What are Google Posts and How to use them effectively

Google. This lets business owners create short blog-style posts which appear directly on their website.

Today, I’m going to write about what the Google Posts and How to use them are. I hope it would be helpful to share everything we know about Google Posts so that you could know exactly about Google posts.

First of all, let’s know what Google posts are and how we can use them.

What are Google Posts?

Basically, Google Post is a sort of feature that allows you to create content directly on Google which appears in the Google search results with their names.

You can use these posts to provide updates, promote an event, or make an announcement, i.e. sale or special offer. You can make live more than 10 posts that will be shown as a display.

On the desktop display, the posts can be placed towards the bottom of the knowledge panel, you can see just above the review snippets.


What are Google Posts used for?

Now you must be wondering how to create a post that is very straightforward and is done from the Google My Business Dashboard. What a post needs to have to succeed, let’s review the different types of posts:


These posts are tendon toward promoting an event or social media. You will find event posts differ from the other forms of posts for two main reasons:

  • Event posts can include a title for the post it may be the name of the event.
  • Event posts also can stay longer as long as the event date has not yet passed.


Google Posts have a vital importance that is great for promoting special offers and sales. But these posts should include a high-resolution photo of your products and include details about the sale or discount in the description of the post.

Product Updates

Product update posts are perfect for advertising; this is more effective with the new product line or changes to a current product. This is really an opportunity to showcase your product or service through high-resolution photos.


This is all about announcement; you are encouraged to only post updates that are beneficial to your audience so that you don’t lose credibility.

You need to put something concrete so that people look at your posts because they provide value and not just glazing over them. Announcements such as opening a new location or notifying users that you are hiring are great examples.

Here are what you need to know about some more beneficial guidelines:

  • Image

Make sure that the image you are going to use for your post, it should be high-quality, engaging and portrays your message. The image will show on the post right on the results page and will serve as the main focus for capturing the user’s attention.

  • Create a Google Post

If you want to create a Google post, you just need to sign in to your Google My Business Dashboard. If you have two or more locations, select manage location for the location you would like to post for.

Once in the dashboard for your business, click on the Posts menu item on the left side of your screen. Currently, it’s prominently positioned as the second menu item, right under Home.

Type of content you can include in a Post –

If you want to know about the content in your post, there is a limit of 300 words. You can also include an image, as well as a call to action with a link.

  • CTA’s

Your Post can include one of the following CTA’s along with a link to a page on your website. CTA is something which encourages your visitor to take an action, below are some CTA example –

  • Learn More
  • Reserve
  • Sign Up
  • Buy
  • Get Offer

You can also label your Post as an event and assign it a specific start date, end date, and a link.

  • You can use UTM codes for the link attached to the CTA

Yes, and I highly recommend you to do, with the help of UTM code you can measure how users engage with your website after they click on a CTA in you Post.

  • To know the post performing

As of right now, Google is reporting on the number of times each Post has been viewed and how many times it has been clicked.

For some reason, Google only shows how many times your Post has been viewed in the GMB dashboard. To see how many times it’s been engaged with, just click on the eyeball icon next to the number of views for the Post.

  • You can have more than one post

You can have up to 10 Posts running at the same time. You can find the most recent post that will be visible in the Knowledge Panel, and you can be presented with a horizontal carousel they can scroll through if there are multiple Posts published.

  • You can post whatever you want

Google wants to ensure that the Posts feature is not abused. To that end, they developed a content policy that all users must adhere to

No doubt that Google does many things at the same time. Understand how Posts will evolve over the weeks and months to come. Right now it’s totally free to use the platform, with guaranteed additional exposure on the Knowledge Panel for your business.

But for now, as long as you have a verified Google My Business page, you have unfettered access to Google Posts – use it creatively and responsibly.

If you’re actively using Posts and want to show off how you’ve utilized it, feel free to share links to your Posts in the comment section below!

You can boost your authority, promote business events, or lead visitors to pages where they can easily convert. For you, this is a book that won’t cost you a cent in advertising.

I hope you found this article interesting and informative, now you’re able to understand what the Google posts are and how they work.