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YMJ OCA Lamination Machine

OCA Machine is one of the top-selling mobile repairing tools nowadays, the reason is simple, the more mobile users the more chances if screen damage. When your mobile screen is broken you go to the mobile service center and they charged a minimum 1500 to 2500 as per the mobile version. But the actual cost of replacing a damaged screen is just 200 to 300.

Now you must be thinking, as a mobile repairing expert how much you can earn by replacing the mobile glass. The YMJ is one of the best display glass OCA lamination machines, which ensures a novice can easily replace and fix the mobile glass issues.

YMJ Mobile Display LCD Glass Vacuum OCA Lamination Machine Description –

“Replacing a broken screen with YMJ lamination machine is FUN.” It is easy to operate and a novice can operate with only 1 Day training. At AK info you can receive the operational training of this product. The best part of YMJ is, it is very fast and effective.

The all in one OCA machine is portable hence it can easily place inside your shop. You don’t have any need to make space for bubble remover and mold.

YMJ OCA glass repairing machine has a smart constant pressure in automatic mode, although you can also operate it manually.  It comes with new automatic lamination and Debubbling machine.

The all in one lamination machine is ideal for touch screens less than 7 inches, it means it can feasible for almost every mobile screen.

With YMJ OCA lamination machine, you can do bubble removing and lamination at the same, it means you can save time and earn some more money by working smartly.  

In case you are looking for “Free training on how to operate YMJ OCA display glass repairing machine” then you can call us at 700 400 9069.

YMJ OCA Product Specification :

  • YMJ vacuum oca laminating machine work on 20-30℃ and can take 1-2 minute time per piece
  • The power is 1000W and operated at a voltage of 220V AC power.
  • Machine material is Stainless steel and total weight is approx 80 KG.
  • The size for the YMJ OCA machine is maxed 6.5 inches and it can be customized.

Top Features of YMJ:

YMj is a 3 in 1 machine, which does not need extra OCA laminator, bubble remover and cleaning room. It is easy to operate and you only need to press one button to boot this oca lamination machine. The constant pressure, make this easy to handle and it can easily shift to laminating mode from debugging mode.

Top Advantages of YMJ over other OCA Machines:

YMJ Portable Vacuum Laminating Machine with OCA Film Laminator for LCD Refurbishing was designed to overcome the poor quality glass repairing and to increase the efficiency. It can finish laminating in just one step, apart from that it is ideal for all types of mobile screens.

YMJ laminate machine operates on the latest OCA laminating technology which has a 40-second operation cycle. The non-bubble technology makes it best among other OCA machines.

Now the time to understand the working of YMJ Machine –

The first step to operate the YMJ machine is to switch on the power button!

Once you push the power button, the display will on and here you will see the language setting, you can choose either English or Chinese.

Now in the display screen, you can check the temperature (it is set to 45 degrees) below of that you can see the vacuum (27 seconds) and a folding time which is automatically set to 20 seconds. You can set all of those manually as well.

YMJ OCA lamination machine Price in Delhi –

The price of YMJ machine varies as per the version, The price starts from 85,000 and the price of the top model of YMJ OCA machine is 1,50,000 INR.

Where to Buy YMJ OCA lamination machine in New Delhi?

AK info is one of the top distributors of all kind of OCA glass repairing machine. You can buy BABA 2100 machine, YMJ machine and other OCA machines from here.  You can call us at 700 400 9069 to buy a new YMJ machine for yourself.

FAQ – 

1.  What type of mobile phone screen can be fixed with YMJ?

Ans. YMJ is able to fix any mobile phone which has max 6.5 inches screen.  Whether it is a Samsung galaxy, Vivo phone, Oppo smartphone, Lenovo, Nokia or LG, it can fix all type of mobile screens.

2. Is bubble removing machine is also included in YMJ or I have to buy one?

Ans. YMJ is a 3 in 1 mobile display glass repairing machine and bubble remover is included in this machine and you don’t need to buy separate bubble remover.

3. What is the price of YMJ machine in Mumbai?

Ans. The YMJ machine price in Mumbai is 1.05 lac.

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