TBK 268 Vacuum Separator Machine For Mobile Display Repairing

TBK 268 Screen Separator

When it comes to mobile phones, almost 14.32% user face the mobile screen broken problem and it is the 3rd largest reason for having a mobile out of order problem. An OCA Machine which is used to replace the mobile screen needs an efficient Vacuum separator machine.

TBK 268 Vacuum separator machine is a rare kind of machine which can be used to separate the vacuum from the old mobile phone.

TBK 268 Vacuum Separate Machine –

TBK 268 is an automatic LCD screen separator machine with frame Bezel heating for flat and curved screen glasses. The best part of this machine is its portability and automatic operation, built-in pump. All these make it ideal for LCD Repairing and Tablet PC Refurbishing.


TBK 268 Vacuum Separator Machine:

Product Specifications –  Below are the specification of TBK LCD screen separator-

DIY Supplies: Electrical

Model Number: TBK-268

Size: 210*300*200 mm

Packaging: 380*260*240 mm

Net weight: 5.1KG

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TBK 268 price in India –

The TBK 268 touch separator machine price is 12,500/- although it can be different in different parts of India.

Why You need a vacuum separator Machine?

TBK 268, not only saves time in separating LCD also enhance the process of OCA laminating machine. Whether the handset is LG g2, Samsung Galaxy J7, iPad pro, Samsung galaxy s5, Samsung galaxy s4 mini, LG Nexus, Samsung galaxy s3, etc. This vacuum separator Machine is ideal for you.

As you know in mobile phone repairing industry is flourishing yet competitive and customer satisfaction plays a huge role. The mobile phone LCD screen replacement can increase revenue at a rapid pace. Hence it becomes important to have the right set of tools.

If you are already in a Mobile phone servicing business, then you must know that repairing equipment is the true friend. I would like to recommend to buy TBK 268 separator machine which can enhance the efficiency of Lamination machine, bubble remover and can easily replace the phone LCD glass. 

Apart from that, you can also buy mobile tools, touch, glasses, hot air gun, UV glue, 3in1 LCD screen separator, air compressor, OCA film, soldering Iron, glue remover machine, SMD reworks station and all types of equipment used in LCD screen repairing with best services.