Top 9 Tips from Experts to Create a Landing page that Converts


The landing page is and stands alone page which influences visitors to take action on your website. The goal of designing a landing page is to engage and nurture visitors who are considering your product or services to buy. It also demonstrates the services you are offering.

In online advertising, it becomes important that your landing page is created around solving a single problem of your customer and have no global navigation attached to this. In this post, I am sharing some tips which will help you to make a landing page that actually converts –

let’s start –

Types of Landing pages-

  • Click Through Landing page
  • Lead generation Landing page

Click through Landing pages-

These landing pages are used to redirect users to one page to another. If you are an e-commerce marketer that you can connect with it. In e-commerce industry, it is used to as a marketing funnel.

Lead generation landing pages –

These landing pages are used to capture user information. The lead generation landing pages ask for name, contact number, email ids so that they can market the services later. below are some of the examples of these pages are eBook, webinar, free trial etc.

Tips to Create a Landing page that Converts –

1.  Headline a primary step of Landing page Success-

The landing page’s headline is something which users see at first. Keep it short, engaging and eye-catching. The rule of thumb with the headline is that it must be highly relevant to the content of the page.

2. Make a separate landing page for Each Promotional activity –

Each promotional activity has its own objective, and the purpose of the landing pages is to solve one problem at a time. So don’t use one landing page to 2 or more promotional campaigns

3. Use Images that Engage-

Images and visual contents are something which engages the most, and user related to it quickly, having a high-quality image describing your product and serves is a real icing on a cake. It does not only increase the time spent on your site also help to increase the conversion. Use it wisely and enjoy the converted traffic.

4 . Call to Action – keep it above the fold

Call to action is something which gives information that has value for your business. don’t use the old-school practice of using “SUBMIT “as your call to action. Use it above the fold because it is the most prominent position to place on a landing page.

Always keep in mind that a CTA is something which can increase your conversion rate up to 10%.

Color contrast is another thing which you need to keep in mind. Use A/B testing to find out the best color contrast for your landing page.

Some great CTA examples are below-

  • Send me the eBook
  • Get the secret Now!
  • Arrange my Free Trial
  • Get Access Now!
  • Get Free Lifetime Access

5. Use simple forms – Ask information that you need most –

If you did everything right and not paid attention to the forms then it can ruin your overall effort. So creating forms and asking the information which needs the most for your business is very important.

If possible then give a user the option to log in via social media accounts so that it became easy for the visitors. There are many sites which are using this method.

6. Emphasize the Value by addressing the problem-

Explaining the benefits of form submission using bullet point is a great idea. The best landing page gives users to clear understanding of what they are getting, it not only increases the conversion chances also increase the relevancy of the leads you are getting.

The key to success is addressing the problem of your customer and giving solution and about fulfilling the need of your customer, so take time to write a compelling paragraphs and bullet points.

7. Use Social proofs to make yourself Authentic-

People don’t want to share their personal information, by using social proofs you can make yourself authentic and build a trust,

According to a survey which happened in the American market, 63% people so that they more likely to purchase a site where social proofs are used.

8. Use Reviews & Testimonials to personalize –

Customer testimonials and user reviews are something which connects audience instantly. It also helps to establish trust and increases the chance of conversion, so if you are not using it on your landing page then you are missing an opportunity.

9. Use Urgency as a catalyst for conversion –

Hurry! Act now! Only a few items left!  are some words which create urgency and increase the chances of conversion. It is a most powerful aspect of human psychology. It spurs people to do what you want to them to do on your landing page.

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These are some landing page optimization tips for increasing the conversion from your landing page, if you have any other tips or question-related to this please share them in a comment box.