Top 9 Tips from Experts to Create a Landing page that Converts

The landing page is and stands alone page which influences visitors to take action on your website. The goal of designing a landing page is to engage and nurture visitors who are considering your product or services to buy. It also demonstrates the services you are offering.

In online advertising, it becomes important that your landing page is created around solving a single problem of your customer and have no global navigation attached to this. In this post, I am sharing some tips which will help you to make a landing page that actually converts –

let’s start –

Types of Landing pages-

  • Click Through Landing page
  • Lead generation Landing page

Click through Landing pages-

These landing pages are used to redirect users to one page to another. If you are an e-commerce marketer that you can connect with it. In e-commerce industry, it is used to as a marketing funnel.

Lead generation landing pages –

These landing pages are used to capture user information. The lead generation landing pages ask for name, contact number, email ids so that they can market the services later. below are some of the examples of these pages are eBook, webinar, free trial etc.

Tips to Create a Landing page that Converts –

1.  Headline a primary step of Landing page Success-

The landing page’s headline is something which users see at first. Keep it short, engaging and eye-catching. The rule of thumb with the headline is that it must be highly relevant to the content of the page.

2. Make a separate landing page for Each Promotional activity –

Each promotional activity has its own objective, and the purpose of the landing pages is to solve one problem at a time. So don’t use one landing page to 2 or more promotional campaigns

3. Use Images that Engage-

Images and visual contents are something which engages the most, and user related to it quickly, having a high-quality image describing your product and serves is a real icing on a cake. It does not only increase the time spent on your site also help to increase the conversion. Use it wisely and enjoy the converted traffic.

4 . Call to Action – keep it above the fold

Call to action is something which gives information that has value for your business. don’t use the old-school practice of using “SUBMIT “as your call to action. Use it above the fold because it is the most prominent position to place on a landing page.

Always keep in mind that a CTA is something which can increase your conversion rate up to 10%.

Color contrast is another thing which you need to keep in mind. Use A/B testing to find out the best color contrast for your landing page.

Some great CTA examples are below-

  • Send me the eBook
  • Get the secret Now!
  • Arrange my Free Trial
  • Get Access Now!
  • Get Free Lifetime Access

5. Use simple forms – Ask information that you need most –

If you did everything right and not paid attention to the forms then it can ruin your overall effort. So creating forms and asking the information which needs the most for your business is very important.

If possible then give a user the option to log in via social media accounts so that it became easy for the visitors. There are many sites which are using this method.

6. Emphasize the Value by addressing the problem-

Explaining the benefits of form submission using bullet point is a great idea. The best landing page gives users to clear understanding of what they are getting, it not only increases the conversion chances also increase the relevancy of the leads you are getting.

The key to success is addressing the problem of your customer and giving solution and about fulfilling the need of your customer, so take time to write a compelling paragraphs and bullet points.

7. Use Social proofs to make yourself Authentic-

People don’t want to share their personal information, by using social proofs you can make yourself authentic and build a trust,

According to a survey which happened in the American market, 63% people so that they more likely to purchase a site where social proofs are used.

8. Use Reviews & Testimonials to personalize –

Customer testimonials and user reviews are something which connects audience instantly. It also helps to establish trust and increases the chance of conversion, so if you are not using it on your landing page then you are missing an opportunity.

9. Use Urgency as a catalyst for conversion –

Hurry! Act now! Only a few items left!  are some words which create urgency and increase the chances of conversion. It is a most powerful aspect of human psychology. It spurs people to do what you want to them to do on your landing page.

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These are some landing page optimization tips for increasing the conversion from your landing page, if you have any other tips or question-related to this please share them in a comment box.


How to Increase CTR on Email?

CTR stands for Click Through Rate; it gives you an opportunity to understand how many people clicked the hyperlink.

It’s a very important to rate, that may fluctuate it depends on the content of your email as well as many other different factors.

Let’s understand with an example, suppose If you get 50% click-through rate, it means that every 10 people who opened your email, 5 people clicked a link within that campaign. I hope now you must have an idea.

Today, I’m going to write about CTR and how it works on your email, after reading this article you will be able to define the whole concept of Click Through Rate (CTR).

Why is email click-through rate important?

CTR plays a vital role in your business. This is to get the people who have visited your email or opened your email to click-through your email. There is a metric that you will come to know once they click or open your email.  Now you must be wondering that why and how it can be beneficial, the main purpose of your email is to drive traffic to your website to the email landing page.

Are you not getting enough clicks? Don’t worry; I will let you know how you can get in numbers. Sometimes people get to struggle to get a good CTR, but after using the right metric this is possible to get in huge numbers.

Few steps that may help to get a good conversion –

  • Segment your list
  • Personalize your email message
  • Make sure your emails are mobile-friendly
  • Use social media icons
  • Resend your emails
  • Include colors, clickable HTML buttons
  • Don’t complicate your design
  • Use action-oriented CTA copy

1. Segment Your List – 

This is all about a list that is one of the most effective you can add to your email to get good clicks. It doesn’t only increase click-through rates, but also improve your overall results.

It helps you to send more relevant emails to your target audience.

2. Personalize –

This is also important to personalize your email so that it could reach your audience easily. Sometimes we use the first name in the subject line. That’s a good start, but personalization goes far beyond that.

3. Mobile-Friendly –

Your emails should be mobile-friendly as it helps to save users time and efforts. It creates interest to open your email without any obstacle. We can see how much mobile phone is being used to use the internet.

Now everyone wants to read emails, articles and etc. through mobile phones that’s the reason that most of the people create their content mobile-friendly.

4. Social Media Icons –

I think you’re well aware of how social media icons affect click-through rates. As we get most of the information through social media.

Emails with the social sharing buttons got 158% more clicks than emails without the sharing buttons that’s the reason that you should involve social media icon to make your email more eye-catching.

5. Resend emails –

In case your email gets failed, you should send the same email again to your audience. You can analyze which customer didn’t open your email and whom you need to resend the email. You can send email to those who are non-openers into your list.

6. Include Colours, Clickable HTML Buttons –

You can increase your click-through rate by ensuring your subscribers that where they need to click.

By inserting a big colorful button makes difference how your clients open your email. Colorful button immediately draws the attention of your audiences and can improve click-through rates to give you the best result.

7. Don’t Complicate Your Design –

To make complicate your content doesn’t work as per your plan. Avoid overwhelming with the images, icons or different fonts into your email.

It makes difficult to understand, it’ll also take attention away from the content of your email and it may the cause if you don’t get good results. So make it simple and comprehensive.

8. Use Action-Oriented CTA Copy –

Your email should encourage people to take a specific action. Don’t use a generic call to action like “click here,” use some word that describes the action you want to spread to subscribers, there are few phrases you can use:

  • Shop
  • Learn
  • Get
  • Grab
  • Submit
  • Send
  • Start
  • Try
  • Reserve
  • Take
  • View
  • See
  • Watch
  • Read

Like any other marketing channel, the email also requires optimizing to improve your customer. That is the reason it is considered a primary role in any Digital marketing strategy.

Your goal should be consistently and creative so that you could drag your audience’s attention. I hope you like this article and it will help t understand how you can get a good CTR.


Email Marketing Campaigns

Top 7 Tips to Increase your Email Marketing Campaigns

Do you want to improve your email marketing campaigns?

Today in this article, I’m going to explain key aspects of how you can improve your email marketing effectively.

We all are familiar with email campaign; we can’t deny that email plays an integral part in the business. If we want to communicate with the clients or sending proposals, it gives us an easy and low-cost way to convey our message.

Most of the companies have an email marketing program. Take a look at few things to try and improve your engagement:

  • Be Different Be Creative
  • Personalization
  • Be Helpful
  • Make Customers Feel Special
  • Clarity, Simplicity
  • Timing/ Frequency
  • Test the Subject Line
  • Offer Value

1. Be Different Be Creative:

An email campaign should not be boring as creativity is so important. There are many parameters that affect the results of your email campaign, but this doesn’t mean that you should stop experimenting. Explore it as much as possible but it should be different and creative.

2. Personalization:

It has been a buzz that personalization is so effective, personalized email leads to generate more revenue.

3. Be Helpful:  

The email should be framed with the shape which gives an effective message. It should be structured in a way that it takes customers to the next steps. They should not be wonder how to get a step ahead.

4. Make Customer Feel Special: 

Try to make customers feel special by email campaign that makes customers feel included so that they come to know with more chances of success, it can be about bringing traffic to your site, click rates, or even sales.

5. Clarity, Simplicity:

Email campaign should focus on delivering the message in a simple and clear way so that message could be delivered easily. Try to avoid confusion and complex words.

6. Timing/ Frequency: 

This is very important to consider the timing and the frequency of your emails, make sure that the open rate is affected by the relevance and the context.

According to a recent survey, email marketers usually send an average of 5 emails per month.

7. Test the Subject Line:

This is important to have an effective subject line in your email; it shouldn’t be either very general or very promotional. The subject line has the primary role in increasing the Email CTR.

Before sending an email, think about your targeted audience with the subject lines. Your subject matters, a subject line will indicate whether your email will end up in spam mail. Always keep your audiences in your mind and put the subject line so that it could be effective and appealing.

I hope you found this article lucrative and productive if you want to improve the email campaign you can use above tips. Definitely, you will get good results if you keep above rules in mind while working on your email campaign.


Tips to Choose the Right Email Marketing Software

Are you looking for best email marketing software?

Today, I’m going to write about email marketing software, after reading this article, you will be able to define email marketing software and would have a deep knowledge. 

Email Marketing Software is a very powerful and essential tool for marketers of all kind emailing work. Since the technology has developed we face challenges to beat our competitors in the market.

To get good traffic, ample revenue, and communicate with the audiences you need good tools so that you could raise your business strategy. Email always plays a vital role in our business as this is an important source o reach targeted audiences.

How we can choose right email marketing software to boost up our business. This quiz has been in buzz as we can see there is multiple email marketing software available in the marketing.

You can get service depending on your specific needs. If you choose email marketing software you get tools, customizable email templates, list building features, and more to help you. It increases all the aspects of your overall marketing strategy.

If you’re still confused, here are some email marketing tools and solutions for some of the problems that you may face.

Let’s know more about email marketing software, how they may use with your business

Has email marketing been on priority for marketers?  Have you heard about it before?

Choosing the best email marketing software is the key to success of your marketing campaign.

Why do you need best email marketing software?

Using effective email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools. It gives you an opportunity to manage easily, control and allows you to make direct contact with your targeted audiences.

Here is the list of top 6 email marketing software:

  • AWeber
  • ConvertKit
  • GetResponse
  • MailChimp
  • Campaign Monitor
  • ActiveCampaign

1. AWeber:

AWeber is the one of the best email marketing software in the world,  the most lucrative things is they offer a wide-range of tools for small and medium-sized businesses. AWeber gives you an idea to manage your email marketing campaign.

AWeber is easy to use; It connects effectively with most platforms including WordPress.

After installing this service, you get access to use email templates, list management, autoresponders, and email tracking with detailed insights.

It has support options include live chat, phone support, email support, live webinars.

AWeber offers a 30-day free trial. After that, their pricing starts from $19/month

2. ConvertKit:

ConvertKit is potent email marketing software for those who belong to professional bloggers, authors, and marketers. This is extremely easy to use and incredibly lucrative.

It allows you to easily offer content upgrades with email signup forms. Through ConvertKit software, you can easily segment contacts into those who are interested and those who have already purchased your services.

ConvertKit plans start from $29/month with a 30-day refund policy.

3. GetResponse:

This is highly popular email marketing software for the marketers. GetResponse is extremely easy to use and illumine email marketing for small businesses and beginners.

It has some amazing marketing automation tools which allow you to create smart automated campaigns. There are many amazing features, drag and drop builder, you can create campaigns, segment contacts, and send content designed for specific groups.

There are many beautiful responsive forms like landing pages, tracking, and autoresponders. GetResponse also integrates with third-party lead generation software. It Supports by phone, live chat, and email.

GetResponse offers a 30-day free trial. Their pricing starts at $15/month.

4. MailChimp:

I found MailChimp is one of lucrative email marketing service providers. This software has been a buzz in the market as a large number of people using it and getting benefited. MailChimp offers a very easy to use interface along with great tools that are the things which make it unique.

It connects with WordPress, Magneto, Shopify, and many other platforms. MailChimp gives you easy email creator, merge tags, autoresponders, and simple tracking and analytics. MailChimp gives support by offering email, live chat

MailChimp offers a peerlessly forever free plan it allows you to send 12,000 emails for up to 2,000 subscribers. You can get paid plans that start from $10/month.

5. Campaign Monitor:

Campaign Monitor is the best software which offers you multiple beneficial tools which support to boost up to run your successful campaign.

It has professionally designed email templates, they also offer a drag and drop part tool to create different campaigns for different contacts based on your work.

There is available support 24/7 via email and other support forums. Premier customers have extensive documentation step-by-step how-tos to help you get started and fix things on your own.

Campaign Monitor’s pricing plans start at $9/month.

6. ActiveCampaign:

ActiveCampaign helps you to do email marketing, automation, with CRM and sales. ActiveCampaign gives you the opportunity with all the tools you will need to create a smarter email marketing campaigns to attract your targeted audiences.

It has a beautiful email template editor and there is very few software that is mobile friendly but this is one of them that has mobile friendly signup forms. Here you will also find the tips to increase the CTR of email.

It connects with software including WordPress etc.

Their paid plans start from $9/month. It has a facility to request a demo with limited features for a test run.

After reading all the segments, you must have an idea about how to choose and use the best email marketing software. It gives you better opportunities to beat your competitor who is using tools to establish best email campaign.

You have read how it gives you choice to create your campaign successfully.  it gives you ideas and a systemic metric to be successful in the email marketing. You can also check the Tips to get success with Email Marketing.

~I hope this article gave you ample overview of the best email marketing software, how to choose and how to list your business by using them~


How to Generate Leads with Guest Blogging?

Do you face any difficulty to generate leads with guest blogging?

Guest blogging is all about to post your content on another web page.  Now you must be thinking why do we need to post on another webpage?

Let me tell you that by focusing on different websites, you can fill the highest point of your channel with the possible leads.

Today, I’m going to write about how to generate leads with guest blogging.

This article will take you through the advantages and best practices of Guest blogging with lead generation as your essential objective.

Let’s go ahead and know more…..

1. Choose Right Topic – 

Choosing the right topic helps you is so lucrative with your website. It helps to give the more concretive topic to the audience. If your topic is eye-catching, there are possibilities as the user might show interest to go ahead with your site.

2. Choose Right Site – 

After choosing the right topic, now it’s time to choose a right site. You need to figure out where your guest post will be published.

To build a lead generation, you should look beyond domain authority and industry relevance. Do you need to understand, how large a social following do they have? How engaged are their followers? Are there a lot of social shares for posts by other guest authors? These are the factors which will help you lot.

5. Proceeded with Research –

A good research is also so important before proceeding. It helps you to analyze your topic and subject. The more you go for research more you get perfection to get more visitors to your site.

It will help you to put interesting facts about what your users want. Through research, you can get more and more leads easily.

6. Appear with Something to Offer –

You need to show something so that your visitors feel they are reading something fruitful. You have to show what you can provide them and how they can be benefited. Here are some accommodating focuses:

  • Incorporate the contact’s name.
  • Propose conceivable subjects and post titles.
  • Give particular cases from their blog that relate to your thoughts.
  • Source blogs that accept guest posts
  • Source popular blogs to guest post on
  • Look for your niche when you guest post
  • Read and comment on the blog
  • Promote blog posts
  • Follow the guest post guidelines
  • Draft your pitch

Any growing website sometimes they need to use other people’s platforms to access their visitors. It’s the same for your content too.

It also applies to your contact too, you can extend your current network through posting with other sites and current subscribers, or you can take advantage of those who have bigger audiences.

Why a great content is essential, through writing great content, it helps to drag your visitor’s attention. With the help of content, it helps to create leads.

Now you must be thinking why you need to write on someone else blog. You just need to understand, you get to share your best content with a larger audience making your reach that much bigger.

I hope you found this article interesting and informative. Now you have a better understanding of how to generate leads on guest blogging. Now you can use these metrics on your website to get ample leads.


Importance of using Google Webmaster Tool for your Website

Do you want to know which keywords are bringing traffic to your website?

Are you scared form Malware, Spyware, and Malicious activities?

If yes, then you landed on the right page as I’m going to explain how you can escape from malware and know exact statics of your site.

You must hear about Google webmaster, It is totally free of cost which offered by Google to all sites. It helps to understand who is visiting your sites and what their need is.

Google webmaster will notify if your site catches malware or malicious files. By and large, it’s lucrative to know what is going on with your site.

Let’s know about the main compartments!

There are four main compartments of information about your site. 1)Configuration 2)Traffic 3)Optimization 4)Health.

What is the Google Webmaster Tool?

Google Webmaster is also known as search consol, if you hear Search Consol anywhere, don’t get confused. There is a process which Google webmaster follows to give you better results.

It is the place Google notifies you if your site faces something wrong like malware and spyware.

Google Webmaster Tools is the essential component for Google to communicate with website admin. Once you start using Google Webmaster Tools, you will realize that you no need to use other tools as it has been providing a great service for a long time.

What is more? – The best part is Google Webmaster is totally free.

If you want to dig deeper into Google Webmaster, you can check the Google Webmaster interview question and answers.

Importance of Google Webmaster Tools (GWT)

  • Ingress to search statistics on Google
  • Provides latest data about incoming links and internal links
  • Sends notification if your site faces any malware, spam, viruses.
  • Help to find relevant keywords that you are targeting and how effective they are
  • Google webmaster gives you the opportunity to know who you targeting audiences are.
  • It helps to know who is visiting your site along with the time
  • Works quick and sharp

How to Install Google Webmaster code into the website:

By now you must have a certain idea, how Google webmaster is lucrative for your site.

Further, I would tell how you can use Google webmaster; you just need to follow some simple steps.

It is a very interesting and unique tool, is not it?

Let’s go ahead….

If you have a Gmail account, you simply follow to log in to webmaster tools by clicking here:

Once you log in to webmaster tools, Google webmaster will ask to verify yourself, you will get 3 different ways to verify your site:

  1. XML file,
  2. Meta Tag
  3. CNAME

Once you verify yourself, you will be able to use Google webmaster. It has a unique dashboard and most lucrative thing is that it costs nothing so we have a tool which helps us lot without charging.

How Google webmaster helps to your site, further you will come to know what effective aspects of Google webmaster are.

Google webmaster tools Resources

  • Configuration
  • Health
  • Traffic
  • Optimization

Configuration –

Settings: Setting a preferred domain in site settings (Google)

  • Site links
  • URL Parameters
  • Change of the Address

Health –

Crawl Errors: Guides to each different type of crawl error to be found in this report (Google).

  • Blocked URL
  • Index Status
  • Malware examined.

Traffic –

Search Queries: Explanation of the Search Queries data (Google)

  • Search queries
  • Links to your site Internal links.

Optimization –

Sitemaps: Multiple Google documents about Sitemaps, creating and submitting Sitemaps, different types of additional sitemaps (Google)

  • HTML Improvement
  • Content Keywords
  • Structured Data
  • Data Highlighter.

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Google Webmaster Tools give you control over your website as well as a variety of visitor metrics such as how many clicks your website got, the number of impressions, click through rate and position. I hope this article finds you well and informative.

The Ultimate Facebook Pixel guide to make you an Expert

Are you confused about Facebook Pixel Setup?

You must be wondering what the Facebook Pixel is, it’s a kind of analytic tool which helps you to know the effectiveness of your advertising on Facebook.

With the help of Facebook Pixel, you can understand the actions and what people are taking on your website. It also helps to reach to the audiences.

Today, I’m going to write about Facebook Pixel Setup Guide, after reading this article you will have a better understanding about Facebook Pixel Setup Guide.

Let’s Know How To Get Started with Facebook Pixel:

I’m going to explain how to install a pixel, track actions on your site, and make sure that your pixel is working on your Facebook.

Let’s have a look about pixel before going ahead, below are mentioned some of the benefits of installing a Facebook pixel.

What You Need To Do Before You Begin

  • You will need a website for your business
  • You must be able to update your website’s code

Create A Facebook Pixel

  • Go To Your Pixels Tab In Ads Manager
  • Click Create a Pixel
  • Enter a name for your pixel
  • You can have only one pixel per account
  • Choose a name that represents your business
  • Check the box to accept the terms
  • Click create pixel

The next term is important with make sure your pixels are working correctly

There is a tool Pixel Helper Troubleshooting which will help you to figure out if your pixels are working properly.

This is a kind of Chrome plug-in where you can see and know easily if there’s a Facebook pixel installed on the website.

You check for the errors and understand about the data which comes from a pixel. It helps to understand what exactly is going on in your website.

  • After installing the installed the pixel helper, you just need to click on the Pixel Helper Icon in the address bar.
  • You need to check the popup to know if any pixels found on your page.

How To Verify To The Pixel

  • Get FB Pixel Helper
  • Open a page on your site where you added the pixel
  • Click the Pixel Helper icon in your browser’s toolbar

Pixel Errors

With the help of Facebook Pixel Helper, it reports you errors and the possibility that can happen when you are going to install a pixel on your website.

It will help you to know about the errors as these errors mean that the person who manages your website will need to fix something for your pixel to start working correctly.

How to Add a Pixel

After adding the pixel to your site, you will be able to associate it with your new or existing Facebook page. Afterward, you will be able to add it easily.

Next Steps

After getting in the next step, you can read on and learn about pixel events which are visitor actions on your website. You will be able to track easily with the pixel.

After doing this, you will be able to start using the pixel with other advertising products such as:

Product Ads

With the help of product ads, you can track your events on your website and optimize the display of items from your product catalog in Facebook Ads.

Custom Audiences

You can build also targeted facts of your website that visitors based on the pages so that they visit or the actions they take on your website for use in your Facebook Ads.

  • Conversion Tracking

Use Facebook pixel’s standard events or custom conversions to track the actions your visitors take that you care about for usage in conversion tracking and optimization.

  • Create a Custom Audience

You can use these Custom Audiences to re-engage users with targeted ads, or you can let Facebook find new users that are like this Custom Audience.

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The actions are based on URLs visited or either standard or custom events triggered. You can then see these conversions in your reporting, or you can choose to optimize your ads for them.

I hope you found this article informative and interesting. Now you can set up your facebook pixel easily.

An ultimate Guide to know all about GSP Ads

Email Marketing is one of the most recommended media for generating leads for many businesses. It is also a preferred medium to increase customer retention and to offer deals and discount in product or services.

When you send an email to the customer, it does not guarantee that it will be shown on top of the customer’s inbox and it will go below when new email will come into the inbox. By GSP ads, we can solve this problem, GSP ads placed at the top of the Inbox and it appears differently. In this post, I am covering the following things about GSP ads-

  • What is GSP?
  • How to target users via Google sponsored Promotions?
  • What is the cost of GSP Ads?
  • Where GSP ads appear?
  • Benefits of GSP Ads?
  • GSP ad specification: formats, character limits and recommended image sizes
  • What are the GSP ad types?
  • Which industries must Use GSP ads?
  • Best practices and strategies for a Successful GSP ad Campaign
  • How to track GSP ads and how to do reporting?


1. What is GSP ( Gmail Sponsored promotions)?

GSP ads are the special ads which are used to target users in their mailbox. GSP ads that they are placed in the top of the user’s inbox and look like an email, they expand in a full and as the variety of Ad.

2. How to Target users via Google sponsored Promotions?

There are 5 types of standard targeting option available for GSP ads, although you can use the combination of these targeting methods to narrow your targeting.

(a) Display keywords – This is also known as contextual targeting, in this targeting option you can target users via keyword which is related to your products and services.

Things to keep in Mind-  Ads are shown based on the Broad match content so you don’t need to use the match types and it will show those users who have received a similar content or email in last 300 emails in their inbox or archived emails.               

(b) Locations – You can target by location, it must be city, country or a postal code.

Things to keep in mind- GSP ads can target only one location per campaign, so if you want to target a different location then you must create a different campaign for that.

(c) Topics –  You can target the user by the topics which are based on the user’s active inbox.   

(d) Demographics Targeting – You can target users by their age, parental status, and gender, if you are targeting a small city and a small business owner then this targeting method can be very fruitful for you.

(e) Adwords Customer Match Targeting – If you have a subscriber’s email database and want to reach those specific users then Adwords customer match is the best targeting option for you. You can upload a list of email addresses and then target them with tailored ads.

Things to keep in mind – Gmail sponsored ads don’t support in-market audience, remarketing list hence the role of customer match becomes more important.  

3. What is the cost of Gmail sponsored ads –

The cost of GSP ads are calculated as per cost per click basis, it means if a user clicks on your promotion and expands your ad then the advertiser has to pay for this click. The important thing to mind is the cost will be charged for first interaction for further clicks you will not be charged.

“Typically the cost per click is $0.05 or 3rs/ click. This CPC is based on my recent campaign and may vary as per the industry.”

4. Where GSP ads appear?

GSP ads appear on both mobile and desktop, whereas in desktop it showed two Gmail ads compare to one ad spot in mobile devices.  The ads appear on the promotional tab, and only appear on a free Gmail account, it means that a business which uses Google apps for business can’t be targeted via Gmail sponsored ads.

It looks like this in Gmail Inbox –


Once I clicked on the first Ad, it expands and looks like this –


5. Benefits of GSP Ads?

GSP ads are best suited for that business whose objective is to drive awareness, it means it is not for those businesses who need a direct response. Although the journey of a click to website conversion is a 3 step process, and the user knows what he is reading about products or services, the conversion chances are typically high.

” In my recent campaign, which I have created for the education industry, I got  70 conversions at a cost of 5950 INR. You can see that the cost per acquisition is around 85 rupees per query”


Apart from these, you can use GSP ads because-

  •         They are cost effective
  •         They are highly targeted

6. GSP ad specification: formats, character limits and recommended image sizes –

There are 5 types of ads you can create in GSP ad campaign, all have its own functionality, and images sizes, let me explain all of these in below-

Standard GSP Ad Components-  

“Gmail Ad creation Image”

Logo_SizeAdvertiser nameSubject lineDescription
140px * 140pxCharacter limit 15Character limit – 25Character limit – 100

You can create 5 types of Gmail ads, each one has its own specialties and used for different purposes, you can use which suits best for your business –

  1. Gmail Image Template

If your focus is to engage users via the visuals and it is appealing then this format will best suit for your business. You can use an image with some text and call to action.

Recommended Image size- 650 Px  * 300Px



2. Gmail Single promotion Template

A single promotion template comes with an additional headline, which can be up to 200 characters. The best part of this Gmail ad type is an advertiser can use video, or image with the product. If you are promoting a dentist who is promoting himself with an image or video and uses text to explain his services then this format is best for you.

Recommended image size- 300 Px* 200 Px


  1. Gmail Multi Product Template

This ad format best suited for retailers, e-commerce store because it features multiple products in a single ad, However, if you have multiple products you can also use this ad template. This ad type feature 6 different products, each image must be in the square format (180 PX *180 PX ), a title and call to action.


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4. Gmail Catalog Template –

A hybrid of single promotion image template and multi-product template, A catalog template showcase images along with the text.

Main Image size – 650 Px * 300 PX

Product image size – 650 Px * 300 PX

Headline – 40 character


  1. Gmail Custom HTML upload

Custom HTML ads are the gold mine for the advertiser, it allows advertisers to place click to call feature or an HTML form embedded within the ad, It creates an opportunity to increase the conversion and generate calls directly. One thing is to keep in mind that a Custom HTML and is a ZIP folder that contains all ad files, below are some size limits for HTML ads –

  • Zip folder size must be lesser than 1.25 MB
  • Number of files in a folder must be less than 100 files
  • The file size must be less than 500 KB


7 . How to track GSP ads performance and how to do reporting?

The performance metric which matters most for the advertiser is none other than conversion, but apart from this metric, there is 3 other metric which is used to measure the performance of GSP ads.

Saves – The number of times a Gmail users saves ad to their inbox

Forwards – The number of times the Gmail Ad was forwarded to someone else by the user.

Click to Website – Number of clicks which leads to the landing page.

8. Best practices and strategies for a Successful GSP ad Campaign-

Here are some strategies or best practices you should follow to get more conversion and help you to reduce the cost of acquisition –

(a) Target competitors domain –  This is the best thing if you want to take a competitive advantage, and help you to leverage the competitor’s effort by compelling headline and call to action.

(b) HTML form adverts –  Although it was a little bit tricky for a person having lack of web designing knowledge, but this ad format will directly generate the leads.

(c) Segment campaign by device- To measure the performance campaign, use segment so that you can measure how ads are performing on different devices.

(d) Custom combination – Using custom combination, can help you to reach specific audience by narrowing your audience, you can use keyword + Topic, Topic + interest and any other combination for better results from GSP ads.

(e) Use Video in Ads – Videos are the most engaging content in the online world. you can use quality video so that user can engage with it.

(f) Don’t Forget to target your own domain – Targeting your own domain will help you to reach your existing visitors who have received your email in last 300 mails, by using it you can easily retarget your potential customers.

(g) Create urgency to increase the Open Rate – Make compelling headline and create urgency like, “limited time offer”, “discount ends soon”, “Limited seats! ” etc to increase open rate.

What is Winback and ReEngagement?

Are you confused between Winback and ReEngagement?

If you’re confused with the Winback and Re-Engagement the then this blog will let you know everything. The Re-engagement & Winback campaigns use to increase the data analyses to know how your audiences are connected.

If I talk about Re-engagement campaign, it is the most often use to improve email deliverability. Winback campaigns, on the other hand, primarily use purchase data as its driver and are most useful for the purchase.

If a customer hasn’t purchased from you in a given period of time you can send them an attractive offer try them to purchase again. Do not forget that the goal of the Winback campaign is to make awareness about a product or service.

You need to remember that it’s also important to understand that it’s essential to remove addresses from your list that hasn’t opened or clicked since a long time.

Types of Behavior-

Re-engagement strategies tend to be based primarily on email with open or click over a certain period of time. Remember that just because you have an email address for a customer who is actively making purchases doesn’t mean that address is a valid one or a good one to reach them at.

  • Frequency

This is also very important to understand, you may need to consider longer or shorter time frames for inactivity based on your sending emails.

  • Customer lifecycle

If your customer lifecycle is long, or your customers tend to be purchasers, you may consider a longer inactivity timeframe to mirror that behavior.

  • Build Re-Engagement Campaign

You need to remember that why the subscriber is receiving this email and set expectations that inactivity will affect their future communications stream and even removal from your list if they do not take action to continue receiving email communications from your brand.

  • Winback

Now gone are the days when we used to trap due to lack of information and tools. Fortunately, today’s marketers are enabling to win over or learn from customers with win-back campaigns that can be sent via push notifications and email marketing.

  • Let data guide your campaign
  • Ask what the problem is and offer to solve it
  • Remind the customer what benefits are
  • Show them what they are missing
  • Send the backup message
  • Know when to call

Reasons for disengagement –

This is the main fact to understand the reason for disengagement. You need to understand why people lose interest in your emails before you start a re-engagement campaign.

The subscriber may show disengagement:

Bad content: If your audience doesn’t like what you’re going to send them, they may stop opening your emails.

Too many emails: There are chances to lose interest in your brand if you send too many emails.

Failed Promises: If you promise something to subscribers and they don’t deliver within a deadline, people will not only lose interest but trust too. Deliver on the promises you make at signup time.

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I hope this article given you some remedy over your query, now you’re able to analyze about re-engagement and Winback.

What are Google Posts and How to use them effectively

Google. This lets business owners create short blog-style posts which appear directly on their website.

Today, I’m going to write about what the Google Posts and How to use them are. I hope it would be helpful to share everything we know about Google Posts so that you could know exactly about Google posts.

First of all, let’s know what Google posts are and how we can use them.

What are Google Posts?

Basically, Google Post is a sort of feature that allows you to create content directly on Google which appears in the Google search results with their names.

You can use these posts to provide updates, promote an event, or make an announcement, i.e. sale or special offer. You can make live more than 10 posts that will be shown as a display.

On the desktop display, the posts can be placed towards the bottom of the knowledge panel, you can see just above the review snippets.


What are Google Posts used for?

Now you must be wondering how to create a post that is very straightforward and is done from the Google My Business Dashboard. What a post needs to have to succeed, let’s review the different types of posts:


These posts are tendon toward promoting an event or social media. You will find event posts differ from the other forms of posts for two main reasons:

  • Event posts can include a title for the post it may be the name of the event.
  • Event posts also can stay longer as long as the event date has not yet passed.


Google Posts have a vital importance that is great for promoting special offers and sales. But these posts should include a high-resolution photo of your products and include details about the sale or discount in the description of the post.

Product Updates

Product update posts are perfect for advertising; this is more effective with the new product line or changes to a current product. This is really an opportunity to showcase your product or service through high-resolution photos.


This is all about announcement; you are encouraged to only post updates that are beneficial to your audience so that you don’t lose credibility.

You need to put something concrete so that people look at your posts because they provide value and not just glazing over them. Announcements such as opening a new location or notifying users that you are hiring are great examples.

Here are what you need to know about some more beneficial guidelines:

  • Image

Make sure that the image you are going to use for your post, it should be high-quality, engaging and portrays your message. The image will show on the post right on the results page and will serve as the main focus for capturing the user’s attention.

  • Create a Google Post

If you want to create a Google post, you just need to sign in to your Google My Business Dashboard. If you have two or more locations, select manage location for the location you would like to post for.

Once in the dashboard for your business, click on the Posts menu item on the left side of your screen. Currently, it’s prominently positioned as the second menu item, right under Home.

Type of content you can include in a Post –

If you want to know about the content in your post, there is a limit of 300 words. You can also include an image, as well as a call to action with a link.

  • CTA’s

Your Post can include one of the following CTA’s along with a link to a page on your website. CTA is something which encourages your visitor to take an action, below are some CTA example –

  • Learn More
  • Reserve
  • Sign Up
  • Buy
  • Get Offer

You can also label your Post as an event and assign it a specific start date, end date, and a link.

  • You can use UTM codes for the link attached to the CTA

Yes, and I highly recommend you to do, with the help of UTM code you can measure how users engage with your website after they click on a CTA in you Post.

  • To know the post performing

As of right now, Google is reporting on the number of times each Post has been viewed and how many times it has been clicked.

For some reason, Google only shows how many times your Post has been viewed in the GMB dashboard. To see how many times it’s been engaged with, just click on the eyeball icon next to the number of views for the Post.

  • You can have more than one post

You can have up to 10 Posts running at the same time. You can find the most recent post that will be visible in the Knowledge Panel, and you can be presented with a horizontal carousel they can scroll through if there are multiple Posts published.

  • You can post whatever you want

Google wants to ensure that the Posts feature is not abused. To that end, they developed a content policy that all users must adhere to

No doubt that Google does many things at the same time. Understand how Posts will evolve over the weeks and months to come. Right now it’s totally free to use the platform, with guaranteed additional exposure on the Knowledge Panel for your business.

But for now, as long as you have a verified Google My Business page, you have unfettered access to Google Posts – use it creatively and responsibly.

If you’re actively using Posts and want to show off how you’ve utilized it, feel free to share links to your Posts in the comment section below!

You can boost your authority, promote business events, or lead visitors to pages where they can easily convert. For you, this is a book that won’t cost you a cent in advertising.

I hope you found this article interesting and informative, now you’re able to understand what the Google posts are and how they work.