Short Term Computer Courses After 12th to get High Paying Job

short term computer courses for job

Short Term Computer Courses After 12th

Are you in a dilemma that which computer course can get you the best return of your time?

So here in this blog, I am going to share a list of computer courses that can help you earn decent money in a short period.

Opting short-term computer courses after 12th has many benefits. Firstly, such courses can be completed as quickly as the course duration is less. Another advantage is that such short computer courses can be pursued along with the main course.

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There are so many institutes in India is that offer such course so finding an institute around you is no big trouble. This article will help you know the best short-term computer courses for jobs. Let’s have a look at a few career-oriented short computer courses.

(a) Digital Marketing –

Digital marketing covers some topics. It is a very vast & full field. Topics such as content writing, content marketing, email marketing, social media, SEO fall into this category.

There are two formats in which digital marketing courses can be done in India offline and online.

After completing this course, one of the following job posts may be taken

  • Digital Marketing Professionals
  • Digital Marketers
  • Social Media Manager
  • SEO Professional
  • SEO Consultant
  • Digital Marketing Instructor
  • Entrepreneur

Since digital marketing is a broad field covering many topics mastering any single topic becomes a little tricky. Thus there are individuals courses also available.
As you can see, the internet is growing hence the job and business opportunity after completing short term computer course like Digital marketing for the job.


SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimisation. It is primarily about the technique that can be used to boost the rank of your website in the search engine result page. This field is continually evolving. The old ranking technique is introduced. Thus skilled SEO professionals are in huge demand.

After completing this course, one of the following job posts may be taken

  • SEO Consultant
  • SEO Project Manager
  • SEO Executive
  • SEO Specialist


This short-term computer course will suit creative ones. It has application in many other fields. It covers topic such as image editing & enhancing. Logo designing, & editing software programs.

There are few subsections of this course which focuses on some specific skill such as photoshop specialist course. It focuses on editing Adobe photoshop.

After completing this course, one of the following job posts may be taken.


Today, the smartphone comes in multiple ranges & varieties. The service cost of these phones depends on the type of fault or maintenance. Hence, by joining a mobile repairing course, someone can learn & later apply this skill to earn quickly. you can visit this link to find the best mobile repairing institute in Delhi NCR area.

(e) Laptop Repairing –

This course can be beneficial for people interested in learning about computer hardware or software. Computer maintenance or computer in general just the computer. The demand for such skill is growing every day. As the demand for computer/laptop is increasing.

(f) Animation & Multimedia –

This short-term computer course after 12th has become a field of specialization these days. It is also a part of the graphic design, but now some students are pursuing animation & multimedia as a specialization course.

It covers topic such as VFX & VFX Pro. Basic animation & animation film design, multimedia design, etc.

After completing this course, one of the following job posts may be taken.

  • VFX Professional
  • Visual Effect Artist
  • Instructor
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Digital Publishing Firms

(g) Web Designing Development –

Web design & development course. Web designing is one of the best computer courses for the job. It is a short-term course(3 – 2 month) which deals with the creation & maintenance of a website. Two of the main topics this course covers are web scripting & e-commerce sites.

After completing this course, one of the following job posts may be taken.

  • Web Designer
  • E-Commerce Site
  • Design Consultant

So these are a few of the best computer courses that can help you `earn a decent amount of money & get your dream job.