Courses after Graduation – Make Careers that will always be in demand

The one thing which you can’t earn in your life is TIME. It is precious, you have to take a decision and to start thinking about your career. If you have recently completed his/her degree, then you must opt for short-term professional courses after graduation.

Many of you are looking for some short-term courses instead of higher studies. You have got some idea that only a graduation degree is not enough to get a job, you need to specialize in some parts, and it can only be achieved by a skill.

This decade is dominated by the skilled professionals, and there are various industries which need skilled professionals. Marketing, Accounting, finance, textile, medical, IT, construction etc. The main concern of choosing some interesting short-term professional courses after graduation. Start boosting professional skills and help you to crawl the ladder of success.

List of short-term professional courses after graduation –

I am going to share a list of professional courses after graduation; I hope it will help you to choose the best profession. So without a delay let’s see the Top Courses after graduation –

  •         Digital Marketing Course
  •         Business Analytics
  •         Financial Modeling
  •         French Language Course
  •         Web Development
  •         Content Writing
  •         Video Editing Course
  •         Photography
  •         Search Engine Optimization
  •         Diploma in Paithani Handicraft & Modern Garments

 Now it’s time to explain to them all about those courses –

1. Digital Marketing Course –

With the advent of the Internet, there are many jobs created which are based on the Internet. Digital Marketing is one of them. A short-term Certification course in Digital Marketing can lead you to a successful career.

The best part of Digital Marketing is that a single course options the door of endless job opportunities; you can work as a Search engine optimizer, a social media specialist, email marketer, blogger, etc.

If you want to start your own business or want to become your own boss then this field has enough opportunities. One thing I also want to add that Digital Marketing is the best skill to learn to make money online.

Who can do this course?

  • If you have recently completed 12th, 10th or graduation then you can opt for this course.
  •  Sales, marketing & IT professionals who want to switch from their current job role.
  •  Entrepreneurs who want growth in business with the help of Digital Marketing.
  •  Housewives who are looking for work from home opportunity.

2. Business Analytics –

Every business wants to grow, and business analytics allows implementing practices and skills on past data to deliver the insights which can be used in the future. Today almost every vertical of business needs business analytics. According to the report by Gartner, there are 4.4 million jobs have been created by the end of 2019.

Business analytics includes predictive analysis (Linear, multi-linear regression, forecasting), data mining, web analytics, Data Visualization, etc. It helps to improve the decision-making process, speeding up the data-driven decision-making process, and cost-effectiveness analysis.

Eligibility – Master in Statistics/Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or any equivalent qualification.

Fees – the fee of business analytics course varies from institute to institute. The average fees for this course are 30-50 thousand.

Duration – 3 to 5 months

3. Financial Modeling –

To get ahead in the finance industry, the financial modeling course can be the best option you can choose. In this course, you will learn to create a model to depict the financial statements and investment analysis. It includes spreadsheet models, investment analysis, valuation, and forecasting.

This short-term job oriented course; allow building models that are quick and dynamic projection to analyze the different part of the company related to investment and finance. It will allow user data to build scenarios and predict the performance of ongoing campaigns.

Eligibility – Proficiency in Excel, no mandatory educational qualification required.

Fees – up to 50,000/-

Duration – 2 to 3 months

4. French Language Course –

You will not believe that more than 220 million people speak the French language.  It is an official language of the United Nations, UNESCO, and NATO. It opens the door to many prestigious organizations.  

In the French language course, you will get some interactive sessions to improve the vocabulary and then you get trained to get fluency and confidence. As you know group activities and classroom discussions are must gain the ability, so any institute which is working in that way is an ideal place.

Fees – 20,000 to 1 lac.

Career Options – French translator, French writer, subject matter expert, customer support specialist, etc.

Eligibility – There is no specific eligibility needed to join this course if you have a passion to learn French you can pursue this course and make a profession.

5. Content Writing Course –

Content writing is the process of writing content for websites, it is one of the flourishing areas for and continuously evolving day by day. If you have a good command of the English language than this is the best opportunity to make a career in this field. Unlike the other profession, content writing involves creative thinking.

If you are a housewife and want to make money by sitting from home then this is the best choice for you. In Delhi, there are a lot of institutes that offer content writing training which includes Henry Harvin, British council,  event-high and vskills. Apart from those institutes, you can also pursue your course via online mode. Coursera, Udemy and many other websites are offering content writing courses along with creative writing.

There are numerous opportunities in this field which makes it the best professional course after graduation.  It is a skill where you can translate your thoughts into the world and attract views and gain recognition.

Who can do this course?

Digital Marketers, sales professionals, bloggers, business owners, housewives, unemployed, etc.  

Course duration –  1 to 3 months

Eligibility – Good command in the English language

6. Video Editing Course –

Video Editing is a lucrative career option, it does not only give the job opportunity also have ample opportunities to earn money from the Internet. Today Youtube gave everyone a platform where one can create and share videos, and once you get a tone of subscriber and views you can apply for the Google Adsense program to monetize your videos.

In an organization, video editors are considered as the backbone of the post-production process. They do editing works that include soundtracks and videos to broadcast on visual mediums.

There are many institutes which offer offline video editing course, if you don’t have time to join the classroom training then you can opt for online courses as well. If you love creative work then this is one of the best short-term professional courses after graduation.

Job prospects –  There is a number of jobs available for video editing professionals. Many media houses, film studios, companies needs proficient video editors.

Starting Salary – 10 to 20K

7. Search Engine Optimization –

As the name suggestion search engine optimization is the process of optimizing a website for greater visibility. There is numerous website on the internet and to get ahead of the competition every business needs the proficient SEO optimizer.

A short-term course in SEO makes you able to rank your keywords at the top of the search engine. As a result, your business gets much-needed leads which finally transforms into sales. The work of SEO impacts the bottom line of the business.

Eligibility – Although it is the short-term professional course after graduation, if you have completed 10th or 12th or already in the sales and marketing profession and have a good command of computers and the internet then you can make a successful career in SEO field.

Salary –  Starting salary between 15 to 20K

I hope this list of professional courses after graduation will help you with research. Now it’s time to take action and choose the best short-term course.

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