Scope of Digital Marketing in India | Opportunity, Career and Jobs

Are you also thinking about what is the scope of Digital Marketing?

We will agree that there are several speculations attached to online marketing in India. Some say it is a field of self-learning. Others talk about the importance of joining a professional internet marketing institute. To understand the scope of digital marketing course, review some of the industry facts.

The Growing Industry of Digital Marketing :

  • India is a 3rd country having 61.7 million Facebook Users.
  • Indian Brand Owners are increasing the total spend on online activities and DM services.
  • As per Comscore MMX, 25% of the total online minutes are spent on social networks.
  • Flipkart- the largest online e-commerce store, aims to hit 1$ billion sales in 2015.
  • DMI has approved €3 Million alliance with NIIT India to offer digital marketing education along with certification.

The above facts were revealed by CMO Council India. These facts clearly display the marketing strategies in India have changed significantly. Professional certification is mandatory to work with reputed brands in India.

So, does that mean digital channels are becoming more important day-by-day? Yes, this is due to the accessibility of internet connections and penetration of mobile internet.

India will soon be the hub of digital marketing courses, services, and outsourcing country. To know why and how to follow some of the interesting facts. Also, check out the scope of digital marketing course in the country!

1. World’s Third Largest Internet Users :

If you learn digital marketing then you can easily get a job in this industry. The reason being; India has 3rd largest population of internet users that are potential customers, business partners or service providers in the industry.

2. Young Males & Females will be the Power Users :

One can very well imagine the contribution of young males and females as the power internet users in the country. This in turn clearly suggests companies would spend more on online marketing services.

Every company today need skilled Digital marketing, hence there are many job opportunity in this field. The Digital marketing certification helps them to kick-start their career.

3. More than 60% of Web Users will Do Online Shopping :

With the trend of online shopping, the face of eCommerce market has significantly changed in the recent years. The industry is likely to generate more revenues with 60% web users doing online shopping.

4. Social Networking – The Key Interest Area

Social networking is the key area of interest for the millions of users in India. Tapping the prospective clients and consumers by applying social media optimization tactics will remain in fashion. This, in turn, gives us the clear idea about the demand for digital marketing professionals capable of handling conversions through social media.

5. Entertainment through Online Video

Web users in India will enjoy online video content from various platforms. Social media experts will keep a strict watch on entertainment sites in the country.

Now the big question is how to get started with Digital Marketing in India?

If you want to make a career in Digital marketing then the first thing you need to do is, take training from the online or offline mode. It will make aware of how actually digital Marketing works.

You can work as an SEO specialist, affiliate marketer, paid marketing specialist, content marketer, social media marketer, and many other job roles. So a training will sharpen your skill. If you are actively looking for a digital marketing course in India, then I would like to recommend Insider academy which is located in Noida.

All the above facts confirm that digital marketing course certification will be the next tool of digital India. Companies, brands, and web users will use the internet and will be influenced by the latest online marketing trend!

So, do not wait and join the best internet marketing institute in Delhi and learn the best techniques to stay on top of web pages.