Top 10 Article Submission Sites List with DA and Alexa Ranking


Article Submission Sites 2018

Article submission on High PR sites can do revolutionary changes in your keyword ranking. If we talk about off page SEO, then getting backlinks from a relevant category is the key to Success. By using Article Submission sites list efficiently you can get a high-quality backlink in less time.

If you are working on any SEO project or promoting your blog. Then you have to go with free article submission because submitting high-quality articles can boost your ranking.

List of Top 10 Article Submission Sites-

Below I am sharing some article submission sites, they give do follow and no follow backlinks as well. Let’s start –

1. –

Hubpages article submission site is the best place to submit an original, detailed, and media-rich article. If you are a blogger then this site is the best for you.

Domain Authority – 87

Alexa Rank – 6484

2. –

A site with hundreds of Niche, you can find almost every niche and submit your article. The community of Expert author is best to get exposure.

Domain Authority – 87

Alexa Rank – 12236

3. –

This was designed for sharing thoughts on social, political, economy and cultural Niche. If you have content related to that, you can share and encourage interaction through discussions.

Domain Authority – 87

Alexa Rank – 6484

4. –

If you have a blog or website related to self-improvement and personal growth, then this site is for you. It is one of the largest article submission sites for self-growth, self-improvement and quality life.

Domain Authority – 76

Alexa Rank – 39,861

5. –

A large repository of science and tech-related articles. It is a best article submission site for education-related Niche. It is one of the best article submission site that is the reason it is listed in 5th position.

Domain Authority – 66

Alexa Rank – 23,316

6. – 

Articlebase is an article submission website, which is recently modified and now it looks fresh and authentic. You can submit articles from various niche including, travel, education, business, health, and fitness.

Domain Authority – 81

Alexa Rank – 172,598

7. –

Somehow it is similar to ezine, but the best part of this article site is its backlinks. It allows authors to add 3 links which is beneficial from the SEO perspective.

Domain Authority – 87

Alexa Rank – 6484

8. –

An online magazine, which has more than a million active users. You can submit your articles which are published in moderation. If your website or blog is related to education and skill-based then this site is best for you.

Domain Authority – 87

Alexa Rank – 128216

9. –

If you are a tech-savvy then you must have heard about Technorati. It is a publisher advertising platform for thousands of Web sites.

Domain Authority – 60

Alexa Rank – 16484

10. –

Best High Pr Article Submission site to submit an article about finance, stocks, earning, and investmentrelated topic, it is headquartered in New York City. Seekingalpha article posting site can help you to attract visitors and backlink at a no cost. To make the best from the top article submission site, you need to share your article in the relevant category.

Domain Authority – 86

Alexa Rank – 1744

Things to keep in Mind-

  1. Use the Right Anchor text with variation to get an SEO benefit.
  2. Always submit unique content to get long-term success.
  3. Read guideline before submitting the article so that your article gets approved.
  4. The category is the key to submit an article, so always submit an article in the relevant category.

Some of those sites allow free article submission service and you can get the do-follow backlinks as well. It’s a great chance to increase the search engine visibility of your website.