Top 10 SEO Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers


The Internet has become the primary requirement today. Most of the people use search engines nowadays to find solutions to their queries. Thus SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a primary way for a website to increase its popularity.

SEO seasoned professionals focus on the technical aspects of meta creation and nontechnical aspects such as content strategy. They design keywords to a solution to increase traffic to a targeted website and move its position up on the search engine. Therefore before hiring an SEO expert, one should check his knowledge, technical and analytical skills.

The following are the SEO interview questions that should be asked while hiring an SEO candidate in order to check his knowledge and skills.

1. What is Search Engine Optimization and define its types?

Search engine optimization is defined as a process of keep altering the position of a web page in a search engine results to provide easy accessibility to the user by using different keywords or phrases. Its types are as follows-

  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization

2. Name some tools used in SEO?

To win a battle, first, you need strategy and tool. It is also true in SEO industry. An SEO tool not only makes you a smart marketer, also gives an edge over the competitors. This question is often asked in Digital Marketing Interview as well. It is the best time for a candidate to showcase their experience. Some of the tools used in SEO are as follows-

3. Name some SEO blogs often referred by you?

SEO is changing day by day and to stand out from the crowd, regular learning is the key. This SEO interview question is asked to check how well versed are you in the industry changes. Some of the frequently visited blogs are-

  • Google Webmaster Central
  • Search Engine Land
  • MOZ
  • Search Engine Journal
  • blacklinkO

4. Define the main purpose of using a keyword in SEO?

A keyword is defined as a single word. Combinations of many keywords lead to the formation of a phrase. The keywords are used by search engines to open up the subject matter over the internet search engine which stores keywords in the database. It is used to get the best possible match available on the net after the search is complete.

5. What is a Backlink?

A backlink is also called inbound link/ in links/inward links, In a website when a web page links to any other page, it is called backlink. It makes a huge impact on the website’s visibility on a search engine if the backlink came from a high authority site.

For an SEO professional getting quality, a backlink is one of the primary tasks. Below are some tactics to get a backlink for your website –

  1. Guest Posting/Blogging
  2. Local Citation
  3. Blog/Forum Comments
  4. Press Releases
  5. Directories
  6. Business Network Profiles
  7. Articles

6. Mention the difference between SEO and SEM?

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is used for promoting a website through advertisements, be it paid or unpaid. By doing this their visibility in search engine result page in the ads section increases whereas SEO is used to optimize the ranking of the site in the search engine.

7. How will you cross check if your SEO campaign is working?

In order to check whether the SEO campaign is working or not, one must first check the statistics of the available websites which can refer to the density of the load on the site. The second way of checking is the use of relevant keywords and phrases to find a solution for the related searches. The number of search results displayed will prove if the SEO campaign is working or not.

8. What are the common mistakes done by SEO professionals?

As I have seen in My SEO career, below are some key mistakes which I have seen on many websites, some of them are listed below –

  1. Not optimizing images with a proper ALT tag
  2. Duplicate Title and description Tag
  3. Short content or Duplicate Content
  4. Having improper site structure
  5. No Anchor text variation

9. What will be your next step if your SEO methods are not working?

If the SEO methods are not working then one should try to analyze the problem related and resolve them step by step

  • Firstly one should always try to check the age of the project and to re-check by entering the keywords.
  • Secondly, use different related keywords which can be helpful to the related search.
  • If the webpage or the website is not being shown on the first ten pages of the search engine then make some changes in the text or title or description of the subject entered.
  • If the website is not indexed properly then one should understand that there are some issues that need to be resolved and some re-consideration and corrections on the website might be required.

10. What is Trust Flow and Citation Flow?

Trust flow and Citation flow are Majestic’s Link metrics and google gives importance to these metrics.

Citation Flow – It refers to the popularity of links on a site. If a website has lots of backlinks then the chances are higher that it has a good citation flow (CF).

Trust Flow – Trust flow shows the how trustworthy your site if your website getting backlinks from authority website then the TF (trust Flow) will increase. If Trust flow of site will increase and then Citation Flow will also increase.  This question is frequently asked in SEO interviews.

11. What is cross-linking and define its functions?

Cross-linking is the process of linking one site to the other. Two cross-linking websites cannot be owned by the same person. The link provided can be a two way or a 3-way link, ie, the two-way link refers to connections between two referral sites while in a three-way link there are connections between 3 different sites.

12. What methods would you apply for decreasing the loading time of a website?

Yes, on an average a website should be load in 3 to 5 seconds, and if it is taking a long time to load, it will definitely increase the bounce rate and there are chances that you will lose ranking. I will take the following steps to decrease the loading time of website/webpage –

  1. Avoid Landing page redirects
  2. Minify CSS, Javascript and HTML
  3. Image optimization
  4. Reduce server response Time
  5. Eliminate render-blocking JS and CSS in above the fold content

13. Define the types of Meta Tags in SEO and mention their characters limits?

There are mainly four types of Meta Tags in SEO which are given below-

  • Meta Description tag with a limit of 1200 pixels
  • Meta Keyword tag
  • Title Tag with a limit of 600 pixels
  • Meta Robots

14. How can one neutralize a toxic link in one’s site?

One can easily neutralize a toxic link in a website using a Black link Quality Checker. The checker helps to know the links to one’s website. Access the ‘Toxic link report’ that matches the link on one’s website. Then remove the toxic link using ‘Google Display tool’.

Thus if you aim to hire a good SEO candidate for your company, then the above questions should be asked by the interviewer to hire a good professional.