How to create a Twitter ad campaign from Scratch? | Twitter Ads 2020

Twitter Ads

Twitter is not only a social media platform, it is more than that. Many businesses are leveraging this platform in order to promote their brand. If you are a business, looking for much needed online visibility than Twitter ads are for you.

In this video, I am sharing how you can set up, run and analyze twitter ad campaigns,

Steps to create a Twitter ads Campaign in 2020-

1. visit

In this tab, you have to select the country and time zone and then click “Let’s go”.

2. Choose a Campaign objective.

In twitter, there are 8 objectives in Twitter ad campaign, you can choose from –

(a) Tweet Engagement – To increase the engagement of tweets. to increase people talking about your business and services.
(b) Promoted Video views – Best if you want to increase the video views.
(c) Awareness – Best if you want more people to see your tweet.
(d) Website Clicks – To take action on your website (like purchase, sign up, etc…)
(e) In-stream video views (pre-roll) – To pair videos with premium content
(f) Followers – To build an engaged audience to amplify message
(g) App installs – To promote an app from Google or Apple store
(h) App re-engagement – To engage the app installers.

3. After choosing Objective (in my case, I have chosen “Tweet engagement”)

Now, its time to set up a campaign, follow below steps –

1. Campaign name
2. Payment details
3. Daily budget, total budget, ad scheduling, and delivery

All these are campaign level activity.

After that, you have to click on the “next” button in the top right corner!

Now its time to set up an ad group

4. Ad group setup

Write a meaningful name of your ad group, ad group budget, scheduling, and bidding type. Scheduling and bidding type is the most important part of the Twitter ads campaign.

5. Now its time to set up the targeting option

Twitter allows a different type of audience like

  • Tailored audience (web)
  • Mobile audience targeting
  • Tailored audiences (lists)
  • Flexible audience targeting

Choose whichever suits you the best!

after that choose, gender, age and location, Keywords, events, behaviors, interests, follower look-alikes, movies, and TV shows

After that click on next

6. Now its time for creative.

You can create a tweet and hit Next!

Hurray! You have created your first Twitter ad campaign.

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