Tempered glass cutting machine

Mobile tempered glass cutting machine has a huge demand with the rise of Mobile repairing industry. As we have already written in an article where I have shared how a good machine can enhance the business. In that particular post, I have shared my views on mobile lamination machine. Similar to that, to increase the customer base and revenue a mobile repairing business owner needs to buy the Mobile Screen Guard Cutting Machine.

The Cell phone Screen Protector Cutting System is designed to automatically cut the screen guards, which not only saves time also increase the efficiency of repairing experts. The cutting with the use of this machine makes cutting natural and gives the best finishing.

Top Brands for tempered glass cutting machine –

In this post, I’m sharing some top-notch brand which manufactures the tempered glass machine, so without a delay lets know about those brands and why they are the top-notch company for Mobile tempered glass cutting machine –

1. daqin screen protector cutting machine –

Daqin is a premier name when it comes to tempered glass cutting. They have variation and price ranges as well. Single Phase Daqin machine is controlled by professional software.

Brand: Daqin

Voltage (Volt): 45 – 220 V

Frequency: 50-60 Hz

Power Supply: Electric

Packaging Type: Corrugated Box

Size: 40 x 60 cm

daqin tempered glass cutting machine price –  75,000 INR

If you want to start your own mobile tempered glass cutting business then Daqin will be a wise choice. Mobile glass cutting is on-demand production. You can produce whenever you receive an order from the customer, it means you don’t need an inventory.

The best part of Daqin is, it offers online update support for Daqin film cutter master software. The customer will receive the template for newly launched smartphones. This support system makes it the best among other mobile screen guard cutting machine.

Daqin and Nano are offering a golden opportunity for those who want to start screen protector manufacturing business. The best part is, it can manufacture 6 screen protector and can work at least 10 to 12 hours a day.

2. Nano Tempered Glass Machine- 

A mobile tempered glass cutting machine for mobile phone shop is an ideal fit for those which needs a portable machine.

Cutting Area: 20 x 30 cm
Cutting Speed: < 50 cm/s
Cutting Thickness: < 3 mm
Cooling Mode: Water Cooling
Purpose: Laser cutting machine screen protector

Nano Mobile tempered glass cutting machine –  85,000 INR

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