service.

  • The digital marketing is emerging continues to accelerate with the high speed and people are getting exciting new jobs along with business opportunities.
  • It is essential that a new age marketer reaches the height with good understanding and knowledge
  • Engages and interacts with their target audience using digital channels and this can be possible after enrolling a good Institute.

Now you must be wondering what makes best Institute to Hi-Aim and how it has been producing a service so that you get interested. Today, I’m going to write about Hi-Aim Institute how it can help to fulfill your professional dreams and desires.

Let me tell you that Hi-Aim is the leading Digital Marketing Institute located in South Delhi. We are ISO certified institute, and offering world-class Digital Marketing professional course since 4 successive years with 100% job assistance guarantee, more than 1000+ aspirants have started their way with potent a career.

Why Hi-Aim Is Best?

Hi-Aim Institute is the well emerging and most preferred institute in Delhi. It has been serving and setting a great example for other Institutes the way more and more students are getting interested with Hi-Aim Institute.

There are so many reasons what make Hi-Aim lucrative from others, here is a list:

  • 100% Job Assistance Guarantee
  • Special Discount Schemes
  • ISO Certified
  • Hands-On Exposure On Advanced Digital Marketing Tools
  • Course Designed For Students, Entrepreneurs & Working Professionals and Housewives
  • Interactive Classes
  • Job Assistance & Interview Scheduling
  • Live Project Training
  • Special Discount Schemes
  • Back Up Classes
  • Personalized Q&A Sessions
  • Industries Best Practices For A Successful Digital Campaigns
  • Full Time/ Part-Time Course
  • Course Designed Keeping In View Latest Updates In Digital Marketing
  • Self Evaluation Test
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions

Hi-Aim has different course modules, we provide installment scheme in case any student can’t pay the whole amount. We have world-class infrastructure along with advanced course method.

Let’s know more about courses modules how Hi-Aim gives an opportunity to make your professional life better.

We have basic of internet marketing including what are digital marketing, career, and scope in digital marketing, different methods of online marketing etc.

This module will create the base and you will be able to build the foundation for a digital marketing career.

Course modules – 

In this module, you are offered the overview, basic fundamentals, and complete understanding of digital marketing process.

What You Learn?

Hi-Aim is the only digital marketing training hub where you get to know about all the 18 modules of digital marketing with practical and theoretical exposure.

  1. Website Planning & Designing –

The students are offered the basics knowledge of web development concepts and essentials of an engaging website of different web designing techniques.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Get Search engine optimization techniques to rank any website on top of the search engines for any desired keywords with our SEO training module. You will also learn about Google webmaster tool and other SEO tools as well.

  1. Search Engine Marketing

In Search engine marketing, the students are provided complete knowledge regarding online advertising like search advertising, display advertisement and increase conversion with optimization.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Here the students will get to learn the techniques how to engage the target audience and potential customers on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In etc.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

We offer the complete knowledge regarding making huge money online by generating leads and sales for other business as a part-time/full-time affiliate marketer.

  1. Mobile Marketing

We will also provide training to place ads on Android devices, iOS devices, and mobile apps responsive websites to generate leads from mobile devices.

  1. Online Reputation Management

The students will learn techniques of online reputation management, along with its importance. know how to leverage social media for online reputation management

  1. Web Analytics

Learn techniques to Measure, Analyze and improve the performance of your online marketing campaigns through analytics tools of different search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN etc. We will also prepare for Google Analytics certification.

  1. E-Commerce

You will learn how to sell products on e-commerce websites and increase sales through different digital marketing strategies.

  1. CMS

Here you will learn to create and distribute engaging as well as relevant content on different web pages to drive visitors to the targeted website and generate potential leads.

  1. Geo-Targeting

The students learn how to target customers in the specific location, region or area through paid (PPC) or organic search.

  1. Video Marketing

Learn the techniques for Brand building, by making engaging movies, video ads and you will learn how to promote it on YouTube.

  1. Email Marketing

You will learn how to target your potential audience through emails, learn to compelling email copy, open rate optimization in our winter/summer training program

  1. Fundamental of AdSense

Learn to earn thousands of dollars every month with AdSense and blogging. Learn to integrate Google webmaster tool, Analytics, AdSense Account and other optimization techniques.

  1. WordPress/Blogging

You will learn to craft your own blog of your choice along with the techniques to promote it online.

  1. Digital Marketing Strategy

Learn to plan and execution of Internet marketing strategy. In this module, you will learn from various case studies and industry insights which will help you to craft a result oriented strategy for the online business.

  1. Earn Money As A Freelancer

A special module in our digital marketing training course, where we will train and provide you platforms to earn money as a freelancer.

Why Join HiAim?

Being an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Digital Marketing Institute, we have trained 1000+ professionals through our Digital Marketing Training programs since 2013.

(a) Life Time Support –

Get the standardized level of training & support under Google Certified Trainers. Learn and work with our Industry Experts & Become an Internet Marketer.

(b) Best Placement Record –

Stay ahead of Your Competitors. Get recruited in Top marketing Industries across the world with good salary package, incentives, and extra benefits.

(c) Flexible Class Timing –

Let’s make a decision and decide your suitable batch as per your requirement, we welcome students, marketing professionals & business owners in our Internet Marketing training classes.

Here at HI-Aim Institute, you will get a team of trained professionals, constituting of experts who are well experienced more than 10 years and are certified in Google Adwords & Microsoft Bing.

You will get a different exposure at Hi-Aim as we really work hard to develop every student not just well, but great digital marketing experts.

We have ample ideas to support and educate the youth so that more and more students get their earning path.

Here you will get well-dedicated trainers with the mission to make everyone educate in order to make them expert in digital marketing. Hi-Aim Institute gives a space to let you know what opportunities are available and make you aware of Digital Marketing job opportunities.

A course having 18 modules with well designed for the students, which makes them excel in all aspects of Digital Marketing.

Faculties –

Hi-Aim Institute is led by a well-experienced faculty of industry experts and highly professors, digital marketing course will provide participants a vocational course with practical & theatrical live classes through the projector, we hired all the trainers on basis of merit.

Ankit Jangra

Ankit is a well-disciplined digital marketing trainer with the 5 years experience, who works with full dedication with the aim to give most advanced and important knowledge to the students.

He has a great flair in his behavior and always eager to help needy students.

Sanjay Beriwall

He is a Marketing Analytics at Hi-Aim Institute. He has worked as a Marketing Research for the last 7 years.

His courses include Business Analytics, Marketing Research, Online Research; he has more than 13 years of experience.

For the first 4 years of his career, he has been working with Hi-Aim Institute. He has a great experience of digital marketing and tries to provide whole experience to the students.


Our primary Mission is to be innovative and set the direction to provide quality courses with affordable fees. Our mission is to be preferred and knowledge with the long-run institute for our student’s growth and better future.

We believe to educate more and more people and give digital marketing knowledge so that they can make their potent career without any obstacle.

Start Your Free Trial! Dial: 9212-014-014 or Send us an E-mail at info@hiaim.co

I hope you found this article well informative and interesting to make a decision of your career, now you have a good understanding of digital marketing institute where you can make a lucrative career.



Video submission sites – Share your Videos in High PR Sites

Top Video Sharing Sites to promote your Videos

Content marketing is one of the best marketing channels to engage and reach the customers, and no one can deny the importance of content in website’s success. Videos, images, PowerPoint presentation, infographics are used in content marketing. To get maximum benefit from video, video sharing sites are best. It will not only give the exposure to your video also help to get rank in video search result.

Top Video Sharing sites List –

In this post, I am sharing some high PR Video Sharing sites, which you can use to increase

Benefits of Video Sharing sites –

Below are some key benefits of Video submission –

·        It is an extremely popular content syndication strategy.

·        Video Sharing can revolutionary increase the brand awareness.

·        You get valuable backlinks for your website.

·        You get relevant traffic to your website.

I have written a complete series of blog post about off page SEO, in case you missed the other post of this series then visit #1  Forum Posting Sites #2 Local Business Listing Sites in India #3 classifies sites in India #4  Search engine submission sites

I hope you get some new resources for promoting your videos, if you have other sites which I missed in this post, then feel free to share in a comment box.


Free Forum Posting Sites List to get Traffic and Backlinks [Updated]

Forum Posting Sites, Traffic, and Backlinks

Forums posting sites are source of information, where you can share your expertise in a particular topic also get an information insights.

In the past, SEO professional used this for getting backlinks and generate referral traffic for the website. To get success in with Forum Posting, you have to engage with the community and establish yourself as an authority.

Some website gives dofolow backlinks, which is considered the best backlinks because it passes the link juice. In an online space, some SEO professional treat forum submission as a SPAM, but if you do strategically and follow the guidelines then it is a great source for backlinks.

Forum Posting Sites List –

In this post, I am sharing Free Forum submission sites. I hope this list will help you to enhance your overall SEO link building effort –

Best Practices for Forum Posting –

To get success in every activity of off page optimization, there are certain guidelines. As a SEO practitioner, I am sharing some Tips which will help you get success in Forum posting sites, and make your time on forum worthy.

  1. Never use a fake name in registration process.
  2. Use real image in profile picture section.
  3. Engage audience, and be active in the community.
  4. Read the forum guideline before posting and Follow them.
  5. Ask unique question in forum and do not use duplicate content while answering.

In case you missed my recent articles of this series, you can visit #1 article submission sites for SEO, #2 search engine submission sites list #3 Business listing sites to improve local ranking #4 Indian Classified site to post Free Ad.

I hope you love this forum submission sites list if you have any query regarding the post, and then feel free to share with us in below comment box.


Top 50 Business Listing sites in India to improve your Local Ranking

Business Listing Sites in India

Business listing sites are very useful in order to increase local visibility and reputation of your business. If you are running your business in Indian and want to get the most benefit, then these Business Listing sites in India will surely help you.

Benefits of Business Listing sites in India for your business –

Before we explore the local business listing sites, I am sharing some benefits of local listing sites, let’s start –

  1. You get Referral traffic of relevant category.
  2. It is a ranking signal which can help you get better ranking
  3. The business listing makes your domain easily accessible.
  4. An opportunity to Expand Your Business by Reaching New Partners.
  5. You can share your business information in detail.

By listing your website into the local listing site, you can take your business into new standards by ranking top of the web and local results.

Top 50 Business listing sites in India –

Here are the top 50 business listing sites in India, which can rapidly increase your online visibility –

Once you optimize your local listing or business listing your website gets higher priority online. You can also seek the attention of potential leads and overall revenue. So stand out from the crowd and make your business visible.

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If you want to add some more sites in this list then please share with us in below comment box.