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Website, Social Bookmarking sites, and SEO

If you ask an SEO Expert, what is the objective of creating a website, and then he will answer “to rank on top of the search engine in a website’s keyword.  The answer varies profession to profession, as marketing’s perspective “the objective will be a sale” but to do that, we have to first improve the authority of a website.

And to make a website authority it must be linked to other authority’s website in the same niche.

When we start SEO process for any website, it is all about getting links and traffic. The role of the social bookmarking site starts from here.  Whenever we go for social sharing of a webpage or blog post, we limit our self 10, 20 or 40 social sharing sites, and we lose a huge amount of traffic, which we can get from this activity.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking –

Before, I share the high authority social bookmarking site; let me first tell you the benefits of social bookmarking for a website or a blog –

  1. Social Bookmarking improves the link popularity
  2. It helps people to retain your website
  3. You can get Do Follow backlinks.
  4. It helps to index your links faster in the search engine.
  5. Social Bookmarking improves website’s online visibility

Got some idea, what can social bookmarking can do for your website? If you are not using this SEO activity for improving your website’s ranking then it’s time to start!

Top Social Bookmarking sites list –