Step by Step Guide to Make Money with Google AdSense


Do you have a website, blog or YouTube channel? and want to earn money by monetizing it, then this blog post is for you.

Have you ever thought that you can earn good enough online? Yes, you can earn!

You can do it by working on a part-time basis. Through this work, you can add a source of income.

Ad Sense is an advertising program by Google. Through this, you can start to earn money from your online content

What Google Ad Sense does? It gives you an opportunity to run ads on the website, blog, or YouTube videos, you will get a certain amount when visitors click on them.

~After reading this blog post I assure you that you will learn how create and place an ad in your website and how you can able to make money online~

Make Money with Google AdSense in Sigle steps –

Let’s start and know how to make it possible. I’m going to write along with images so that you make it easy.

  • Sign in with your Ad Sense account:

To sign in your ad sense account visit  –

  • Go to Ad Sense, and click on My ads in the upper left. Create a new Ad unit. In the main screen area, under Content > Ad units, click the +New ad unit button.
  • Name your ad unit: You can give any name you like, but many find creating a standard naming format helps them manage large amounts of data.
  • Pick a size: See “How to Do It” below for details, but Google has found best practices that generate more clicks.
  • Set your ad type: This provides the types of ads you will see on your website: text only; text and image/rich media; and image/rich media only.
  • Create a custom channel: It gives you an opportunity to group ad units however you choose, such as by size or location on a page.
  • Create your ad style: It gives you options to choose colors for the various components of an ad: border, title, background, text, and URL. You can choose corner styles, from square to very rounded, a font family, and a default font size.

A sample ad on the right will show you how your ad will appear.

  • Get the code for the ad: Once you go through with the ad setup, you can save your ad unit, and get code button at the bottom to get the HTML code for your site.

After going through with the activation process of Google Ad Sense now you will get to know about advantages.

The Google AdSense has multitude advantages including:

  • It’s free to join
  • Money earning resources
  • No Headache to find an advertiser
  • Easy to access
  • Excellent ad formats
  • Content relevant ads
  • Trustful source

Types of AdSense Ads  –

Types to run on your website:

Text ads use words and come in a variety of sizes. You can customize the color of the box, text, and link.

Image ads are graphic ads. They come in a variety of sizes. You can choose an option that mixes both text and image ads.

  • Flash
  • Video
  • Rich media ads include HTML, Flash or other interactive feature.
  • Audio

Google Ad Sense is the place where you can articulate your way of earning. If you’re a good writer, you can post your content. If you’re a good videographer, you can post a creative video; usually, people like to watch short and unique videos. If you’re a singer you can record your voice and post it. It gives earning option for your online content, hence if you have a specification in any field you can earn money online via ad sense.

Payment checkout in Google Ad Sense-

Google pays monthly through net banking, and cheque and payment released in 21st every month. the minimum threshold of checkout is $100. It means the first transaction you have to wait until your earning meets this threshold.  The best part of ad sense is that you can check and review it in real time.

These are the aspects you can raise traffic with. In this article, you learned how to activate Google Ad Sense and ways of making money online. If you are looking for a part-time earning then this is the ways for you.

I hope you find informative this article to know about earning online through Google Ad Sense. sign up for Google Adsense workshop.