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Searching for High PR Free Indian Classified sites?

Classifieds are one of the best SEO practice to get traffic and sale. The process is registering and ad posting is easy, hence it is popular among the SEOs. Apart from banner advertising, classified advertising is cheaper and best to target people from a specific locality.

Top Indian Classified site which you can start using from Today –

Below I am sharing some Top Classified sites, which are best to get traffic and sale for your business, let’s start –

1. OLX –

A Top notch local classified site in India, which has revolutionized the whole process of online classified. When it was first started it was offering only selling and buying of products and services. But now, you can sell, buy, discuss and even meet the peoples new you.

Alexa Rank – 900

2. Quikr –

Quikr is a one-stop destination for posting classifieds related to jobs, motorbike, furniture, tools and rental places. This Indian classified advertising site was founded in 2008 by Pranay Chulet and Jiby Thomas.

Alexa Rank – 1522

3. Locanto –

This one is my favorite; I have generated qualified leads for real estate and education Niche. A strict moderation to remove spam and quick customer response is another reason for its success.

Alexa Rank – 9728

4. –

If you are looking a positive response from your classified Ad, then will at the top of your bucket list. It is completely free and best for real estate, jobs, automobiles, and education related niche.

To get started with a click.In, you have to first set your city name, and then you can start posting your classified. To get the most benefit from this classified site, you have to post your ad with a compelling headline and in a relevant category.

Alexa Rank – 26,953

5. –

Vivastreet offers both business listing and classified ad posting service. You can find thousands of classifieds. It is the best place to post local classified ads related to property for rent, sale, motorcycles, mobile and education related classifieds.

“Vivastreet is Free, Local and simple.”

Alexa Rank – 41,950

6. –

An Indian classified site, which serves more the 5 million users and many small businesses every month, headquarter of clickindia is Noida, Uttar Pradesh. You can post a classified related to real estate, electronic appliances, jobs, and other home furniture ads.

Alexa Rank – 24,236

7. –

It is a global classified ad posting service. But you can leverage the power of back page classified site, for getting the local response. It is basically a search engine for classifieds. You can post ads for cars, bikes, rental, or dating related services.

It was launched in 2004. Backpage offers classified posting in different languages including English, Spanish, German, Japanese and many other languages.

Alexa Rank – 1932

8. –

Thousands of people and organizations use khojle for posting an ad in a local area. This is your one-stop Indian classified site for buying a product, selling or looking for a job. It offers everything you expect from a classified site. It offers a freemium model, it means there is no charge to submit you’re classified.

Once you get register in Khojle you can start posting your ad, and if you are lucky then you can get a response on the same day. If you find it useful then you can boost your ad in minimum fees.

Alexa Rank – 174,437

9. –

Sulekha needs no introduction; it is one of the best local listing sites, which has a strong online presence on many local results. It also offers classified ad posting service, for small and medium businesses. It is best if you are looking for classified ads related to real estate, property for rent, jobs or any other local services.

Alexa Rank – 3573

10. TCNext –

Yet another Indian classified site, TCNext offers an easy way to book an classified ad, deals, discount related to almost every niche. It is a product of Times group and there are little chances your ad can go live in this large repository.

Alexa Rank – 267,933

These are the Top 10 Indian classified sites, which offers a guaranteed response to your Ad. If you are a small business owner who doesn’t have enough budgets to advertise your products then you can use these sites to get a quick response.

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If you want to add more sites to this list, then feel free to post in the comment box below.


Free Search Engine Submission Sites List to Index your website quickly

Search Engine Submission, Indexing & Keyword Ranking

The search engine is the main source of traffic, hence indexing your web pages, blog post and backlinks is one the primary task for it. The Search engine submission sites help your website to index your website quickly so that you get the best results.

According to the latest research “the first 5 results in Google get 67% of all clicks…” These numbers are enough to justify that why it is important to rank your keywords in top 5 search results.

High PR Free Search Engine Submission Sites List –

In this post, I am sharing some High Pr and High domain authority (DA) search engine submission sites list. Submission on All these sites is FREE, so take the benefit and get traffic.

Who can get Benefit from this Search Engine Submission list-

Although this activity is necessary for all the websites it becomes very important if your website is fresh. Submitting your URL to these sites will help your website to index quickly. There are other benefits as well which I am listing below-

  • In a short span, you can submit your website to leading search engine, it is easy and quick.
  • You can have time, by manually submitting your URL to hundreds of search engines.
  • It is an FREE activity and you can use it whenever you need it.

The whole database of search engine submission is tested and curated by very hard effort. I know, it will surely help you to rank your website in top search result. Use it and share your feedback with me.

If you think anyone else needs this free search engine submission list, then please share this post with him.

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7 step to do SEO Competitive Analysis and Research Like a PRO !

SEO Competitive Analysis & Research

Being a brand, company or a new online starter, to perform brilliantly amongst competitors is the need for everyone. You need to follow the strategies that will work in a better way. Shifting from one strategy on video content to another on gaining more natural traffic all these ideas depend on what competitors are following.

So, how to analyze your SEO competitors is a big question? In this article, you will find the answer!

1. Getting to Know – Who are Your Competitors:

The first method is cool which says to have an offline list. From the same, you need to identify your competitors locally, country wise or even globally. To find online competitors which of the companies, brand, or names are coming on the top of the search results?

For example, you own a digital marketing firm and offer online marketing services in the capital city. Use the keyword, Digital marketing services in Delhi and check out the results. If you are running a paid advertising then you can check out your position.

However, if you are not running any kind of PPC then have a look at the organic search. Natural listing is based on quality content, backlinks, and excellent SEO efforts. Check out the results on 5 specific keywords and have a look on the same.

2. Do Keyword Analysis of Your Competitors:

The reason owing to which the competitors are performing well might be the usage of right keywords in trend. For example, if the competitor site is having keywords or phrases and is performing well then use the keyword research tool to check out what is the exact search volume? Maybe you have left some of the great or buzzwords while planning the content design or marketing campaign.

3. Analyze Social Presence of Top competitors:

Gaining traffic for the business site is an overnight secret! The no. of visitors on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus can easily help you to create popularity for the brand. Hence, after identifying your competitors the next step says to have a look at the social profiles of the competitors. The metrics that can help you judge the same are:

  • Likes
  • Followers
  • Post Per Day/Week
  • Campaign for Each of the Platform

4. Perform an FREE SEO analysis:

With a number of free SEO analysis tool, one can check positives of not only own websites but also of the competitors. Such tools provide relevant information on what to do, and what is the best thing on the site. The factors which affect the performance of a website in a lead generation process are:

  • Page Title
  • Meta Tags, Meta Description
  • Text/HTML Ratio
  • Images
  • External Links
  • Sitemap

The above-mentioned four factors will definitely help you to analyze your SEO competitors. Make sure you adopt strategies that are feasible for your own business instead of following competitors blindly.


5 Kickass Tips to Optimize your Site for Baidu Search Engine

Do you need Customers from China?

No doubt if someone wants to capture target audience in China then they have to work on Baidu. It is a dominant search engine in China. Surprisingly, Baidu has more than 83.6 % market share.

Nearly, 99% of the visitors use Baidu that is approximately up to 420 million people. So, is there any trick as to how to optimize for Baidu or it is quite similar to other search engines?

Remember the Difference between Baidu and other Search engines!

There are certain terms and conditions without which you cannot expect a site is published on Baidu. So, what are they consider:

  • Forget about Penguin or Panda, just remember Simplified Chinese, that is where you can rank.
  • Go get a local domain such as, and host in Hong Kong. This could help you in getting faster access to the country and its visitors.
  • Get links from Chinese websites, such sites are preferred as compared to the other sites.

Baidu SEO Best Practices for Beginners –

1. Use Chinese Content on Baidu:

Hire a translator in order to get your content rank on Baidu. It is better to take help from the native speakers since quality simplified Chinese would work awesome. Baidu has its own Keyword Tool to help sites rank or perform better on the search list.

2. Submit Your Site Directly to Baidu:

You need to submit the web page directly to Baidu in order to rank or indexed! Ask your developers and designer to focus on easy navigation, simplified languages with Chinese in the content. This would help the Baidu spiders to judge the site or the page accordingly.

3.Check Your Meta Tags:

If you are using clever keywords in your Meta tags, the site or the page is likely to get a good response from the Baidu search engine. This does not mean you have to stuff the content, instead, go and check what other competitors are doing.

4. Optimize your site for Good Crawl ability:

Always remember, website structure is the key thing for its success. A flat website style helps spider to crawl your website easily, so does the Baiduspider. It is always a good idea to structure your site in a way that Every webpage should be accessible within two clicks from the main page.

5. Do Baidu SEM Carefully:

Like Google, Baidu also offers Baidu Phoenix Nest, a platform to run AdWords. However, you need to know how exactly it functions. The ranking algorithm is quite similar whether it is a PPC ad or an organic listing on the website. Further, if you want to bid for a specific keyword and are ready to pay the highest amount, you will get the top place. This means ad text, content, relevancy and all does not make any sense if you have money to pay!

In short, Baidu is quite different and a bit strange from Google! But, trying out your luck to get a potential customer in millions is worth.If you get some help with these tips on Baidu SEO Best Practices, then share it with us in below comment box.


Top 10 Article Submission Sites List with DA and Alexa Ranking

Article submission on High PR sites can do revolutionary changes in your keyword ranking. If we talk about off page SEO, then getting backlinks from a relevant category is the key to Success. By using Article Submission sites list efficiently you can get a high-quality backlink in less time.

If you are working on any SEO project or promoting your blog. Then you have to go with article submission because submitting high-quality articles can boost your ranking.

Top 10 Article Submission Sites-

Below I am sharing some article submission sites, they give do follow and no follow backlinks as well. Let’s start –

1. –

Hubpages article submission site is the best place to submit an original, detailed, and media-rich article. If you are a blogger then this site is the best for you.

Domain Authority – 87

Alexa Rank – 6484

2. –

A site with hundreds of Niche, you can find almost every niche and submit your article. The community of Expert author is best to get exposure.

Domain Authority – 87

Alexa Rank – 12236

3. –

This was designed for sharing thoughts on social, political, economy and cultural Niche. If you have content related to that, you can share and encourage interaction through discussions.

Domain Authority – 87

Alexa Rank – 6484

4. –

If you have a blog or website related to self-improvement and personal growth, then this site is for you. It is one of the largest article submission sites for self-growth, self-improvement and quality life.

Domain Authority – 76

Alexa Rank – 39,861

5. –

A large repository of science and Tech related articles. It is a best article submission site for education-related Niche.

Domain Authority – 66

Alexa Rank – 23,316

6. – 

Articlebase is an article submission website, which is recently modified and now it looks fresh and authentic. You can submit articles from various niche including, travel, education, business, health, and fitness.

Domain Authority – 81

Alexa Rank – 172,598

7. –

Somehow it is similar to ezine, but the best part of this article site is its backlinks. It allows authors to add 3 links which is beneficial from the SEO perspective.

Domain Authority – 87

Alexa Rank – 6484

8. –

An online magazine, which has more than million active users. You can submit your articles which are published in moderation. If your website or blog is related to education and skill based then this site is best for you.

Domain Authority – 87

Alexa Rank – 128216

9. –

If you are a tech savvy then you must have heard about Technorati. It is a publisher advertising platform for thousands of Web sites.

Domain Authority – 60

Alexa Rank – 16484

10. –

Best High Pr Article Submission site to submit an article about finance, stocks, earning, and investment-related topic, it is headquartered in New York City.

Domain Authority – 86

Alexa Rank – 1744

Things to keep in Mind-

  1. Use the Right Anchor text with variation to get SEO benefit.
  2. Always submit unique content to get long-term success.
  3. Read guideline before submitting the article so that your article gets approved.
  4. The category is the key to submit an article, so always submit an article in the relevant category.

Importance of using Google Webmaster Tool

Do you want to know which keywords are bringing traffic to your website?

Are you scared form Malware, Spyware, and Malicious activities?

If yes, then you landed on the right page as I’m going to explain how you can escape from malware and know exact statics of your site.

You must hear about Google webmaster, It is totally free of cost which offered by Google to all sites. It helps to understand who is visiting your sites and what their need is.

Google webmaster will notify if your site catches malware or malicious files. By and large, it’s lucrative to know what is going on with your site.


Let’s know about main compartments!

There are four main compartments of information about your site. 1)Configuration 2)Traffic 3)Optimization 4)Health.

What is Google Webmaster Tool?

Google Webmaster is also known as search consol, if you hear Search Consol anywhere, don’t get confused. There is a process which Google webmaster follows to give you better results.

It is the place Google notifies you if your site faces something wrong like malware and spyware.

Google Webmaster Tools is the essential component for Google to communicate with website admin. Once you start using Google Webmaster Tools, you will realize that you no need to use other tools as it has been providing a great service for a long time.

What is more? – The best part is Google Webmaster is totally free.

Importance of Google Webmaster Tools (GWT)

  • Ingress to search statistics on Google
  • Provides latest data about incoming links and internal links
  • Sends notification if your site faces any malware, spam, viruses.
  • Help to find relevant keywords that you are targeting and how effective they are
  • Google webmaster gives you the opportunity to know who you targeting audiences are.
  • It helps to know who is visiting your site along with the time
  • Works quick and sharp

How to Install Google Webmaster code into the website:

By now you must have a certain idea, how Google webmaster is lucrative for your site.

Further, I would tell how you can use Google webmaster; you just need to follow some simple steps.

It is a very interesting and unique tool, is not it?

Let’s go ahead….

If you have a Gmail account, you simply follow to log in to webmaster tools by clicking here:

Once you log in to webmaster tools, Google webmaster will ask to verify yourself, you will get 3 different ways to verify your site:

  1. XML file,
  2. Meta Tag
  3. CNAME

Once you verify yourself, you will be able to use Google webmaster. It has a unique dashboard and most lucrative thing is that it costs nothing so we have a tool which helps us lot without charging.

How Google webmaster helps to your site, further you will come to know what effective aspects of Google webmaster are.

Google webmaster tools Resources

  • Configuration
  • Health
  • Traffic
  • Optimization



Settings: Setting a preferred domain in site settings (Google)

  • Site links
  • URL Parameters
  • Change of the Address



Crawl Errors: Guides to each different type of crawl error to be found in this report (Google).


  • Blocked URL
  • Index Status
  • Malware examined.


Search Queries: Explanation of the Search Queries data (Google)

  • Search queries
  • Links to your site Internal links.



Sitemaps: Multiple Google documents about Sitemaps, creating and submitting Sitemaps, different types of additional sitemaps (Google)

  • HTML Improvement
  • Content Keywords
  • Structured Data
  • Data Highlighter.

Google Webmaster Tools give you control over your website as well as a variety of visitor metrics such as how many clicks your website got, the number of impressions, click through rate and position. I hope this article finds you well and informative.